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  • Last updated Dec 10, 2015 (Explorers)
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  • 22 Minions
  • 8 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 7640
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  • Created: 10/31/2015 (Warsong Nerf)
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Hello and welcome to my Revamped Ramp Druid deck guide! Firstly, I would call myself a druid lover, and have always liked the play style of ramp druid. As described by Kripp winning with savage roar combo is not exactly satisfying for either player, while ramp druid is a very fun deck that isn't difficult on the basic level; it mostly is play on curve, play with tempo. Anyway, to the guide.

Changes: Removed 2 shades replaced with 2 mounted raptors; removed 1 living roots added ancient of war. Suits a more midrange and aggressive meta currently. 19-5 with the deck so far

More changes: swapped dr.boom for sneeds. Want to dodge bgh and its better versus paladin as the aldor is less useful, and it is more sticky

Hey check out my sentiel midrange zoo :http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/374128-80-winrate-sentiel-midrange-zoo-carry-you  !

Also my highest win-rate deck so far!: http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/377926-fatigue-reno-my-way-take-whats-best

Little update- so far 37-11 with this deck, added 2 spectral knights for a shredder and a belcher

[Edit] Changed the deck to suite the RENO JACKSON era, basically a lot slower meta.


So, let me explain why this deck is better than the 'standard' Ramp druid. The ramp druid has been left alone for some time as it is believed to be weaker than the combo druid. It is true to an extent, and we take that extent to the extreme with this deck. The first problem with combo druid is it requires you to draw the combo to actually win most times, and secondly it can have a lot of dead draws, like the combo early game etc. and lastly druid is renowned for being able to win any game, however the combo druid isn't as consistent as though a lot of the time I find as decks get more and more aggressive giving you less time to put your opponent on 14 then finding the combo and using it. This deck is a lot more consistent, but a lot less miraculous (it does't win the top deck war with a savage roar at key time etc). And to explain why this is better than standard ramp is simple, I have been grinding druid for very long on ladder to see what the meta is an have suited this deck best to rank 7+, however I will also describe how to tech this deck below these ranks, as many guides I find are suited for players who play versus more seasoned opponents, who do prefer mid-range and combo decks.

Now, to the match-ups:

Ramp Druid:
It the rare event where you DO meet this kind of druid you will have the upper hand. Getting Justicar is so crucial in this match-up, you need to ramp early to not stay behind (like versus any druid), and once Justicar hits the board you will win in the long run, stalling is key and saving keepers is essential to silence ancient of war's and sylvanas, the value game is at its highest here where you want to squeeze everything out of your deck (don't throw savage combatant onto the board turn 4 unless you are super behind or have innervate to remove, otherwise save it for justicar and see miracles as you remove their board and they are forced to use spells to actually break even on board). There's not much more to this match-up than playing on curve and ramping early, making sure you have a play each turn.

Aggro Hunter:
I always keep wrath, keeper of the grove, innervate, living roots, zombie chow, and darnassus aspirant to have early game presence. You are favorite in this match-up thanks to the zombie chow and justicar, you have to survive the early game, it is often correct to play living roots over wild growth for example on turn 2 just for the board as you will inevitably win in the mid and late game, you need to not be greedy however with using your face, it is often better to use wrath early as there is no way to lose in mid game vs an aggro hunter if you play the match up correctly. Swipe, justicar and keeper are key in the midgame to save for ultimate value and innervate keeper to kill a knife juggler or silence a mad scientist on turn 2 will probably lead to a 90% win-rate vs a hunter as unless they play a freezing trap for some wild reason they won't gain back the board.

Hybrid Hunter (and Midrange is the same mulligan and playstyle):
Much like aggro hunter, however the key change is the use of keeper of the grove as well as swipe. Keeper needs to be saved to silence highmaine unless you have an azure drake swipe play after you kill it, or have a strong board which can deal with it. A hidden mvp for this match-up is azure drake; whether it is for wrathing nishia, the highmaine little shits that spawn or any other mediocre hp minions that this deck runs. Once again getting justicar out early, and defending against the early game onslaught is key so the mulligan is the same. The midgame is crucial however, you NEED 4 drops, 5 drops of high power like shredder and druid of the claw or you will slowly be run over on the board and the highmaine hits the board while you are in tears for blizzard to nerf highmaine. A common mistake made by players is to not play around the knife juggler unleash combo as you can find it easy to flood the board with this deck vs this type of hunter so do keep that in mind.

Freeze mage:
This matchup is hard but not the most difficult. This is where missing the peasant combo hurts a lot as druid is known as a good deck vs freeze mage thanks to that BUT IT CAN BE DONE! You need to mulligan quite greedy and ALWAYS KEEP JUSTICAR BOYZ! That card is what wins you the game, and if you innervate it out early and press that god damn glorious precious button in this matchup you are like a better warrior, and guess who is the main counter to freeze mage. Warrior! Get enough armor and you can't lose the game as there is a limited amount of burst in that deck, although it is quite a high number. You need to either know you can deal with archmage artonitas with damage when you expecting him to come down (normally turn 10, turn 9 sometimes if emperor came down) or they WILL get too many fireballs for you to survive unless you kill the first of course. Saving an Ancient of Lore for the post Alexstrasza turn is very important as the heal is often a winning play due to the limited burn in their deck. Having a strong curve is very important and playing around the frost nova doomsayer combo is important (shredder is very good at this), not overextending is key to not get rekt by a board clear.

Combo Druid:
The meaning of life in this match-up is the Number 14. 14 Health is where you should feel like a black guy in a horror movie. Their type of deck is just as strong as yours but with that burst at the end so using your taunts is very key here. Mulligan for the early ramp as versus any druid (wild growth, aspirant, innervates) as well as your midgame (shredder, shade of nax). The earlier you play justicar the better normally and build up that armor+value to not get rekt by the combo, ancient of war is strong in the late game as long as it doesn't get keepered and has forced many of my opponents to simply concede as they can't get through the great wall of nature with their combo.

Patron Warrior:
Not much to say about this match-up other than it is horrible no matter what druid you play as your spells do awkward things in the late-game such as swipe being a dead card, your hero power even after justicar still doesn't do much and druids biggest weakness is lack of comeback mechanics on the board therefore what saves you here is baiting executes out to then sit behind you wall of taunts drinking some natural tea while you gain value from Justicar, druid of the claw and such. Simply keep in mind swipe is an almost dead card here and try to have a strong board.

Aggro Druid:
I have also not faced this deck a lot on ladder however it is just like combo druid but faster, mulligan for early game survival just like versus hunter, as well as keeping your ramp things to ramp into your big taunts and survive. MVP is often Big (Bad) game hunter to kill felreaver which is like the highmaine rule: if it hits your face at least once, you probably lose (like 90%). Not much to add as it is just like the druid match-ups.

Dragon Priest: 
My favorite match-up as your deck is so late-midgame oriented, where you out-value the priest so so much, early game you just ramp to late game and keep your shades hidden and your shredders annoying as hell. Azure drake is quite an mvp as well as all 4 attack minions (the magic number versus priest). Play on curve and mulligan for wild growth, innervate, aspirant, shade, shredder, I even keep drake if i have something like wild growth shade. If you do face a lot of this deck (as I have recently, do consider adding a spectral knight for a belcher)

Midrange Paladin:
A secretly cancerous deck which leaves you thinking why are his minions so op. Swipe is key here to clear the Mustard for battle and killing the BLAGHLAR BLARABLAR! (Murloc Knight) which are really powerful cards and often game winning if left on the board. You need to remain in control of the board with wrath, swipe, and an early curve, another match-up where tempo is important (like midrange hunter). Mulligan for wild growth, wrath, keeper, zombie chow, living roots, and swipe, yes, keep swipe, they always fking have Muster on turn 3.

Secret Paladin:
Now let me tell you a story of a full skill match up. You may ask: Skill? BUT SECRET PALADIN TAKES NO SKILL?, to which I will respond TRUE! but you are the one who has to display your power of using your deck with Malfurions grassy fingers and naturally (pun intended) win. So this is the most difficult in terms of skill match-up and the mulligan is often varied on what the opponent throws away. Wait and see how many cards the paladin throws away. If he throws away his whole hand or keeps 1 card you can be almost sure it is Cancer hunte- I mean Secret Paladin, therefore mulligan for Wrath, innovate, shredder, shade, zombie, and swipe. Prepare for a mind-blow I DO THROW AWAY WILD GROWTH IN THIS MATCH UP IF WITH IT I DON'T HAVE ZOMBIE CHOW OR LIVING ROOTS ALONG WITH WRATH AND SHADE!!! Yes, that's how dead that card can be as their tempo early with Alarmingly-overpowered bot and Muster. You NEED to have board early and not be hesitant to lose value with the shade. Keep BHG for doctor 6 or 7 and play around secrets, it is difficult to describe this match-up as it is so skill dependent on you but it is certainly winnable. Play around secrets. Keep a strong board. Save keeper for avenge silences and killing Knife Jugglers.

Control Warrior:
Now to the 2nd most difficult deck to play against as Revamped Ramped Damped Druid. Here it is important to keep track of shield slams and executes and just like versus Combo druid 14 is the number you wanna avoid. You can very well win this match-up if they don't draw their justicar or significantly later than yours (say you innervate it out which is a strong as fuck play in many match-ups) and you snowball your lead. You play a lot of sticky minions which are really good at chipping that armor, and you have thing King the God the one lord of late-game ancient of war (I love that card if you can't tell) which is almost as strong as Rasputin if the warrior has no executes or good shield-slams because my oh my that 10 hp fucks with warrior hard. You want to ramp early and avoid dead cards like wrath. Keep wild growth aspirant, shredder, and innervate. You want to save your keeper silence here for the acolyte of pain and sylvanas as card draw is crucial in this match-up.

