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[Rank 5] Twopenny Valeera!

  • Last updated Jul 6, 2016 (Old Gods)
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  • 17 Minions
  • 13 Spells
  • Deck Type: None
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 4320
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 6/13/2016 (Old Gods)
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Hello everyone! I am shock19, pleased to meet you guys again!
So, every month i'm trying to post rank 5 deck guide - and this month is time to play Rogue!
But why is this deck unique?
Well, as many people, i don't have all that class legendaries and epics for Rogue (nor the dust to craft it :P). 
So i asked myself: Can we play Rogue on a budget? And without going all weapon/face/SMORC?
And as it turns out, it's possible! Here's what the deck is all about:
- N'zoth Rogue without Epics or class legendaries;
- No draw engines like Gadgetzan / Sprint - we draw via deathrattles & Azure Drakes;
- Find value cards and fix your curve using Journey Below - this card is just AWESOME;
- Finish people with N'zoth.
Here's a brief video i made showcasing two matchups, while talking about the deck!
So, why would you wanna try this?
- You are facing lots of Zoo, Aggro Shamans & Druids (good matchups for us);
- You always wanted to play rogue but don't own any legendaries and is short on the dust department;
- You have that pesky 5 rogue wins quest to do but don't wanna expend dust on rogue specific cards.
When would you NOT want to try this?
- If you are facing too many Warriors and Mages (our worst matchups).
Class Advice & Likely Winrates:
1) Druid - Good (70%WR+)
   Only variations i've seen is C'thun and Beast/Aggro. Beast is a little harder - try to keep up with the tempo and not let him dominate the board. C'thun is way easier since it relies too much on big minions. Druids don't have many good ways to deal with Sylvanas, and SAP is just too good against them. Try to curve well and to save SAP to create a tempo swing that leads to your finishing turns. Most of the times you will win on the next turn after you play Sylvannas or Sap, and you will not even need N'zoth.
2) Warlock - Good (65%WR+)
   Here i'm seeing mostly RenoLock & Zoo (Obviously). Both matchups are favorable, Reno being a bit easier since they can't stop you from dominating the board early in the game. We have to mulligan for Zoo tho (since it's more common & more threatening to us).
   Try NOT to use Fan of Knives too soon, unless it's absolutely necessary. Sometimes you can deal with his board in other ways, and end up using FOK just to do more face damage. The problem with that move is his capability to refill the board with tentacles and then play Sea Giant on the other turn (a play that can give us trouble if we don't have sap in our hand).
3) Shaman - Good (60%WR+)
   Here is the ever-present Aggro with the occasional evolve shaman. Both are winnable, but we have to curve well and not let him play dangerous minions behind his taunts. SI:7 Agent + Backstab is GOLDEN to remove Flametongue & Trogg behind a taunt. Just try to control the tempo early on, and switch to his face as soon as you have an opportunity. Don't be wasting damage on useless minions (sometimes it's right to ignore Argent Squire and small totems to get him on the defense). Once he goes defensive you have won.
4) Paladins - Good (60%+)
   Here is mostly N'zoth paladin, and it's a favorable matchup. The problem is that unlike other classes, he can wipe our board two times (Because of Equality + Pyro/Consecrate). The most effective strategy i've found was to outtempo him, force an equality, and then go for N'zoth. If he has the second equality, so be it - we can't afford to wait too long to play N'zoth because he is going to outvalue us (he is playing a way more expensive deck after all). Try to find good value cards with Journey Below to help us against his massive removals (Anub'arak is never a bad pick).
5) Hunters - Even (50%)
   Hard matchup because Call of the Bullshit is soo damn good, but it's still winnable. The problem here is on the mulligan. If we don't find a 2 and a 3 drop, he will most likely win because we will never recover (freezing trap will prevent us from getting the tempo back to us). The times you draw Backstab + SI:7 agent by turn 2 are most likely wins, because he is the one that will not be able to recover. Don't take too long to switch to face for a kill - he will outdamage us in the long run because of his hero power.
6) Rogue - Even (50%)
   This is still winnable, but is an uphill battle because most of the rogues are playing better cards then us. But we still can do it, and the key is N'zoth. If he is miracle, and we can build a board before he plays his Gadgetzan, we have a chance. As against hunter, don't take too long to switch to face damage, because when he starts cycling it's all over. Against other N'zoth variations, they will have more legendaries and value, so we need good draws, and most importantly, to play N'zoth first =P
7) Priest - Good (60%)
   Priest is not as easy for us as it is for Miracle variations (since they have no good answer to a concealed Gadgetzan outside of Auch/Circle) but we still can win against them. The key here is to pressure him from the start, and try to kill him fast. He can recover if he starts dropping the big stuff like Justicar & other big threats. He also will win the value war using the shifting shades, since we have so many cards that are actually good for them.
8) Mage - Bad (30%)
   Mages are a bad matchup, fortunately they are not so common right now. Freeze is all about killing him fast, before he can find his combo. For me against freeze mage is more about luck then skill. Against tempo we will have a hard time if he draws well - he can generate too much cards with Cabalistic Tome and Arcane Intellect - and when he starts doing damage it's very hard for us to recover. Try to get him into the defensive, and hope to find N'zoth to bring back the stuff he will surely eliminate with Frostbolts & Fireballs. 
Input by JudieB:  You have to mulligan for your removals (Backstab, Eviscerate, SI 7, Shadowstrike and Sap for Water elemental). I would say Mages are 45% average winrate for this deck.
9) Warrior - Terrible (30%)
   If every deck has an Achilles' heel, warriors are ours. Control warrior is hard - the armor gain fucks us up too much as we don't have so much dmg in this deck and absolutely no big threats to wear him down. The Tempo and Pirate/Face variations are even worse - they can kill us just by going face from turn 1. We don't have much healing, and can't control him well since most of the stuff can hit us on the same turn they are played. Also, Upgrade is just Bulls**t. Srsly.
Input by JudieB: And against Control Warrior, during the mulligan stage you have to look for Journey Below, the Raptor will be useless because your deathrattles minions will be killed by Fiery Win Axe. When verified it's Control, discover Anubarak, Cairne, and Corrupted Healbot (reduces the armor). Elise Starseeker works perfectly agains this matchup.
Overall Mulligan Advice:
    - Look for MINIONS! Don't fall in the trap of keeping "cool spells" if you don't have minions.
    - You can keep SAP against DRUID if you already have minions to play.
    - Generally try to keep a good curve: Undercity Huckster, Loot hoarder, Unearthed Raptor if you already have one of the previous 2-drops. Backstab + SI:7 Agent should always be kept.
    - You can keep Journey Below if the hand is really bad, to try to find a two or three drop using it (fixing your curve is very important).
    - Against aggro decks like hunter, you can keep Earthen Ring Farseer if you already have a 2 drop.
    - You can keep Backstab even if you don't have SI:7 Agent against Warlock, since it's such a good card against Flame imp.



Allright guys, for now that's it! I'll be happy to answer any questions in the comments below!

Remember to like & subscribe to my Youtube channel if you want to support me!

 --> Update 1: Added Deck Tracker Statistics.

Link to youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS_uboFTZjpskVQLoj7ik0Q
Link to stream @ gaming4good: www.gamingforgood.net/s/Shock191919

Link to our patreon acc: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=3599953

Thanks a lot and see you at the inn!


 ---- UPDATE 2

Want the non-budget version? You've got it!