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    Update Log

    Saturday, August 2, 2014

    • Added new sections under advertising
      • Clarification that we allow teams/guilds/clans to advertise on our Players and Teams discussion forum without consent.
      • Clarification that we do not allow premium content websites to be linked to on the site, regardless of intent.

    Saturday, October 11, 2014

    • Updated warning point numbers.
    • Added section on vote manipulation.
    • Removed section on multiple accounts as this is now covered under vote manipulation.

    Sunday, March 8, 2015

    • Added new section concerning Vote Harassment.

    Wednesday, March 18, 2015

    • Added new section concerning Player Deck Association Abuse.

    Thursday, July 2, 2015

    • Added new section for Vote Begging.

    Friday, March 24, 2017

    • We are now also enforcing the Twitch Community Guidelines.

    Wednesday, August 17, 2017

    • Added section about Post Text Color and Font Size

    Tuesday, December 19, 2017

    • Added section for "Videos in Deck Comments". This has been a policy internally for a long time and we're now making it public as it should have been.

    Thursday, March 08, 2018

    • Added section "Writing in Languages Other Than English". Like our last update, this was a policy we've had since the start of the site but it was not public.

    Tuesday, May 4th, 2021

    • There was no change in policy or rules, but we revamped some of the Warnings we issue to be more logical and relevant to current age in their naming and the amount of points they are worth. For instance, no longer both a "Hateful Langue" and "Hate Speech" warning, but just a singular "Hateful Language" warning.
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    The following are the rules and guidelines which are to be followed if you wish to make use of the commenting and posting systems on HearthPwn. Users who do not follow these rules will feel the wrath of the moderators. These rules are applied globally to the website, in addition to any forum specific rules that some forums may have. Please refer to those forums and their relevant stickies to ensure you are in compliance with the rules.

    In addition to the rules below, we also abide by the Twitch Community Guidelines.

    Things You Want to Avoid

    Writing in Languages Other Than English

    HearthPwn is an English community and although we understand Hearthstone and its community has a worldwide reach, we are unable to moderate languages other than English and do not provide any coverage or content in other languages.

    Due to this and a spam filter that is heavily biased towards non-english content, we ask that all content you write on the site remains in English. If your English isn't the best, don't worry, you can practice by interacting with fellow Hearthstone players right here; We don't discriminate!

    Posts written in languages other than English may see deletion. If your non-English post is marked as spam by our spam system, we will not unspam it and ask that you write again using English.

    Advertising on HearthPwn

    Advertisements for non-beneficial and/or non-related websites, businesses and/or organizations are not allowed on HearthPwn. If you wish to advertise the website of yourself or someone else that has a relevant theme, we would appreciate it if you ask permission first. 

    Send a private message to any of our moderators or website admins before making a thread. Also, we do not allow more than one thread per advertisement. We reserve the right to refuse advertisements for any reason whatsoever.

    Your Clan, Guild, Team Website

    We allow advertising of these types of websites in our Team Discussion forum without having to speak with us first.

    Subscription Based and For-Pay Websites

    Under no circumstances do we allow "premium" Hearthstone websites to be advertised on HearthPwn. This includes, but is not limited to, sites which offer paid versions of decks and guides. We believe that content should be open and free to everyone, just like we have here on HearthPwn.

    Links or references to websites of this nature will be removed regardless of the intent of the poster.

    Circumventing a Ban or Suspension

    Posting on another account or having someone else post in your behalf when your account has been suspended or banned is not allowed. As a result, a new suspension or ban will be issued.

    Discussing Moderator Based Actions

    Actions taken against a member of the community are not to be discussed in public on the forums. Opinions about specific moderators or moderator actions (locking, deleting threads, etc) are also not to be discussed in posts or threads.

    If you have questions, remarks, suggestions or complaints about moderating in general or specific moderators, please contact a site administrator through a private message. A list of staff members suitable for contact can be found here.

    Bans can now be appealed. More information on how to do that is provided in the private message you'll receive when banned.

    Naming and Shaming

    We don't want to see one sided accusations or any other form of naming and shaming. 

    Personal Information

    Real life personal information about yourself or anyone else should also not be posted on HearthPwn.

    We strongly suggest to never post your e-mail address on the forums, even if you deform it well enough to be picked up by bots. If you want people to contact you, we suggest you use the private message system.

