About Me

CURRENT STATUS (12 jan 2019):

After all negative events surrounding Blizzard that are happening recently - lack of new ideas and titles, switching to mobile market, stocks going down, cancelling HoTS eSports, key figures leaving, including CEO resignation, reports of abusing their employees etc etc - after all of this I lost a lot of respect for the company in its current state and a lot of motivation to spend time on their product. I can't say for sure, if this is a result of Activision's influence or there are other reasons as well, but for now I decided to postpone my work on Hearthstone PvE content. I still may do something in future, so it doesn't necessarily mean a permanent stop, but I probably will not make any new decks at least for some time. Sorry about that.

General information:

I love to create and refine decks for Hearthstone's PvE mode. I only play PvP to complete quests and I actually don't like ladder climbing, since I find it to be somewhat boring and stressful, but I am keeping track on PvP meta, since it may give some hints for interesting PvE decks.

All decks I post on Hearthpwn and Youtube go through a lot of testing and revisions. I usually incorporate good cards from later expansions, so my decks are guarantied to be as consistent as possible and tend to be better than popular decks of old times.

I am not a native english speaker, so expect occasional grammar mistakes. While I am trying to remove any I can find, please don't be hard on me, if you will find some. It is also one of the reasons, why I don't comment Youtube videos with my voice.

My channel on Youtube: