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    posted a message on .1% to lose

    yeah, missed obvious lethals because of playing fast. then if i lose the game im like fml

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    posted a message on Lightning Bloom perfect nerf

    why not make it "Gain two mana crystals" no overload, draw 3 cards? balanced at 0 mana.

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    posted a message on Abusive players
    Quote from DiamondDM13 >>

    I believe you are required to blur out the identification, as per forum rules.

    Either way, dude, that doesn't reach a 4 in the 1 to 10 scale of insults and threats I've had or seen.

     yup, not even a 4. I've had someone wish me and my children to get cancer. among other stuff. i kept loling and hahaing and shit talking until he eventually blocked me. the amount of fun i have when people get this insanely mad over a game is great. i mean i can definitely see them with frothing mouths, red heads veins popping out and then they add you to swear at you. and thats when the fun begins, you start shit talking, loling and they go bonkers.

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    posted a message on Remember when totem shaman was a joke?
    Quote from R01alst0ne >>

    sorry for the little off topic,do you think Runic Carvings could be good enough to be added to wild even shaman?

     with the new approach of even shaman going for totems probably yes.

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    posted a message on Sweet stealth buff to power of ceration
    Quote from Lylussbtw >>

    And remember de new Drake of 8 mana, who unleash a cost 7 minion for his deathrattle.

    summons 6 cost minions.

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    posted a message on What are the 5 strongest cards for you like now?
    Quote from Pageturner >>


    4. Professor Slate - A sleeper for sure. This with Rapid Fire and secrets like Explosive Trap will be amazing. 


    who in their right mind would go face while this is on the board? :DDD but very good card nonetheless, good body, cheap at 3 mana so easy to activate its effect with remaining mana. so many pros, no cons on this card, and i still doubt it will see any play, not in standard at least. maybe if a spell heavy archetype rises in wild some day or something. because as of right now, hunter remains a very board centric class and cant afford to run many spells to justify this card's inclusion.

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    posted a message on Disciplinarian Gandling
    Quote from C3rnadge >>

    This literally makes Wisp viable in zoolock lol 

     until you play a game with 2 wisps in opening hand and the legendary at the bottom of your deck.

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    posted a message on New Druid & Neutral Cards Revealed

     i love how the wording makes it sound like it also gives +4+4 to your opponents minions on the battlefield. i imagine blizzard will have to reword it since they are so fixated on wording.

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    posted a message on Golden Kayn Sunfury - Disenchant for full price?

    dust it. if you find that you need him by the next expansion craft it normal

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    posted a message on Firestone - gone to far?
    Quote from grokl77 >>
    Quote from LightBladeDK >>

    I don't play Hearthstone to practice basic math, and trackers remove the bad feeling of losing because of forgetting which cards are left in the deck. Grinding to legend is so much more enjoyable with trackers imo.

     A good memory is part of the skills needed to be good at a card game, so if Blizzard does not deem that it should be the case for Hearthstone like it is for whist or bridge, then they should build it in or maybe do like with wow and addons.


    i just want to jump here and add that its a quality of life feature to be honest, a good memory isnt really needed, since you can write down every card played. so in this sense, a good memory is not needed in hearthstone, and deck tracker is just a QoL feature. nothing more. 

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    posted a message on Regular Hearthstone is unplayable
    Quote from BenLock >>

    I played BG's non stop over 6 months straight. I'm back to regular Hearthstone but finding it unplayable due to slow animations. Everything from playing cards and other animations take way too long and feels very clunky, was it always like this?

     no, it was worse.

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    posted a message on "Your opponent left" rage quit - why ?

    i had shit to do, thats why i alt+f4 and left in a hurry

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    posted a message on Custom Class Competition #6: Phase One, Discussion

    so, poultry automaton is fine as i see it, its almost like a 1/3 which we've already had ones at 1 mana cost. plus 1/1 taunt divine shield is in the game, so without the taunt i think its balanced, and worthy of basic set, we've had worse.

    i dont like upgrade at all, i dont think anyone would play that card. its too expensive even as a finisher as it needs a target with high attack to be remotely useful. i'd change it entirely. lower cost, maybe less buff and add divine shield, although we've seen that in paladin. plus if you wanna have a buff, dont go that high in cost, highest i can think of right now is 6 mana and it left a minion behind when killed. maybe something like resummon this minion with a mech tag and +2/+2 or something. mecha-upgrade or mechanize or whatever you wanna call it.

    i dont like cobalt defender either... feels underwhelming? either change the effect or buff the stats (4/4) or reduce mana cost to 4. or give mechs +1/+2? although this would be kinda overpowered if its a minion heavy class?

    good luck on the competition, i'm really stoked to see what people will come up with.

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    posted a message on Do you read books?

    i used to read books. i'm just a stephen king fan, so most books i've read are his with the occasional wilbur smith, dan brown, tom clancy thrown in there for good measure. i actually havent read any books this year, and you probably read this by dan brown, but i think illuminati is his best book in the series.

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    posted a message on Why is this game getting worse over time?

    game is getting old.

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