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    Hello everyone. Lately I had been doing heroes and expansions for a long time and I can't quite get a major competition going without ruining it, but I realized that I was going about it all wrong, so instead of starting big, I think I will start small. so here are the rules for this small and simple competition. you are allowed only one entry (each week) and you can only make hero cards for the nine core classes (no custom classes). You can however make minor changes in your entry (like balance changes), but no major changes (also keep your hero card mechanics simple). The reward for this competition and future competitions will be your creation being immortalized in this post. Anyway the competition is open to all and will launch up to 3 times (including this rather short week). If you have any questions about the rules, PM me about them. As always that will be all for now.

    Times for each competition start and finish:

    First time:

    8/2/18 (23:59) - 8/4/18 (23:59)

    Second launch:

    8/5/18 (6:00) - 8/12/18 (23:59)

    "Final" Launch:


    Update: this competition is now cancelled... :(

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    posted a message on My upcoming custom class: Dark Seer! (20+ Cards)

    Your "hero" is good (not great but hey she's something). I kind of wonder why Nerubian soldier isn't one for Naxx? or Fire amulet in KaC? but hey despite the small things, your cards are good I would suggest sorting cards by expansion from old to new (like from Classic to Witchwood). Anyway keep up the good work and hope to see more work from you.

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    posted a message on Disney: A Fan-made Expansion

    Hi...I was looking at my Undertale expansion and notice that it had happened a fair share of times, and I figured what was an expansion that wasn't discussed and Disney comes to mind. That is when I got the remarkable idea to take my crack at it (after all nobody else has done it, yet). I think I may start a revelation (and inspire copycats). Before I leave you to enjoy the cards, I have to explain a mechanic I'll be using, the hero and villain mechanic (The hero's start of game will resolve first and then, the villain's start of game resolves next. and lastly any other start of game Legendaries will resolve despite any changes that occurred previously). So as always that will be all for now and enjoy the cards that are currently here....

    Priest (4/4):

    In case your wondering, when Quasimodo's Start of Game ability triggers, Claude Frollo is taken from your deck and shuffled into your opponent's deck and soon Esmeralda is also shuffled into your opponent's deck.

     Token (Priest)


    Rogue (4/4):

     Token (Rogue):


    Druid (4/4):


    Tokens (Druid):


    Hunter (4/4):

    Both Amo Slade and Todd have alternate version that are shuffled into your opponent's deck.

     Token (Hunter):


    Shaman (4/4):


     Warlock (4/4):

    A Non-Collectible card that comes from The Horned King.


     Mage (4/4):

      Token (Mage):


    Neutral (6/6):





     Tokens (Neutral):


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    posted a message on Undertale: The Fan-made Expansion

    Hello everyone!! This expansion has undergone many changes throughout it's time. I understand that this concept was done hundreds of times before. To be honest with you, I do my own twist just like everyone. I hope you have fun with the cards I made. Critique or comments are welcome.

    Mage (7/7 cards):



    Warlock (7/7 cards):



    Tokens (Warlock):

    Muffet's Spider cards

    Token made by Jevil, Chaos Incarnate



    Priest (7/7 cards):


     Tokens (Priest):




    Warrior (7/7 cards):

     Tokens (Warrior):


    Rogue (7/7 cards):



     Token (Rogue):


     Hunter (7/7 cards):


      Token (Hunter):


    Druid (7/7 cards):

     Tokens (Druid):


    Paladin (7/7 cards):



      Shaman (7/7 cards):




    Neutral (14/14):





      Tokens (Neutral):



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    posted a message on A Standard yet cancelled competiton :(

    There had been an extension on my behalf (5 days ago) because of low competition, I will allow late contestants for three more days (refer to update), but that will be my last entry extension (for real this time!!!) for late contestants. That is all for now and may the best hero win!!!

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    posted a message on A Standard yet cancelled competiton :(

    Hi everyone. I know I had been gone a long time. To make up for it I will be bringing back an old competition that I had attempted to bring back too many times (a custom hero competition). I know what you may be thinking "why bring that back? There are people who are too busy to attend your competition."(and to that i will say, that you are welcome at any time before the 10th of July.) The rules are simple, Your hero has to have at least a Basic and Classic set of cards (you can do any class you want). Here is the twist however, You don't have to do all the previous expansions (but you can if you want to. I won't judge you for it). As a little bonus, provide some lore behind the hero your making. The competition will be split into 3 phases: The entry Phase (ends on 7/9/18, 23:59), The Hero Crafting Phase (Ends on 8/5/18, 23:59) and The Final Selection (which determines the winner of the competition).  If there are any returning competitors, I will try not to be impatient this time. If you have any questions about the competition, PM me about them (don't put them in the comments). Anyway, Good luck and may the best Hero Win!!! Before I leave you to start here is a link to a very old competition that i hosted. https://www.hearthpwn.com/forums/hearthstone-general/fan-creations/211613-a-competition-to-make-up-for-lost-time

    Update (7/13/18): The entry phase has ended. Let the crafting begin!!!! (late contestants are allowed till 7/19/18 23:59)

    Update (7/20/18): Due to a LACK of competition, This competition is now cancelled... :( yet another failed attempt to get the competition started.....

