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    Yeah I don't know how they arrive at that conclusion honestly.

    When playing a nice game and you've locked the dude in for a "next turn he's dead no matter what" play, Zilliax always pops onto the board healing them for 3, taunting up, and destroying something of yours. The inverse also happens when you're dreaming of a topdeck Zilliax because its the only thing that will save you and it happens. The inability to interact with it just feels like Ice Block tbh.

    Half the decks being brought to HCT this weekend sport the neutral legendary.

    A stat that is backed up globally with data from HSReplay which has Zilliax sitting at being used in 48.7% of all decks.

    Also just the fact that they said it isn't "awful" to play against is like saying it's better to lose one leg than both. While not wrong, it's a dumb statement to make. They do also state that they like it because it fits into tons of different decks for different reasons each with a different way to play it, but that's also what just makes it an annoying card.

    IMO remove Magnetic or bump the cost up. Could help some of the nonsense and potentially remove it from being played in some decks. Some of those Hunter lists feel like they wouldn't be as good if he didn't have Magnetic, though don't quote me on that because its just a feeling and not something I have any stats on hand to back up. 

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    That probably wraps up the Q&A. Answers haven't come in for two hours now. I'll check in on it a couple of more times tonight and update the post with anything else that comes through as it is possible someone may have some extra time in the afternoon or even at home to answer more questions.

    Overall, not a horrible Q&A. Confirmation we'll see Tyrande by the end of the year is a huge takeaway!

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    I've bumped the report on the above site several of you have reported. I'm quite disappointed it was not handled quickly.

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    Added in this morning, sorry for the delay.

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    Quote from The_Duke >>

    This really scammy behavior could be the reason for me to avoid this site in the future. I hope the problem is taken seriously by the administrators.

    Let me give you some basic insight into how ad networks work globally and why they are plagued by such problems.

    1. Ad network exists. Sites place Javascript on them to load ads and make money.
    2. Ad network allows anyone to run ads without anything beyond some basic level of verification.
    3. That person who signed up to the ad network to run ads can now post anything they want.
    4. Person puts up a "bad ad" or multiple. They propagate through the network and display to users.
    5. Users of websites of the ad network see the ads and report them to the website owners.
    6. The website owners get in touch with the ad network to tell them they've dun goofed again and allowed nonsense through.
    7. Ad network removes the bad ads, preventing anyone else from seeing them.

    You're able to get around a lot of the garbage ads by not allowing really cheap ad campaigns from showing up on your site, but it isn't perfect. There are times when we notice an uptick in bad ads which we elevate our minimum bids for ads to help shelve crap which hurts our income because then ads may not even be displays but its done to protect users.

    I have been informed there was a massive, global "ad attack" the other day when the ads shown in this thread and was described as the "2nd largest malvertising attack ever recorded" and was industry wide - usually things aren't this bad.

    So yes, this is taken seriously, and when people give me the correct info, I can actually report it to our ads team who will then make sure the ads get removed. It sucks that there aren't better verification processes in place before ads can be put out into the wild but that's sadly not something I, or anyone here can change since its an industry wide thing.

    When people respond saying "there was a pop up" or "i got redirected" and dont include a screenshot or a url they ended up at,  I then have to ask them for more information. It seems like 80% of the time they never come back with additional info so those bad ads can't be removed.

    What craigrs84 did was the correct way to report bad ads and I'm happy we were able to report that problem so quickly because of it. Be like craig, if you find a problem with an ad, it can even just be that the ad itself has become misplaced, tell us and give us good info so it can be resolved upon initial report.

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    Thank you for the screenshots. Sending them over to the ads team to get them removed.

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    Quote from KnivesOut >>

    Why do you always make these same posts?

    I've been wondering the same thing for probably a year now.

    Personally, I'm 100% convinced it's HSR because it sure just looks like shilling. Imagine being so devoted to one site that you just NEED to spam it everywhere. This is what I imagine Greenwitch as.

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    Quote from Alasth0rX >>

    I don't know if I missed any news, but why? I also noticed that the site is not completely updated with the latest expansion (for example, there is still no RoS icon in the list of cards in published decks). Are you about to close or abandon this project?

    Don't think HearthPwn is going anywhere. There's just no one at the company to maintain Innkeeper right now. 

    Quote from Phantom_Noway >>

    In the card collection, I can see only 5 pages of the neutral cards. It's only me?

    You can thank having a very large collection of cards. It has been an issue for a long time, I reported it years ago and no one was given time to look at it.

    Quote from jimmyfrantic >>

    How did the Innkeeper successfully synced my collection yesterday then? Was it working and is now broken?

    Such a bummer, an amazing app.


    Well that's my bad then. I wrongfully assumed Innkeeper's sync broke since other parts of it rely in being updated every time they add new cards to the game. I guess it is still a little bit useful!

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    Quote from SrVitor >>

    Thanks for the transparency Flux, it's sad to know that Innkeeper won't be updated but I'm glad that you are telling us this upfront.

    Yeah, I gave people an opportunity to get an update out. I wish there was more transparency on things but hey, beggars can't be choosers. FeelsBadMan

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    Hey all.

    I haven't been instructed to say anything but honestly, at this time, we're not likely to see an Innkeeper update for the new expansion. This may or may not be a surprise to you but what I can say is I'm not happy about this and I know many of you haven't been either. 

    • If you need deck tracking right now, please use Hearthstone Deck Tracker.
    • If you need to manage your collection, it can be done manually via your site profile.

    Maybe in the future Innkeeper will receive some love and get updated. Unfortunately, I'm not able to put an update out for the client myself or I would. Due to this I've also removed Innkeeper from our navigation, Top Decks from our navigation, and I've removed the daily win rates widget from the homepage. All will be restored if Innkeeper gets fixed.

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