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    Deck is awesome man. Just had a few games. The scythe animation was worth the price of admission alone. 

    Just had the craft the scythe for it, as didn't pull from a pack. 

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    supposed to be in the deck, not sure why it's not. in the video he has anduin instead of theotar. 

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    Nice rendition, mate. 

    I was running something similar before the mini set, I think the Shadehound would put this over though. 

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    Nice idea, will definitely try this today. 

    BTW what do you typically want to pick with Queen? 

    PS: BTW the reason you would run at least some murloc package is to draw into mutanus and discount. I cut down the murlocs in my version to make this more reliable. I find making huge minions with Mutanus then copying with parrots is really one of the strongest things the deck does. 

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    posted a message on What if jailer was a class card (great video)

    Just seen this video on youtube, got a good laugh out of it. Seen it only has 30 likes. Thought I'd share so more people can see it, too. 

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    posted a message on The complete Demon Hunter skins guide

    I really do hope they put older reward track heroes up for sale for Gold one day (maybe even recycle older shop hero skins too... for gold or cash, I'd just like another chance to get ones that I missed) 

    I thought it was a great addition to allow newer players to buy older card Backs with gold, and is healthy for the game as it gives people another reason to keep playing. 

    The hero skins that players can buy for Gold are lacking by comparison (only 1 each, and in some cases like for DH, you can't even buy 1 for G)

    PS: Great work on the article

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    posted a message on METABREAKING Dude Pally - Skawhomp

    Rather than just saying it's terrible, just go and learn how to play it. David and no hands have great videos on the deck that showcase what it does and how to do it. 

    Like I say, I don't play the deck, so I can't offer much guidance, all I can do is point you in the direction of those that have been playing the deck and have solid info on this in their videos. 

    I understand the deck doesn't really have an obvious finisher card, but I don't think it needs one (or it would have one) just tempo'ing out those massive, zero cost taunts (on turn 5) is the finisher pretty much. The Countess is just there as an extra element of RNG for the sake of fun. 

    PS: hearthstone is an RNG-fest. Nearly everything is decided by it, it's the main design philosophy of the game. RNG-based gameplay to bridge the gap between the skilled and unskilled players. 

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    Just played a mirror match before, seems people have adopted this deck very quickly. 

    Was an amazing game as well. I coined Vandar on 3, they played Vandar on 4. They had a better early game, but I stabilised with Kurtrus and Tainthearts.

    In the end my opponent misplayed by playing a spell. Not realising the mana increase from the tainhearts... this left them with only 1 mana and no way to respond to my damage on board (They might have had a comeback with topple, but otherwise were finished anyway)

    I played one copy of the new res spell, and then Jace the next turn. This was nuts.

    The deck can snow ball, amazingly. If you end up drawing nothing but 8's in the early game though, there's no coming back. 

    It's a very cool "all or nothing" style deck though, and thoroughly enjoying it so far. 

    PS: I think the "all fel breaks loose" spell pulls the last 3 demons that have died. I need to test more, but I don't think it's random. I say this as I got one taintheart and 2 x rushers from jace when I played the spell, and I got the same back from Jace as well. This is too small of a sample size to know for sure though. 

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    Quote from Ace12345 >>
    Quote from Kobald >>

    It is the most boring OTK card because it never feels like you spent a lot of work to get there, all you did was summon minions.   

     Still hoping he gets nerfed along with Theo in the next balance patch which I hope comes out around mid October.

    Not sure if they'll do that or not. They might up Theo by 1 Mana. 

    I think the most likely candidates for a nerf would be Harpoon (mana decrease to 2 instead of 3) Pet collector to a 4/3 from a 4/4, or 2nd nerf to Wild Spirits (not sure what, I'd probably leave it alone TBH) I think it's likely at least 2 cards are going to get nerfed in Hunter next. 

    I wouldn't be surprised if Sire got hit as well. I doubt they'd hit both sire and Theo at the same time though. 

    If I had to guess out of the 2, I'd say Theo up by 1 mana. 

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    I'll have a look at it. 

    Mine was a dire frenzy deck though, so definitely only want to be 30 cards. it's hard enough drawing into this card in a 30 card deck. 

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