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    posted a message on My First Expansion.....

    Hello everyone. Long time no see huh? Lately, I was thinking of ideas for hearthstone (for a long time) and something came to mind. I have been making heroes and well that haven't really gotten me far (bummer for me...). So as a change of pace I will at least try to start back up with a legendaries only expansion. I mean sure, there isn't really anything much for an expansion of that type before....so I wanted to take a crack at it. so here we are the cards (bear in mind some of the cards are either broken or underpowered). Anyway, this will be all for now... Have fun critiquing some cards (comments are really appreciated).






















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    posted a message on Updated Hero: The Lich

    Hello everyone!!! As of the last updated hero, I thought to myself that if I can do a dragon hero, then I can do one for the dead. Bear in mind that some of the cards may not belong in the intended expansion and some cards may also be broken or underpowered... Anyway, That is all for now and hope you enjoy the cards presented.


    Hero Power (Justicar Form):




     Token (Basic)




    Nax & BRM:


    Un'goro (Quest only):

    Tokens from Horseman Unite!!



     Token (KotFT):



    Token (KaC):



     Token (Witchwood):



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    posted a message on A Dungeon Competiton

    Hello ladies and gentlemen!! Here we are in the grand event of who can make the best custom dungeon. This event has 6 phases!! Anyone can come and start making their dungeon starting from 6/8/18 all the way to the Start of August. Bear in mind if you had not attended phase 1, then you can't compete. The first phase is choosing a challenge for the creation of the final boss (or rivals as I like to call them). This Phase will end at 6/8/18. I will explain more as we will go along. I am open to questions and all in all my the best creator win!!



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    posted a message on The Dragon Hero (Updated)

    Hello Everyone!! Ever since yesterday (5/23/18), I was doing new cards, and they are here!! I am open to critique and suggestions below. I will be updating these types of pages with a few ideas. I really would like it if you actually had fun in my Custom dungeon run post. I won't be leaving Imgur links anymore (besides they are useless anyway). Hope you enjoy my new cards and progressing process to completing the Hero himself (I won't care about any remarks about doing certain things in other places). That is all for now.








    Naxx & BRM:


    Whispers of the Old Gods:


     Un'Goro (Quest only):


     Knight of the Frozen Throne (KoFT):







     Kobolds & Catacombs (KaC):











     Minions made from Team Up:






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    posted a message on Im out of tricks and need help!! :( :(

    I have ran out of tricks and I am running out of hope. I have a huge crisis. I need to make my post more interesting. Would you, could you please suggest what I should do? here are some links so that you can comment in and help.



    I Think I have now gave up on this post...I am sorry.

    That is all for nevermore.... :(

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    posted a message on Make your own Dungeon Run!!!!

    Hello everyone. Lately I really wasn't doing so happily due to the dislikes I had...I know I made a sad post to cry about all those dislikes (and for some of you merciless lich kings out there, I got back up and i'm now dealing with it at the moment). I know the whole craze of custom heroes had died out (and it might be my fault for bring it upon them). Enough with the sadness and onto the real reason your here, to make a custom Dungeon Run!! You can make anything you want!! A hero, A treasure, a boss, and heck even custom minions for each of the custom bosses!!! With infinite possibilities and the sky as your limit, I sure am being nice to you today. Hope you have fun discuss your concepts and simply make the craziest and overpowered things imaginable!!!

    Edit: Here is the general idea I was trying to display (all credit is given to the creator/artist/concepter). Hope this helps. Anyway that is all for now. If you want to see more concepts and art from the creator, here is the link: https://dexistor371.deviantart.com/

     A Sample Concept (All credit is given to the creator/concepter).


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    posted a message on Some sad news and a last ditch effort to help my class making.

    Hi. Sadly as the title implies, i do bear some sad news. Due to the "dislikes" I might be getting from many of the hearthstone players, I have now began thinking about "abandoning the ship". This might be the last time I would call for help. I know some lich kings out there will mercilessly pound me to oblivion, but I am determined to at least get through the hate. But pls, at least help (I can't do it alone). Here is the link (if you want to help) https://www.hearthpwn.com/forums/hearthstone-general/fan-creations/216529-a-long-time-gap-a-link-and-some-more-explaining-to

    Anyway, That will be it for now...or never :(


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    posted a message on Make the Hero! Witchwood Edition


    Quote from RedMaverick >>

    Is this a Hero for the Monster Hunt mode? Or are we designing a Hero Card for the set itself?

     It isn't for the monster hunt nor is it a hero card. if you had read the rules, we are literally making a hero for witchwood (u know a custom class). 
    Edit: Ignore what i said! Make some hero cards!!!
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    posted a message on Make the Hero! Witchwood Edition

    Hello and welcome to the Card lab as we as a whole will be making the hero (card). The rules are as follow.

    1. The hero must be from Witchwood.

    2. The hero mustn't correlate with any of my custom classes (the link will be at the bottom).

    3. The hero can't be Darius Crowley nor Genn Graymane (for obvious reasons).

    Anyway with the rules out the way. here is The Heroes Compilation.  That is all for now and this will last from today (4/25/18) until the end of this month. Good luck and have some fun.

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