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[TOP 10] Stancifka's YOGG-SARON MoonDruid Power...

  • Last updated Jul 24, 2017 (Quest Rogue Nerf)
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  • 11 Minions
  • 19 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Yogg Druid
  • Crafting Cost: 6160
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 6/19/2017 (Un'Goro Launch)
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Hello everyone! I have decided to yet another deck quide as I came up with a really sweet brew combining the best from the Jade Druid and Yogg-Saron powerhouse. Allow me to present you the MoonDruid, your new best friend while laddering. Not only the deck is really strong and with precise piloting will get you to the highest legend ranks really quickly, it is also extremely fun to play. If you have any experience with the classic Jade deck, it will be quite easy for you to switch. However, if you are new to this kind of deck, do not despair! Just keep reading and you will be Jading like a pro in no time

Mulligan guide

If it gives you extra mana, it´s the card you are looking for. This means InnervateWild Growth and Jade Blossom are cards that you actively want in basically every matchup. From there it really depends. Against aggro you really want to see Wild Pyromancer in your hand, especially if you got a coin. With control matchups you have a bit more freedom to keep some expensive heavy hitters, so feel free to keep cards like Aya Blackpaw in your hand if you are sure your opponent won´t try to kill you on turn 5.

Card inclusion

The first card that should really hit you right in the face is Moonfire. This is the type of card we all played in our first Hearthstone decks while not really knowing the rules of the game. However, in this deck it has a ton of synergy, which actually makes it really good. It works really well with Wild Pyromancer in the early game, where it acts as a „board clear“. It also works really well with Auctioneer as free spells become really amazing on those big combo turns. In case none of those is really happening, you can just use it on your own Acolyte of Pain to cycle it anytime for free. And worst comes to worst, it isn´t the end of the world to just finish one of their X/1 minions like this.

Jade Idol is a card we are all used to at this point, but I just want to stress out how imporant it is to not just play both of them for Jades in the early game. With the first one just go to town and make that Jade, but after that you should make the mental note that you have already played one. Even though it´s one of the cheapest cards in the deck, it essentially works as your win condition. On one of those big turns with Auctioneer, you really need to shuffle some of them back to your deck, and continue drawing them for the rest of the game, where one mana 15/15 minion sounds really appealing.

Acolyte of Pain works as your main source of card advantage in the early game, as it has a really good synergy with Wild Pyromancer. Dont be afraid to ping it with your Wrath and make yourself some cheap Arcane Intelect. You can easily turn your Acolyte into Nourish with a sequence of turn3 Acolyte into turn4 Wild Pyromancer + Wrath on your own Acolyte, triggering your Pyro, ideally damaging your opponent´s X/2 minion and allowing you to finish him off with dying Acolyte.

The really complicated card which will be a huge tiebreaker between your wins and losses is Gadgetzan Auctioneer. A whopping number of 19 spells in the deck (with 12 of those costing 2 or less mana) means the Auctioneer can generate an unreal amount of value, especially if you can get him into that „Jade Idol draws Jade Idolloop. Wild Growth is especially good here, as it acts like another super cheap Nourish thanks to the Excess Mana in the lategame. However, the two mana investment can be significant on the „combo turn“, so you should definitely consider just setting up on turn 10 with the Wild Growth alone, just playing and and keeping the Excess Mana for your Auctioneer turn.

We finally got to the real big hitter of this deck, the mighty Yogg-Saron, hope´s End, which will hopefully end the hope for your opponent. The spell count for our Yoggie is going up real quick with this deck, so by the time you decide to play him, he should be spinning the lottery wheel for 10+ super random spells. The real question mark here is WHEN to play this guy. Overall you should treat him like a board clear, or your last chance lottery button when things are going really poorly for you. If you are kinda winning the game, DO NOT PLAY THE GUY! I REPEAT! DO NOT PLAY YOGG IF YOU ARE DOING WELL! What he gained in power he lacks in brain, so he will sometimes just decide to randomly kill you instead.

Overall the deck is extremely solid, and I fully recommend it if you are getting tired of all the stock lists but still want to keep winning. If you are really serious about going up with your rank, also don´t forget to watch the video guide! In case you liked this deck guide just let me know in any way, if I see that you guys enjoy these then I will do some more in the future. Also don´t forget to follow me on social media to stay updated!

That´s it for today, good luck with all the Yogging and stuff, may his force be with you!

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