    Spamming and Trolling

    Neither spamming or trolling is acceptable on the forums. This includes, but is not limited to, the following examples:

    • Excessively communicating the same phrase, similar phrases, or pure gibberish
    • Creating threads for the sole purpose of causing unrest on the forums
    • Causing disturbances in forum threads, such as picking fights, making off topic posts that ruin the thread, insulting other posters
    • Making non-constructive posts
    • Abusing the Reported Post feature by sending false alarms or nonsensical messages
    • Thread-necro: Reviving an old thread for no reason other than bumping it to the first page
    • Posting meme or troll images, text, or videos; "cool story bro", "u mad", "10/10", captioned images, etc...
      • We are more relaxed regarding these images in news post comments.
    • Replying to a thread simply to call the author a troll (regardless of whether the post is actually trolling -- if you feel it is, please use the report button)

    Vote Manipulation

    Under no circumstance shall you:

    • Create multiple accounts to control voting of objects on the site.
    • Ask other members of the site to vote on objects, positively or negatively.
      • You are allowed to ask people to "upvote", "like", or simply "vote" on your deck page though if they found it enjoyable.

    Examples of objects include but are not limited to: Decks, Comments, and Forum Posts.

    Vote Begging

    Begging for votes on decks now requires that you create some written content before doing so. If you do not have written guide content when asking the community to vote on it, your deck will be set to unlisted, the message removed from your deck, and you will receive a private message from our staff indicating that you need to update your deck. Important things to note about this rule:

    • You are not required to write guides for every deck you submit - only if you're asking for votes!
    • You can still remind everyone viewing your guide to vote on it if they liked it. That doesn't change.
    • You may state you will write a more in-depth guide if you receive a positive response from the community - just make sure you have an initial guide!
    • Anyone who is asked to add content to their deck that has asked for upvotes and does not do it and relists their deck public may see their deck get deleted and a warning placed on their account.

    Vote Harassment

    Under no circumstance shall you:

    • Vote negatively multiple times against a user because of an entity they have created.
      • Don't agree with one comment? Sure, you can add a negative vote, but don't go through their entire posting history and leave them a negative vote on everything.
    • Ask other members of the site to vote negatively against an entity.

    Examples of entities include but are not limited to: Decks, Comments, and Forum Posts.

    Abusing Player Tagging on Decks

    This section is about our Player Decks Site Feature.

    All decks submitted to the site which are tagged to a player must belong to that player. This means the player needs to have played that deck on their stream, on ladder, in a tournament, or just stated they are playing that deck.

    • You are to under no circumstances tag a deck with a player who is not playing that deck.
      • If you made a deck, it isn't Amaz's deck, it shouldn't be tagged as his.
    • You must include proof in your deck description which is easily verifiable that the player is playing that deck.
      • Proof can be in the form of screenshots, videos, tweets, etc.
      • If we don't have proof, we'll remove the association.

    Abusing the Player Tagging feature on the Deckbuilder will result in the loss of the player tagging feature.

    Videos in Deck Comments

    We allow content creators to respond to decks with videos they created provided that they are for that deck.

    • The video must include footage of the exact deck present in the deck guide.
    • If the video was made for another deck on the site, even if they are similar, your video may be removed.
    • As a courtesy to the deck author, you should link back to their deck in your video's description!
    • Deck authors reporting comments with videos will be ignored unless the video was not created for that deck specifically.

    Posting Any of the Following Subjects on HearthPwn

    The following topics are not to be discussed on HearthPwn on penalty of ban.

    • Gold-selling/Account selling or trading websites
    • Keyloggers, hoaxes/phishing websites
    • Activities considered illegal by Blizzard Entertainment (botting, hacking, cheating, exploiting,...)
    • Religious opinions/debates
    • Hateful language about race, religion, country (Example: US vs. EU threads), political beliefs, etc.
    • Pornography
    • Content that is considered illegal by law
    • Referral links for contests, promotions, or anything else

    Bumping Threads

    Don't bump threads. If you have nothing to add to the discussion, move on.

    Thread authors may reply to their thread if they have made a significant update to the original post.

    Signature Guidelines

    The following guidelines are to be met when editing your signature. Users in violation of these guidelines will have their signatures deleted and will be contacted by a moderator.

    • Width: No larger than 500px.
    • Height: No larger than 100px.
    • Filesize: No larger than 50kB.

    No monetized links or links for SEO are allowed. Links to your personal site or social media accounts are acceptable, however, advertisement banners are not allowed.

    Post Text Color and Font Size

    You have the ability to change the color of your text on your posts and guides! This can help you customize your content better than before but it must be done wisely.

    Please don't abuse this feature. We want to see it used for good and not evil. Anyone abusing it will see their content reset or deleted from the site and we may hand you a warning.

    • Make sure your content is still readable. If people can't read it, we're gonna have a bad time.
    • No excessive "rainbowing" of your text. Be smart about it.

