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    posted a message on Playing against more bots than real players?

    Yup. Im in gold too. And this is all I see. Annoying part is I was just trying to play a stupid 4 horseman combo and they all run Patchwerk and kept blowing up my combo lol

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    posted a message on New Warrior Legendary Card Revealed - Rokara, the Valorous

    Was there a video for this? Wondering if it destroys the enemy minion, also wondering if the weapon kills the enemy minion if it still hits face. 

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    posted a message on New Mage Legendary Card Revealed - Balinda Stonehearth

    The language is sort of confusing. Swap costs with stats. So one card costs 5 representing the attack value, and one card costs 5 representing the defense value?

    why not just draw 2 cards and they cost 5? Is there a way to actually decrease her stats in hand?

    edit: missed that she gets stats from their costs  



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    posted a message on New Expansion Revealed: United In Stormwind

    I never would have guessed that the Hearthstone card that would make me most nostalgic for WoW was the…Mailbox Dancer. What a fun throwback. 

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    posted a message on Expansion Reveal Stream Coming July 1, and a Note on Mercenaries

    I see a lot of people predicting Westfall and Stockades, but Barrens was massive land-wise. More comparable is the whole area of Westfall, Duskwood, and Elwyn…maybe also Redridhe. There’s a better range of environments and characters to choose from. 

    And instead of stockade, maybe Deadmines. More iconic, more bosses…but know they’ve used a few (Sneed and VC) from there aleeady but I’d rather see those again than a third Hogger for stockades. 

    or maybe elwynn, redridge and westfall is the expansion and duskwood is the mini. 

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    posted a message on Top 5 Duels Moments of the Week - 1

    I’m enjoying duels. It’s a fun way to try new strategies not possible in standard and many cards I’ve never played. 

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    posted a message on A few ideas to improve the game

    There could be a trial mode. Active for 1 24-hour / 48-hour period per expac, when you can test whatever you want in non-ranked modes (access to all cards, or pick x number of legendaries and x epics to your collection for that time period). Then goes away after - gives you SOMETHING to try first and pretty controlled/limited.

    Would be a good way to entice players to try things, get hooked, and want to spend dust/money (have to have something in it for Blizzard) to get those cards. You could add extended trial time periods for Battle Pass purchases. You can use your one trial period at any point in the expac.

    Thoughts? Any issues I’m not seeing?


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    posted a message on Pack opening got worse or?

    Im a F2P player. Been playing since the beginning. I bought 20 packs with saved up gold - i got THREE legendaries. Nvr had a run like that  

    i was really disappointed getting the Warrior wolf first because I thought it relied on Nzoth...then I got nzoth, and then tenwu. I got yogg for the free in the quest.  

    i always play off the 1-2 auto legendaries I get at the start of an xpac and build a deck. Theyve been terrible. Poison hunter guy, Miras unstable element, mostly garbage i cant build a whole deck around. 

    Im in the market for cheap rogue/warrior nzoth/yogg decks if anyone got suggestions. I have so few dust I have one shot to craft some things and make a decent deck...if i invest in the wrong cards, Im stuck. 

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