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    Hello everyone!! It has been a long time since I made a hero. The previous heroes were the Lich & the Dragon heroes. Now, a third has decided to join the gang!! His name is Price Lord Cartel. He Is ready to play his cards and hope for the best. Bear in mind, many of the cards maybe broken or not, It's "shady business" if you catch my drift. Anyway that will be all for now and hope you enjoy the cards I made. I am open to critique.



    Keep (): Do something if you have the same amount of or more mana required.



    He started off as a poor goblin of the Horde, but eventually got to be one of the richest goblins of the Horde alongside Dr. Boom, but they both parted ways as Dr. Boom went to do his mad experiments while Cartel went to join his family. One day, his family got killed and he swore revenge over who killed his family. He soon finds out that it was Venture Co that had done this to him. Now he seeks to outclass and eventually shut down Venture Co for their wrongdoings as the best company owner in all of Azeroth.


    Hero Power (Justicar Form):


    Price cards:


    Strengths and Weakness:

    + The only class to have consistant access to a coin

    + Has potential to Burst damage

    + Synergies and combos well

    + Scales nicely into the late game

    + Great Keyword

    - Likes to play a "slow" game

    - Can be outdamaged by other heroes

    - Doesn't have a lot of direct removal

    - Hates Armor

     Emotes (Normal)


    Basic Set:







    Expert Set:


     Naxx & BRM:




    "The Boom is Incoming!!" - Boompilot Blartelo



     - "It's time to joust my creation." - Francell, Champion Engineer









    "The Poison is here!"

    - Toxxy-Gunner Wilcacer

    Token (MsoG):



     Token (Un'Goro):

        "Boy, did we find their Secrets?!" - Orive, Master Explorer


    Improved Price cards:


    Tokens made from Curious Goblin Explorer:



    Class Border not available ^^

    "Your death will come soon mortal...."  - Deathseer Zuk'raj

    "You took too long...I will now rip off your life now!!" - Spectral Theif Carreth


     Token KoftFT:


    Lich King card (Solo):




    "Bah! Good Luck satisfying me!!" - Goblin King Cobwaag

    Disclaimer: The treasures discovered will be the same treasures provided by Marin and his Master Chest.

     Tokens (KaC):



    "Malligaze, Malligazam! Face the Wrath of the Swamps!" - Malligazo, Witchwood's Wizard

    "You old hag, you cursed the wrong swamp!" - Malligazo, Witchwood's Wizard (if played against Hagatha)

    "Heh heh! Time to die in these Cursed Woods, Witch!" - The Witchwood Murderer (if played against Hagatha)

    "Well well. Who is ready to die?" - The Witchwood Murderer

     Tokens (Witchwood):


    Tokens from Rare Minions and Witchwood Raiders



    "Rockets online, Firing immediately." - Boomber Model D13

    "Mad Scientist sighted. Time to take the boom." - Boomber Model D13 (if played against Dr. Boom Mad Genius)

     Tokens (Boomsday):


    Rastakhan's Rumble:

    Class Border not available ^^

    "There's hope in this world, we just need to awaken it!" - Vooly-Ho, The Tribal Shaman

    "There will be no hope for you witch, just like me" - Munfu, The Mummified Awakener (if played against Hagatha, the Witch)

    "There is no rest in this world anymore. Time to awaken!" - Munfu, The Mummified Awakener


    Disclaimer: Minions that start dormant also count for minions that go dormant, so Munfu, his Hero Power, and Vooly-Ho can interact with them. Also when a card refers to a dormant minion, it is a minion that goes dormant.

     Token (RR):



    Disclaimer: Adding the new Lackeys don't change anything asides from the number of Lackeys in the Lackey Pool (works like the Adaptation Pool), Lackey King's Scheme does max out at 10 (to avoid being compared to Myra's Unstable Element).

    "My Lackeys are your Lackeys Hagatha." - The Lackey King (if played against Hagatha)

    "My Lackeys are at their Mightiest!" - The Lackey King

    "Hagatha, My Cult only serves Rafaam!" - Hallazor, EVIL's Lead Cultist (if played against Hagatha)

    "Rafaam!! it's been a while..." - Hallazor, EVIL's Lead Cultist (if played against Arch-Thief/Archvillain Rafaam)

    "At long last, my work is finally worth it!!" - Hallazor, EVIL's Lead Cultist

    Tokens (RoS)



     Tokens (SoU):



    DotD: (Coming Soon):



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    Hello Everyone!! Ever since yesterday (5/23/18), I was doing new cards, and they are here!! I am open to critique and suggestions below. I will be updating these types of pages with a few ideas. I really would like it if you actually had fun in my Custom dungeon run post. I won't be leaving Imgur links anymore (besides they are useless anyway). Hope you enjoy my new cards and progressing process to completing the Hero himself (I won't care about any remarks about doing certain things in other places). That is all for now.








    Naxx & BRM:


    Whispers of the Old Gods:


     Un'Goro (Quest only):


     Knight of the Frozen Throne (KoFT):







     Kobolds & Catacombs (KaC):











     Minions made from Team Up:






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    Hello everyone!!! As of the last updated hero, I thought to myself that if I can do a dragon hero, then I can do one for the dead. Bear in mind that some of the cards may not belong in the intended expansion and some cards may also be broken or underpowered... Anyway, That is all for now and hope you enjoy the cards presented.


