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    posted a message on 76% win rate DH seems a bit broken
    Quote from sunji6 >>

    Well, they took care of DH, with the nerf they basically destroyed the class. It took them how long to nerf other classes?!?. Not to mention that saying" everybody playing DH is lame" is stupid, of course, everybody is going to play the NEW class. Anyway GL HF

     Lol destroyed the class that’s cute 

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    This is meant to be a female dreadlord? It's weird. It would be like seeing Felhounds now with breasts and long hair. Would not make much sense. This looks like a demon hunter, not a dreadlord.

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    posted a message on Bamboozle

    This artwork is the best.

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    posted a message on Ashes of Outland Card Reveal Stream - All 62 Remaining Cards!
    Quote from YoshiDaYoshi >>

    Are you aware of the Dark Portal

     The Dark Portal which would have been closed off by now since this is post TBC. It's a weird mishmash since we've got heroes long since dead etc. But yeah, I mean the guy has a point. They should have given us more cool Outland units and less murlocs, goblins, and gnomes. 

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    What on earth? I have never seen an Ashtongue or Broken that ever looked like this. Weird

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    posted a message on Bladestorm
    Quote from Vadoff >>

    Extremely powerful, can kill extremely large minions, or a single large minion if timed well.

    It's very similar to Bouncing Blade, which was an extremely powerful removal used in almost every control deck, but this seems overall better.

     Bouncing Blade actually saw almost no use at all and you can still find stats on the top decks from that far back to see for yourself. It was pretty awful. 

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    posted a message on New Rogue Epic Card Revealed - Greyheart Sage
    Quote from MuffinMan1 >>

    super broken


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    posted a message on New Neutral Common Card Revealed - Supreme Abyssal
    Quote from ridgewater >>

    The art has really went downhill in recent expansions.

     I couldn’t disagree more. This feels like original Hearthstone cards to me. More like WoW and less like a child’s cartoon. I dig it. 

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    posted a message on New Hunter Rare Card Revealed - Mok'nathal Lion
    Quote from b1ak1ce >>

    What's with the realistic art?

    This isn't magic the gathering

     You know we’ve had multiple cards with this realistic art since day one right? Don’t be hating. 

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    posted a message on New Mage Legendary Card Revealed - Evocation
    Quote from Baldarich >>

    I hope you all will still have fun in this clown fiesta fuck up of a game. All these released cards are either complete and utter cancer aggro or random bullshit. 

     Hahaha you guys crack me up. You take your video games too seriously dude. Seriously step away from them for awhile. It will do you some good. 

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