    Infractions and You - The Penalty System of HearthPwn

    HearthPwn runs on an infraction based ban system. If you break the rules, infraction points will be added to your account and when you reach certain thresholds, your account will be banned for a predetermined amount of time. Points are typically valid for 3 months, after which they will no longer apply to your account. Moderators are still able to see your expired infractions and may decide to apply harsher penalties to your account at their discretion.

    Points Required for Ban Duration

    Ban Duration Points Required
    3 Days 15
    1 Week 20
    2 Weeks 25
    3 Weeks 30 / 35
    1 Month Ban 40 / 45
    2 Months Ban 50 / 55
    Permanent Ban 60

    Points Given by Infraction

    Infraction Points Expires In
    Bumping Threads 0 45 days
    Streams and Videos Excessive Threads 0 95 days, 12 hours
    Advertising 5 90 days
    Flaming - Minor 5 90 days
    Harassment - Minor 5 90 days
    Hateful Language - Minor 5 90 days
    Non-Constructive Posting 5 60 days
    Forbidden Topics (Religion, Politics, etc.) 5 90 days
    Thread Necromancy 5 30 days
    Trolling - Minor 5 90 days
    Voting Fraud 5 90 days
    Discussing Moderator Based Actions 10 90 days
    Flaming - Major 10 90 days
    Harassement - Major 10 90 days
    Hateful Language - Major 10 90 days
    Trolling - Major 10 90 Days
    Profile Violation 10 90 days
    Flaming - Ban 15 180 Days
    Harassement - Ban 15 180 Days
    Hateful Language - Ban 15 180 Days
    Trolling - Ban 15 180 Days
    Posting Personal Information 20 180 days
    Extremely hateful language 40 180 days
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    Hey all.

    I haven't been instructed to say anything but honestly, at this time, we're not likely to see an Innkeeper update for the new expansion. This may or may not be a surprise to you but what I can say is I'm not happy about this and I know many of you haven't been either. 

    Maybe in the future Innkeeper will receive some love and get updated. Unfortunately, I'm not able to put an update out for the client myself or I would. Due to this I've also removed Innkeeper from our navigation, Top Decks from our navigation, and I've removed the daily win rates widget from the homepage. All will be restored if Innkeeper gets fixed.

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    Welcome to the thread that we should have made a long time ago!

    This thread will detail some common problems or questions people have and our answers to them.

    • I'm going to start locking threads and directing people over to this one should any of these entries cover their inquiry.
    • If you've already attempted the steps in this thread and they didn't work for your issue, please let us know in your new thread.
    • If your issue is HEARTHSTONE, the game, related, we are not able to help you. You need to visit the Battle.net forums.

    I Have a Problem With Innkeeper

    All Innkeeper related issues need to go in our dedicated Innkeeper Support Forum.


    I Would Like to Delete My Account

    We're sorry to see you go! We'd love to hear why you're leaving the site, feel free to drop a message on the site feedback forums if it's related to our website or hit me up via PM.

    We don't process account deletions here on HearthPwn. If you would like to delete your account, you can do so by contacting Magic Find Support at support@hearthpwn.com. Please include the name of your account in your request.

    I Would Like to Change My Username

    If you want to change your name, we have a dedicated thread for these types of requests. Please don't send us private messages, it can result in a delay in getting your name changed.


    My Deck / Comment / Thread Was Marked As Spam

    This is due to our Spam Filter making a mistake. It's a learning process for our little guy and sometimes he gets a little too eager. If this happens, please leave a response in our spam removal request thread.


    I'm Unable to Upvote Posts / Comments

    This is due to a caching issue. Please logout of your account and log back in to restore the correct functionality. If that fails, clearing your browser cookies and cache should work.

    Hopefully we won't require this workaround in the future.

    I'm Unable to Embed a Video on My Deck

    The issue here normally is due to the deckbuilder not being allowed to fully load; Slow Down! Please allow the deckbuilder page to fully load before you click the save button. This will allow the embed functionality to load.

    My Deck Saved as a Neutral Class

    A Neutral Deck is usually caused by not allowing the deckbuilder to fully load.

    If you did let it fully load, your deck may have timed out when you pressed the save button. There is no way for us to bring your deck back from the dead, so please recreate it.

    There's a Theorycraft Deck on the Frontpage Widget With Less Votes Than My Deck

    During expansion reveal periods, we dedicate one of the six deck slots to a deck which contains cards from the new expansion. Due to this, your deck must be in the top 5 instead of the top 6 to be displayed.

