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    It’s sad you’re downvoted so much. You’re right. This makes zero sense. And you’re being mocked because you care about the lore and story continuity. It’s like damn we don’t mind having things like lightlord ragnaros but Yrel is on alternate draenor only. But now she shows up randomly for the darkmoon faire? That’s weird. 

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    Quote from Frydays >>

    You do realize that there's a Yrel in the main reality too right?

     No. No there isn’t. Even double checked the wowpedia to be sure my memory wasn’t off. The OP is right. This makes absolutely No sense. You may as well throw in Lothar or Uther too. Yrel existed in AU draenor only. Last we saw of her she went insane with the light and turned against the orcs for not converting. 

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    Quote from TheHiddenNinja7 >>

    Funny how the 3 remade old gods are similar to their original versions.

    N'zoth summons a board as a battlecry

    C'thun does a lot of damage split among all enemies

    Yogg-Saron is randomness based on spells

    But original Y'shaarj was so bad and unplayed that they couldn't make something similar.

     are you serious? Yshaarj was in some extremely broken decks. Barnes+Yshaarj was the dumbest combo ever. 

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    I do wonder if the artists for these cards actually played WoW or even knew what Scholomance was. This isn’t Polkelt 

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    ... you know there’s a lot of black women with afros right? Kind of weird man. It’s like seeing a bald white man and saying how the hell they gonna put Jesse the Body Ventura in here?

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    Quote from user-100106825 >>

    Nerf stupid DH casuals can play this stupid class people wants to try new decks not the same shit evry single time i like more midrange decks not camcer decks cancer people

     I literally have no idea what you tried to say. 

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    Quote from Sherman1986 >>
    Quote from Hannya >>
    Quote from thebignuts >>

    It seems crazy to me how a 0 mana cost spell with 5 heal can destroy any minion on the board.

    It should only work on Friendly minions, that way Jaraxxus will see play in the Meta.

     Why do retards think that Sac Pact is what's stopping Jaraxxus in the meta?

    He's a terrible fucking 9 drop. He's a 0 armor hero card with no Battlecry when he activates that locks you at 15 health. He literally has two full turns of zero tempo. He's a terrible fucking card by every definition.

    Oh, im sorry. Did I forget the 3/8 weapon he equips? Such a shame you cant use it, since he can't afford to take any face damage without outright losing the game.

    Let's not bullshit ourselves. Anyone saying Sac Pact is affecting Jaraxxus is absolutely full of shit. They're just ******** Demon Hunters who burned all their mana on a Fury Mistress, and then the Warlock swung the game for 0 mana.

    The solution is simple: stop fucking up in your DH/Warlock matchup. Sac Pact is a 0 mana 5 health vs literally EVERY deck except DH/Warlock. This card does NOT need a nerf.

    Yep, Lord Jaraxxus is shit, didn't stand the test of time.

     It’s sad. He was once always included in any control/hand lock variant. Shows how much power creep has grown. 

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    Quote from harucard23 >>

    Remember a time not long ago Blizzard banned some dudes because freedom of speech for their Chinese overlord?

    and the same Chinese overlord banned some doctors for freedom of speech a few month ago.

    now here we are. 

    so go fuck yourself, blizzard.

     Hell yeah dude. If only Blizzard got political and stood up to China then they could have brought the entire country down. Xi Jinping fears Bobby Kotick after all amirite 

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    Quote from Adernain >>

    What I dont understand is why are priests allowed to have so many board clears. How is the new 4 mana, destroy all minions with more than 5 attack even that low on cost? In a class that excels in clears. It's just one mana more from the prenerf version of SWD.

     Because they originally didn’t. Blizz fucked up by making it so they had none and suffered for it originally. Now they give them one every expansion practically. 

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    Quote from Lycaon55 >>

    Rez priest is the only viable deck right now for this class. It's a different style of play, you don't like it that's your problem. Don't start asking Blizz to kill a class just because it annoys you. Back off, go and play your favorite class and shut up!

     Nah we’re gonna keep asking for it because it’s not fun to play against. Just like Druid wasn’t fun in the DK hero days this shit isn’t fun now. Sometimes it’s ok to bitch when there’s classes that are SO polarizing. 

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