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    HearthPwn Site Rank Icons

    Have you seen users on the forums or in comments with special icons and ever wonder what they meant? You've come to the right place!

    Site Staff

    •  - Administrators
      • HearthPwn has several administrators, all of whom have different roles. Some of our admins are developers, web design gurus, content team folks, and community managers. Not all admins will be able to solve your issues, but there are a couple who can!
      • It is preferred that you create a thread in the Site Feedback Forums for any site feedback, bug reports, or feature requests.
      • Inquiries which require confidentiality, or concerns over moderation on the site can be done via private message.
    •  - Senior Moderators
      • The Great Council of HearthPwn. Senior Moderators have the same duties of moderators, but also keep a watchful eye over our moderators. If you have an issue with any of our moderators, you can contact a Senior Moderator (or Admin) and they will ensure it gets handled.
      • Senior moderators also handle site appeals for warnings, when a user feels their warning was not just.
      • Seniors also usually oversee a certain section of the site.
    •  - Moderators
      • The Knights of HearthPwn. Moderators are responsible for ensuring all members of the site follow the rules, keeping discussions constructive, and swinging the banhammer when needed.
      • If you need assistance with something on the site, you can contact any of our moderators and they can point you in the right direction.
      • Moderators are also responsible for dealing with reports on the site.
    •  - ESports Team
      • The ESports Team is responsible for everything Hearthstone ESports, including keeping stats on tournaments, promoting events, and writing content based on events.

    Vanity Users

    •  - Curse Premium
    •  - Deck Architects
      • The deck architects are users who have contributed superior quality deck guides to the site.
      • Please don't message us asking to "be a member", this group is invite only. If this is something you want to stride towards, be sure to follow all of our site rules, especially the ones about vote manipulation, and create well detailed deck guides for exciting decks.
      • Provides access to an additional forum where deck architects can discuss whatever they would like.

    Vanity Forum Titles

    We have a few special forum titles which are not tied to post counts that users can earn from site staff by being awesome. Please do not ask us for these forum titles, as your request will be ignored. We give this out when we feel like people deserve them. For some of them, we're always looking for new people to give them out to.

    Forum Titles display under your user avatar and are not the same as your forum rank which displays on the top. Once you've earned one of these vanity titles, they are tied to your forum profile and you can change your currently displayed title in your title preferences.

    • Class Design Winner
      • Awarded to those who have won the Fan Creations Forum class design competition.
    • Class Design Finalist
      • Awarded to those who have entered the last round of voting in the Fan Creations Forum class design competition.
    • Fan Creations Guru
      • Awarded to those who are exceptionally helpful to others on the Fan Creations Forum.


    Questions about specific moderation decisions, site-rule clarification or general inquiries about site function should be directed via private message to our staff members:

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    Myself and all the awesome moderators you came to love no longer have anything to do with HearthPwn.

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    The last meal indeed.

    Thank you so much Shadows and all the awesome people who helped make card design competitions amazing over the years.

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    Mobile devices are always late to the update train, unfortunately. Its how app updates work through app stores. Usually goes live within a couple of hours.

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    Patch should arrive in an hour and a half - that's normally when we see patches.

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    The only thing people will be able to do on HearthPwn after the shut down is read the site.

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    Quote from YouthThunder >>

     I dont feel hearthpwn site is clunky.. ...like at all

    You're in the minority for sure. HearthPwn is a laggy mess even with ads completely turned off. I've spent 6 years of my life on this site and it's the one thing that has held true the entire time.

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    Quote from TVFilthyFrank >>

    The owners of this site have gone off to other projects because this one just isn’t worth all the resources being put into it, but if we get a lot more site traffic their thinking will probably change. It’s best to try to atleast try to save this site in anyway we can. We can’t take this laying down. There is still hope! We just gotta let more people know about this site and visit it more, or start a petition. (But that almost never works.) worth a try though.

    Traffic is not going to change their minds. Just join us on https://OutOf.Cards along with all the other HearthPwn refugees and don't waste your energy on keeping this dumpster alive. Myself and the wonderful staff team have no plans of stopping Hearthstone content coverage. We're still missing many features HearthPwn has but I'm working on getting them created.

    Thank you to everyone who has shown their love for the new site. I promise we won't let you down.

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    Nothing at all to due with having a previously existing Hearthstone Wiki. Wikis and Community Sites are very, very different!

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