    If it isn't an expansion reveal period, then it's likely your deck is over 7 days old and would no longer be eligible for the widget.

    I Want to be Able to Sort Decks by Personalized Dust Count

    This isn't currently possible. The load on our servers, if we were able to offer this to everyone, would be too high. Personalized dust counts are all generated client-side to prevent site death and as such are unable to be sorted like our other deck listing columns.

    This is something we would love to do though and if we end up being able to find a way to make it work without taking the site down, we'll do it.

    Does HearthPwn Have an API?

    We do not have an API at this time nor do we currently have plans to support one for any features.

    Can I Use Your Card Images?

    Yes! You are allowed to use the card images we generate for your video / blog post / project. If you're talking about specific cards, perhaps include a link to the card here on HearthPwn or add HearthPwn powered card tooltips to your own website.

    Do I Need to Use a Twitch Account to Login to HearthPwn?

    Yes! Twitch accounts are mandatory to use HearthPwn. If you have an old HearthPwn account you may login to that account still and then use the merge feature to give your HearthPwn account access to your Twitch account.

    Do I Need a Twitch Account to Use HearthPwn?

    No, unless you need to do something while logged in. Viewing decks, reading news articles, and checking out the latest forum discussions, all things that you've previously been able to do while logged out, can still be done without an account.

    If you wish to upload your own decks, comment on posts, track your collection, or anything else that will require you to login, you will need a Twitch account.


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    HearthPwn Site Rank Icons

    Have you seen users on the forums or in comments with special icons and ever wonder what they meant? You've come to the right place!

    Site Staff

    •  - Administrators
      • HearthPwn has several administrators, all of whom have different roles. Some of our admins are developers, web design gurus, content team folks, and community managers. Not all admins will be able to solve your issues, but there are a couple who can!
      • It is preferred that you create a thread in the Site Feedback Forums for any site feedback, bug reports, or feature requests.
      • Inquiries which require confidentiality, or concerns over moderation on the site can be done via private message.
    •  - Senior Moderators
      • The Great Council of HearthPwn. Senior Moderators have the same duties of moderators, but also keep a watchful eye over our moderators. If you have an issue with any of our moderators, you can contact a Senior Moderator (or Admin) and they will ensure it gets handled.
      • Senior moderators also handle site appeals for warnings, when a user feels their warning was not just.
      • Seniors also usually oversee a certain section of the site.
    •  - Moderators
      • The Knights of HearthPwn. Moderators are responsible for ensuring all members of the site follow the rules, keeping discussions constructive, and swinging the banhammer when needed.
      • If you need assistance with something on the site, you can contact any of our moderators and they can point you in the right direction.
      • Moderators are also responsible for dealing with reports on the site.
    •  - ESports Team
      • The ESports Team is responsible for everything Hearthstone ESports, including keeping stats on tournaments, promoting events, and writing content based on events.

    Vanity Users

    •  - Curse Premium
    •  - Deck Architects
      • The deck architects are users who have contributed superior quality deck guides to the site.
      • Please don't message us asking to "be a member", this group is invite only. If this is something you want to stride towards, be sure to follow all of our site rules, especially the ones about vote manipulation, and create well detailed deck guides for exciting decks.
      • Provides access to an additional forum where deck architects can discuss whatever they would like.

    Vanity Forum Titles

    We have a few special forum titles which are not tied to post counts that users can earn from site staff by being awesome. Please do not ask us for these forum titles, as your request will be ignored. We give this out when we feel like people deserve them. For some of them, we're always looking for new people to give them out to.

    Forum Titles display under your user avatar and are not the same as your forum rank which displays on the top. Once you've earned one of these vanity titles, they are tied to your forum profile and you can change your currently displayed title in your title preferences.

    • Class Design Winner
      • Awarded to those who have won the Fan Creations Forum class design competition.
    • Class Design Finalist
      • Awarded to those who have entered the last round of voting in the Fan Creations Forum class design competition.
    • Fan Creations Guru
      • Awarded to those who are exceptionally helpful to others on the Fan Creations Forum.


    Questions about specific moderation decisions, site-rule clarification or general inquiries about site function should be directed via private message to our staff members:

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    Myself and all the awesome moderators you came to love no longer have anything to do with HearthPwn.

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    posted a message on WCDC Season 9 Finale - Mini Comp #7 (Final Poll)

    The last meal indeed.

    Thank you so much Shadows and all the awesome people who helped make card design competitions amazing over the years.

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    Mobile devices are always late to the update train, unfortunately. Its how app updates work through app stores. Usually goes live within a couple of hours.

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    Patch should arrive in an hour and a half - that's normally when we see patches.

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