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    posted a message on Playing against more bots than real players?

    Yup. Im in gold too. And this is all I see. Annoying part is I was just trying to play a stupid 4 horseman combo and they all run Patchwerk and kept blowing up my combo lol

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    posted a message on March of the Lich King Mini-Set Teaser, Is Naxx Out?!

    look at the shadow over the town. Its going to be like Naxx invades Quel Danas. 

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    posted a message on New Warrior Legendary Card Revealed - Rokara, the Valorous

    Was there a video for this? Wondering if it destroys the enemy minion, also wondering if the weapon kills the enemy minion if it still hits face. 

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    posted a message on New Mage Epic Card Revealed - Rune of the Archmage

    Can Rune of the archmage cast Rune of the Archmage? Lol

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    posted a message on New Mage Legendary Card Revealed - Balinda Stonehearth

    The language is sort of confusing. Swap costs with stats. So one card costs 5 representing the attack value, and one card costs 5 representing the defense value?

    why not just draw 2 cards and they cost 5? Is there a way to actually decrease her stats in hand?

    edit: missed that she gets stats from their costs  



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    posted a message on New Expansion Card Reveals Start Tomorrow - Tuesday November 16th!

    Being that vanilla Alterac Valley may be one of my favorite gaming experiences in gaming history, I hope this is a fun expansion with a lot of call backs and some creative mechanics.

    Similar to how a couple additional quests came into the game post-ungoro, I could maybe see 2 more quests (shaman and druid?) to summon the two AV gods. 

    i wondered too if theyd split the alliance and horde classes in some way with their card flavor. Paladin, priest, demon hunter, druid vs warlock, warrior, hunter, rogue, shaman…

    i could also see the book of mercs characters all coming back (as theyve been in each of the last two), but that would complicate things as the druid is Horde and the rogue is ally. Hunter is ally.

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    posted a message on A Brief Video Overview of The New Hearthstone Mercenaries Game Mode

    My guess, like most things, was to get the core mechanics out asap to start making money and call it a beta. 

    then they’ll introduce some visual flair on the gameboard at a later date and launch this as some new feature.  

    its too obviously bare - and this company knows how to design and put flash on things - for this to be their final intended state. 

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    posted a message on New Expansion Revealed: United In Stormwind

    I never would have guessed that the Hearthstone card that would make me most nostalgic for WoW was the…Mailbox Dancer. What a fun throwback. 

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    posted a message on Expansion Reveal Stream Coming July 1, and a Note on Mercenaries

    I see a lot of people predicting Westfall and Stockades, but Barrens was massive land-wise. More comparable is the whole area of Westfall, Duskwood, and Elwyn…maybe also Redridhe. There’s a better range of environments and characters to choose from. 

    And instead of stockade, maybe Deadmines. More iconic, more bosses…but know they’ve used a few (Sneed and VC) from there aleeady but I’d rather see those again than a third Hogger for stockades. 

    or maybe elwynn, redridge and westfall is the expansion and duskwood is the mini. 

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    posted a message on Top 5 Duels Moments of the Week - 1

    I’m enjoying duels. It’s a fun way to try new strategies not possible in standard and many cards I’ve never played. 

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