Now to every druids nightmare... The tempo/mech mage:
Imagine you are reading this part of the guide in the type of voice you'd find in a narrative over this picture: It is a cold, rainy and windy day in early November, the sky is grey and all the leafs have fallen along with your hope to reaching legend as this deck is all the sudden most popular (it isn't by far just imagine okay..), you grab your warm cup of tea and grind that ladder yet you fail, and fail again. That is what it would feel like if every player on this game was a dick (yes I hate these 2 decks to the bone as a druid lover). So, why is this so so bad? Mirror entity, flame waker, sorcerers apprentice in tempo mage, and simple the tempo of mech mage. Both these decks are simply too fast and when I see a mana wyrm on turn 1 with no wrath in hand I give out a deep sigh and say ''here we go again''. You wanna mulligan for wrath, shade, wild growth and innervate along with shredder. And if you can somehow make use of keeper to proc the mirror entity you are often in decent shape, however you have such big threats normally in your hand that them copying your minion is most often devastating to the point where you simply lose.

Alright, that's a lot to take in, now to replacements and tech cards:

Hey, remember season like 11? When ramp druid was the shit and it played Spectral Knight. Well guess what it is actually strong as fuck, it is simply slow. If you find yourself versus a lot of warrior (no matter which one) this card is honestly probably the best counter (other than harrison, duh)- You would swap your belchers for this

Harrison Jones the whip king, if you face a high amount of paladins and warriors you can replace the senjin for this guy just to have that huge tempo swing in the mid game

Black knight, the surprise factor. I include this guy when I see handlock popular as well as warrior (and also useful vs midrange hunter as it counters houndmaster pretty well, the card comes out around the time of 6 mana so yeah)- replace for senjin

Ysera my personal favorite currently in the early stages of the season. As I climb from lower ranks I like to play greedy minions like ysera as I often face those pesky warriors and midrange paladins versus whom the ysera is more useful than the Senjin most often (although he is a significant card to survive the powerful midrange). I don't know, I just like that card and versus not so strong players who don't utilize their mana correctly she can prove to win games

Defender of argus is actually not bad, I played it quite a bit and it hasn't let me down much when aggro is on the rise but it is sometimes a dead card however as you most often only have 1-2 minions on board and when it is 1 then, well, he sucks. I only add this if I face a lot of zoo and mage as it is good versus mirror image and helps you survive their relentless SMORc onslaught. Replace a savage combatant for this (as you don't often have anything/ want to attack with face versus those two decks)

Second BGH, not much to add here, if the meta is slow it is obviously a great pick up (it's not bad versus secret paladins, amazing vs control warriors and handlocks), replace zombie chow for this.

Deathlord- some people have this inner hate for senjin, I don't know why, how can you hate that guy? Either way, this is a 'faster' senjin which you should use if you face a lot of aggro hunter and mech mage.

Second shredder/Azure drake- both explainable and reasonable, and many will argue necessary, it is a TECH choice, my choices are correct in the meta in which I PLAY IN, which can be DIFFERENT TO YOURS. These cards are powerful in mid and mid-late game and are excellent choices to put in for the senjin and the zombie chow if you face a lot of mid-range and late game decks, however this deck already deals with them well so I prefer the consistent early game defense over the more stable mid game presence which to me is not as important, as this deck normally snowballs a win past turn 5-7

Another living roots in stead of a zombie chow is also a viable option, I prefer the chow as it is more sticky, however another living roots is very flexible (combos with azure also), and is more of a tempo early play.

Call me crazy but I am experimenting with Hogger in this deck. It is a win more card and if you can innervate it out early versus aggro you mostly can't lose. Idk though just a thought. Mostly include it because it is a fun and rare card which I like, no other real reason.

If you are facing against a lot of control and late game decks I suggest adding a ysera, 1 copy of savage roar, and perhaps another bgh (also can consider mulch but I haven't experimented versus it a lot). This deck doesn't have that many 'late game' cards as it is more aimed for the current aggressive and midrange meta.

If you'd like me to explain any replacements for cards you don't own feel free to ask in the comments, or cards you may wonder why I haven't included.

Any further questions and/or feedback is much appreciated as well as an up-vote, to know I should keep attempting to innovate decks and refine then to the current meta.

Also feel free to add me on Battle net to have a chat about anything you'd like or any decks.

Wow, 16k views, thank you so much guys.

25k views! JESUS!

The positive feedback and interest of the community are awesome thank you all.

Hey, a quick question; I am working on a token druid deck which is a bit different currently, if anyone is interested in the deck/a guide let me know in the comments.