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    posted a message on Skulking Geist worth it?

    Nah, you'll still lose a lot of games to the deck regardless of whether or not they're able to go infinite just because of the DK and Infestation.

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    posted a message on Best performing DK so far?

    The worst two DKs are the Warrior DK and the Shaman DK, because those heroes revolve around their basic hero power and the DK Battle Cries are "bad" because Warrior's weapon has diminishing returns in terms of removal and Shaman's  2xEvolve is countered by a board wipe and then they have no way to rebuild their board.

    The rest of the heroes are generically good, but some of them don't have complimenting decks.

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    posted a message on Which are the most unique, yet playable Wild decks?

    Reno Priest is the most fun deck I've played in awhile, the Priest DK and Raza are sick as fuck - pew, pew, pew, pew

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    posted a message on StanCifka's Top 10 Cards to Watch out for in Knights of the Frozen Throne

    A list without Bonemare, epic fail.

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    posted a message on Which class did get the best cards from KotFT? Rank the classes

    I think Priest comes out on top, I know a lot of people aren't pleased with the Priest cards but none of them are awful at all.

    1) Anduin is one of the best Death Knights in Standard and the best Death Knight in Wild

    2) Archbishop Benedictus is a misunderstood Legendary, people have only thought about playing Archbishop on curve but I think you can wait to play Archbishop until you're in the late game and only shuffle enough cards into your deck in order to win on fatigue.

    3) Obsidian Statue is either a Discover buff or enables N'zoth and Corpse Taker.

    4) Embrace Darkness is a situational Mind Control, it's probably the weakest card in the class.

    5) Shadow Essence is enabling combo shenanigans

    6) Devour Mind is an insane value card

    7) Eternal Servitude is an insane tempo and card selection option

    8) Acolyte of Agony is the card every one is scoffing at but I think this is the sleeper card of the set, vs aggro it's basically 3/3 Taunt, Heal 3 damage and gives Priest options in the 3 drop slot where Curious Glimmerroot is awful vs aggro. Whatsmoreso the card enables Corpse Taker and a line up of 2 Acolyte of Agony, 2 Corpse Taker and 2 Sunwalker is probably no joke vs aggro.

    9) Spirit Lash is probably a Reno style card but there could be other Circle of Healing and card draw shenanigans to be had

    10) Shadow Ascendant is probably the other weak card of the set but it still isn't awful by any means

    11) Happy Ghoul is a pretty ridiculous card as you either get a 3/3 for 2 mana or if you are running the Corpse Taker builds or Priest of the Feast you just get a free body out of nowhere, also it combines with your mass removal to put a free body on the board as well.

    I can't see any other class that made out as well as that, I mean there is only 1 weak spell and questionable minion compared to all of the terrible stuff that Rogue, Warlock, Warrior and Mage got.

    Shaman absolutely made out alright, the 2 mana Merloc and the 2 mana draw Merloc spell are solid for The Curator value and Water Aggro and some of the other stuff seems pretty useable as well.

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    posted a message on Warlock Death Knight unplayable?

    It's unplayable for the moment, the problem is you're sacrificing N'zoth and Lord Jaraxus for this and the board presence/value just isn't there right now - and I'm talking about Wild as well.  I do however think we could come back to this after the December set, if Blizzard course corrects for  Warlock class balance. All Warlock needs is one or two more demons with defensive abilities to make this work, it's a very fine line.

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    posted a message on New Druid Card Reveal - Gnash

    Awful card, Claw + Hero Power is just as good as this for the same mana ... wtf.

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    posted a message on New Shaman Card Reveal - Avalanche

    I don't think it's playable, people already learned good minion placement from Betrayel so you're going to be losing 3 damage a lot.

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    posted a message on New Warlock Card Reveal - Drain Soul
    Quote from tictactucroc >>
    Quote from FinalFortune >>

    Drainlife wasn't good enough, Demonfire wasn't good enough, their bastard child isn't good enough ...

     lul demonfire is staple in demonlock
     Because that deck sees play ...
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    posted a message on New Paladin Card Reveal - Dark Conviction

    Good card, in aggro it's a +2/2 buff that doubles as removal vs Taunts.

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