    Hero Power (Justicar Form):




     Token (Basic)




    Nax & BRM:


    Un'goro (Quest only):

    Tokens from Horseman Unite!!



     Token (KotFT):



    Token (KaC):



     Token (Witchwood):



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    Hi...I was looking at my Undertale expansion and notice that it had happened a fair share of times, and I figured what was an expansion that wasn't discussed and Disney comes to mind. That is when I got the remarkable idea to take my crack at it (after all nobody else has done it, yet). I think I may start a revelation (and inspire copycats). Before I leave you to enjoy the cards, I have to explain a mechanic I'll be using, the hero and villain mechanic (The hero's start of game will resolve first and then, the villain's start of game resolves next. and lastly any other start of game Legendaries will resolve despite any changes that occurred previously). So as always that will be all for now and enjoy the cards that are currently here....

    Priest (4/4):

    In case your wondering, when Quasimodo's Start of Game ability triggers, Claude Frollo is taken from your deck and shuffled into your opponent's deck and soon Esmeralda is also shuffled into your opponent's deck.

     Token (Priest)


    Rogue (4/4):

     Token (Rogue):


    Druid (4/4):


    Tokens (Druid):


    Hunter (4/4):

    Both Amo Slade and Todd have alternate version that are shuffled into your opponent's deck.

     Token (Hunter):


    Shaman (4/4):


     Warlock (4/4):

    A Non-Collectible card that comes from The Horned King.


     Mage (4/4):

      Token (Mage):


    Neutral (6/6):





     Tokens (Neutral):


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    Hello Ladies and gents and welcome to the last part of the hero. I'm sorry guys but he slipped by us and went way too ahead but don't worry i know where you can catch him here is his hideout. https://imgur.com/a/2aIZ0

    If the link doesn't work, probably goblins had misdirected us. that is all for now. and for this hero. That is all for now and the hero. anyway vote for the race you want me to make a hero for.

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    Hello everyone and welcome. After brief contemplating, I thought of the apothecary class. a class who utilizes potions, plagues and undead alike. anyway if you want here is the link. https://imgur.com/a/LwbJl

    Tell me what you think of the class, if any cards are op or not balanced enough. I know the plagues are pretty powerful and might need some change, but hey, aren't we all? Anyway I will have you vote in the comments for a Legendary(famous legendaries only, No Lich king, or any icecrown boss) to be turned into a hero. That is all for now.

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    Hello everyone. Due to low ideas, I decided to take it upon myself to resurrect an old regretful creation and reform it to what it is now. Although there are a few broken cards or errors to be found out, I am open for criticism.  Sorry again for the gap of time taken yet again. I would soon "Jump the ship". but I need you to at least leave ideas for future heroes (just remember, no DK, DH, or monk). Any way here is the link below. That is all for now. Hope you like the hero I guess.



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    posted a message on A rather short competiton and some sad news :(


    Quote from Dr_Horus >>

    Not familiar with Kuzco. Can you please give me a brief summarize ? Thanks

     Kuzco is the main protagonist of disney's emperor's new grove, and the emperor's new school(which in my opinion is the worst animated series to exist) and can be seen at the end of its sequel kronk's new grove(fyi kronk is the secondary antagonist alongside ysma who is the main antagonist of the entire franchise)
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    Hello ladies and gentlemen! it had been a long time since my last post of the next hero. I am terribly sorry for that. I wanted to make more heroes with you all. and to make it up. I will be doing my own hero concept competition!!! I know just recently, I had hosted one, but it went wrong because I couldn't choose a winner cause of personal problems(don't ask) now, the rules are, no famous characters(No DK, DH, nor monk), be original, and be appropriate. now there will be three phases to this hero concept contest. the first phase will be the making of the hero, starting from tomorrow til the the 5th of February, the second phase will be the making, nerfing and buffing of cards for your class(you must start from the basic set all the way to the current set like it or not, otherwise you won't be chosen), that phase would start from the 7th of February to the end of February(if possible). hope you enjoy, participate and may the best maker win. Also feel free to ask questions. some rules I had for gotten to mention are, one you need to start from scratch. Two, if you dare imitate one of my many custom classes, you will not be chosen as the winner, also you can't attend this competition if you didn't start in the 1st phase.

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    Before I begin this presentation. I had done this in the past and I regretted it. here is the link to it so that you can see why. http://www.hearthpwn.com/forums/hearthstone-general/fan-creations/129418-give-nagas-attention-by-liking-this-post

    Hello and welcome to the naga hero. welp this is a bit anti climatic so here is the link to it. https://imgur.com/a/Xu9Jh

    That is all if you think any cards are op. post why in the comments below. if you want you can send a private message suggesting changes, more races or if a moderator is viewing this post partner up and do great things like hero competitions or polls. anyway that is all for now. I'll also have you vote in the comments as a true testament to this community. Dragon, Demon, or Beast is what your voting for.

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