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    posted a message on Agressive Galkrond Warlock slays @Legend 68%after 34 games!!!!!

    What is chaos gazer for? There is not much combo decks you need to tech this for. Surviving is much more important.

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    posted a message on WILD Format
    Quote from YojimboSanjuro >>

    Why do people playing Standard feel the need to answer in the WILD FORMAT?!

     Why do YOU feel the need to ask this question in a topic instead of just answer them? I'm just curious.

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    posted a message on Help me create Anti-fun Shaman!
    Quote from FlyingCarrot >>

    true true.

    im trying to make fast as possible shudderwock deck.

    when you get it done, its basically win after that.

    problem funnily enough, has been twice for now is been sudderwock being the bottom 5fth card.

     Just use Polkelt to fish for it. :)

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    posted a message on Madame Lazul

    Illucia is fine then? I just take your hand and dump everything. Sounds right. :-)

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    posted a message on Why blizz?
    Quote from Terrorsquid66 >>

    Why can’t I play against Gang Up instead?

    oh cause you power crept it to oblivion 😔

     Are you seriously telling us Togwaggle Scheme is too strong? There are hundreds of cards that should be changed before it comes to this meme-card.

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    posted a message on Devolving missles bugged?

    I have never had missiles hitting a specific minion more than 2 times. This is nothing more than confirmation bias.

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    posted a message on Blur Cycle of Hatred are viable

    Why is the animation of glide like 10 seconds long? No way to do a turn 1 kill with that...

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    posted a message on I've started conceding autoconceding whenever I see Priest

    What is the message of this?

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    posted a message on Strange difficulty spike

    The biggest problem in this game right now is the possibility to take more than 15 dmg in one turn. I think it should be capped to have at least 1 more chance to come back.

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    posted a message on Scholomance Legendary Tier list
    Quote from SinAscendant >>

    Yeah terrible tier list.

    Polkelt is not staple. I've literally never gone against a deck that's played Polkelt that's done anything but fuck itself over. It's literally a "tell your opponent exactly what you're going to draw for the rest of the game" card so you can play around everything they have. -> have to disagree, because it's one of the best ways to control your strongest draws. Great synergy with Sphere. Definitely deserves to be at A

    Jandice is also mediocre. -> not really, it's only bad against aggro. In all other cases it eats a boardclear on it's own or hits for a lot of damage. Deserves to be at A.

    Literally have not seen Gandling used in a single game so I have no idea why it's so high.

    Sphere should definitely be A rank. -> it's only used in Turtle Mage in standard, so B is fine

    Rattlegore is staple for Big Warrior.

    Wildclaw is staple for Big Druid. -> i have never seen that card in use other than a wild spiteful keleseth druid

    Turalyon is staple against anything that buffs and Libram Pally is huge rn. -> this card is not used at all

    Fireheart is staple for spell/quest sham.

    Omu is gimmick and not used that much. -> very strong tool for combo deck such a malygos druid

    Keymaster is situational but definitely not dust.

    And Stelina is a good card by itself that just doesn't have a place rn. Once Control gets big again hand disruption will be important.

    Green = Agree

    Red = Disagree

    A note that's worth mentioning. A card like rattlegore that's staple in Big Warrior doesn't deserve to earn a spot at "Staple" in this list (it should not be arranged like this btw) because this is the only deck it is used in and can function without it almost as good. 

    So better use a system like this where all legendaries are sorted by their use and impact in the meta. You should not ignore that wild and standard have them in different spots too.


    Here is my suggestion for standard:

    S Must Have Polkelt, Jandice

    A Make your deck stronger Malicia, Alura, Krastinov, Gidra, Ras, Barov, Lilian

    B Do not fit every deck Mozaki, Fireheart, Rattlegore, Omu, Illucia, Sphere

    C Difficult to use Kreen, Wildclaw, Gandling, Kel'Thuzad

    D No home yet Stelina, Slate, Turalyon, Willow, Alabaster, Vectus

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    posted a message on Zephrys.. Zephrys everywhere (lel)
    Quote from SirJohn13 >>

    Double Zeph is cool, but what if you are offered DQA later?

     Just pick her, she will be active eventually. There are enough tools to fight back.

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    posted a message on Wave of Apathy issue

    You can't be serious comparing a stall card to "1 Mana -> draw 5 cards". And remember that buffs still appeal. Like Cold Blood, Librams or Power of the Wild.

    At 3 Mana Frost Nova would be strictly better, because your opponent is not going to be able to attack with anything on the board.

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    posted a message on How can some people manage to rush to rank 5 or even 6 early and still have a decent board?
    Quote from _Nihenna_ >>

    It just doesn't make much sense to me. What's the tactic they use? If I try to rush upgrades, I always have to compromise my board and stay with like 5 minions at most, but some people reach rank 5 in like 5-6 battles and still manage to have like 2-3 golden minions and almost a perfect setup.

     It can happen from time to time. Not every single fight. Just keep on playing and you will have a lucky run yourself as well where you rush to 5-6 and keep a strong board.

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    posted a message on Total Number of Hearthstone Players - How many are Legend?
    Quote from Duesentrieb >>
    Quote from Krishno_NL >>

    i am legend 6700 ish, in wild, and facing bronze 5 players... 

    You face bronze 5 players while you are legend? :O Seems like a strange match-making-system. I´m approx. 15k standard-legend and i hit other legend-player in similar ranges only.

     The matchups are ONLY based on mmr not on the actual rank.

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    posted a message on Jungle Giants Druid

    Thanks for your feedback. I tested it and Loatheb helps a lot. Any further suggestions?

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