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    posted a message on What Is The Fun Playing Shaman?
    Quote from hillandder >>
    Quote from Kharn55 >>

    Crushing your enemies, making them cry like babies = fun

    Destroying your opposition with overwhelming force = fun

    Winning = ranking up, more rewards and faster gold = fun

    Winning is everything.

     Imagine if exists a card like 1 mana minion, always start in your first hand and you always start the game, battlecry "You win the game".

    Will be fun win with that card?

    Actual Shaman decks don't be far away from that.

     i would love to have that card, and yes, it would be fun for me. also, seeing salty posts like this is fun for me as well.

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    posted a message on Update on Patch 15.6 Issues - Hero Skins on Sale - Free Tyrande Hero skin

    if they gave invincible i would start playing wow again, quit during pandaria.

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    i have another issue with zeprhys as well. whenever i play him i dont automatically win, anyone else experience this bug?

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    posted a message on Quest Shaman is Plain Cheating.
    Quote from Echtvad >>

    It is easy to beat - just need a deck with more heal and kill them before they can shudderwock.

     please do tell me about this control aggro deck you are referring to

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    posted a message on Help me build my Highlander Hunter with only notable Brann
    Quote from Dragonson >>

    I'm very excited to open Dinotamer Brann, however, when I check the deck list for the current popular Highlander Hunter, I find that I lack these cards:

    - Rat Trap

    - Subject 9

    - Zuljin

    - Zephrys

    - Siamat

    I think Zephrys and Siamat are optional, they are more a situational win more cards than core for the deck.  However, the other cards seems super related to how the deck is build, without Zuljin, I doubt I can rely on spells that much, so I will have to build differently.  Can anyone suggest cards to replace? 

    I do have Unseal the Vault but I don't think they can work well together.

     of all the cards you listed, only zephrys is not optional. zuljin refills your board with wyrms and secrets and seeing as you are also missing rat trap and subject 9, i say go a secretless route with more emphasis on minions. of course you can keep a couple of secrets like freezing and fire trap/ snipe or whatever but you shouldnt make it the core of your deck.

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    posted a message on Quest Shaman and Mind Control Tech
    Quote from Synthetikmisery >>

    2 people so far have it spot on. You play around it and easy to do. Always a danger to over play your side of the board and leaving you with little left in your hand. You know they have it and that is a benefit to you. It's predictable. It causes a dead card in their hand. 

    Part of the problem with having a fixed meta is the predictability of decks. You know what your opponent is going to do. You play around it to counter. That is how you win matches. You know you are playing an unskilled player when they dump their hand in a turn or two.

    Playing a zoo deck and limiting yourself to 3 minions will not win you any match by the way. Just so you know. Dumping hand in a turn or two is actually a valid strategy for certain decks in order to gain complete dominance of the board early just so they have a chance to win, its called going all in to win or lose if you dont.

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    posted a message on Zephyrs is still garbage against deathrattles
    Quote from noci >>

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    posted a message on Rank 6->3 93%WR (13-1) Aggro warrior

    where is the world coming to? people are actually cheering an aggro deck. seems like control warrior is universally hated.

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    at last, a proper wallet mage list.

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