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Legend Control Warrior July 2015

  • Last updated Jul 30, 2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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  • 18 Minions
  • 8 Spells
  • 4 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 13360
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 5/6/2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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Thank u for all ur green thumb and all ur comment !

 EDiT 30/07/15 : Hey guys , sorry for the lack of infos, i ve been shoot by work since two month :(

Workout has still climb with control warrior this month, he once hit rank 2 EU

Proof : http://g4meover.fr/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/workout-légende.jpg
JULY DECKLIST  ; http://g4meover.fr/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/workout-1024x634.jpg

Ive got some crazy games  he plays at top rang legend in my bag ( the climb rank 20 legend to 4  legend and there is a crazyyyyyyyyyyyy game at rank 4), promise i upload it in few days

Ive hit rank 2 (not legend :p) on Serv US too and only play the decklist in the video, sorry did not have time to play more  : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWLdc4rsoIE

Edit : Add a paragraph about the big minions - Add a paragraph about mulligan. More videos are coming in the end of week.
09/05/15 : Add a paragraph about Alexstraza / Geddon/ a line about some common plays in the advice category
10/05/15 : Add video of hunter match up / handlock match up at rank 50 legend, more match up to come, and maybe a full write up of every match up if we have sometimes to do it

15/05/15 : We did it , top deck of the week, thank u all, deepful guide of every match up is going to come at the end of the month, brace urselves, wall of texts are coming, and of course, we re going to update it next month and this times, were planning to record the last rank grind

The guide is gonna be constantly updates, with meta changes, we're going to try to answer all of ur questions and some overview of every match up so if u need an info, comment and we're updating it quickly.

Hello guys,

I'm Cheape and today, im sharing with you the deck that my teammate took to legend in this season in May.

We are two bigs fans of warrior control and played it since very long time and we're from a french team with many legends and top legends players.

He hit rank 2 the 4 May and hit legend the 5 May and he s main has always be warrior control.

Rank 15 when i hit legend this season : http://imgur.com/RmI0KPu

He's name is Workout974 and each season, he peek in high legend with it and hit legend in the first day of the season.

This season, we're gonna try to share with u a little guides to help you with the deck and some gameplay videos if u want to see the deck in action.

I write this guide for him because he suck in english (i suck a little less xD), i'm a multiple legend player too on US Serveur and EU server and finish the last 17 seasons (yeah there were 4 test seasons ^^) between rank 5 and legend, often on both server (didn't get to legend the last month, i'm a hearthstone writer and it take me all my time).

We're planning to release a bunch of videos of it, if u love warrior control, hope ure gonna love them (french audio, sorry for that but if u have some questions,  don' t hesitate)

First of all, sorry for our bad english, we come from France :)


How many games did i need to reach legend with this deck / Matchs up overview ?

In the beginnning of the season, it can take some time to do it, you can meet everything in the top ranks actually and the good thing is that warrior control can beat everyone (can also lose to all, except freeze mage)

The second good thing is that the deck has two very good match up :

  • Patron Warrior
  • Hunt Face

Those two decks are very popular on the ladder and unless you get horrible draw, ur gonna beat them.

There are three bad match up, they are winnable but ure gonna need some great hands to beat them.

  • Zoo demonlock are very hard to manage, fast start can be too "fast" for us
  • Druid are a pain in the ass, if they Wild growth turn 2, rip in pepperoni
  • Tempo mage are pain in the ass too but it's easier than the two other match up, they dont have crazy deathrattle minion like zoo and they dont have crazy druid mana curve so if u manage to clean their board every turn, theyre gonna run out of steam
  • Lucky for us, there are no chaman midrange on the ladder, its a secret for no one, chaman is the warrior nightmare

Is the war control a good deck to climb up ?

Yes and no, war control is a fantastic class but can be pretty frustrating, sometimes u got great hands and ur opponent can litteraly do nothing, sometimes u got every turn 10 (lol) of the deck and ur opponent kill you at turn 6 with a big smile on his face.

If i tell u that, it's because i know a lot of players test a deck with 5 games and if they lose, the deck are shit, u need a tons of games to learn a deck and a tons of another to masterize it.

The great thing with control warrior is that when u have reach the point that u understand how to play the deck properly, it's a real pleasure and one of the coolest deck in hearthstone.

So if the deck work for me, i hope it's gonna work for u.

I got 6 000 + wins on ladder and  3 000+ are in warrior (a tons of games :p)

Choice of cards

Nothing crazy on the list, it's a simple war control deck with the add of one Revenge, a card that many players considers awful and the choice of Ysera instead of ragnaros.

Why Revenge ? None players play around it, often, ur aggro opponent just gonna throw his hands on the board in the hope u did not get (brawl) or just because they are zoo / hunt and dont care about cards or board position.

So when they can hit u under 12, they do it without a single second thought and vomit their hand on u.

Revenge clear their board,and in a situation of top deck, ur deck is far better than their + u can generate a tons of armor so a warrior so if he dont draw direct damage very fast, if few turns ur gonna regain the lead.

In pretty bad situation , revenge + geddon is a 5 damage board wipe situation and again, in top deck situation, if ur oppponent cannot kill you, u can reverse it.

Also, if paladin and warrior patron dit not play around it, u kill all the patron and all the buff recruit isntantly and believe me, they dont see it coming. (after that, paladin has awful finish so ur in a pretty good spot if u can hold the pression)

The fact is revenge won me a bunch of aggro games and seriously, i'm not even thinking to remove it one second.

Why Ysera ? because she cant be targeted by big game hunter and sh'es a big body and dont care about silence. Ysera is the card who can won u the long match up like paladin/warrior/priest if shes play at the right time.

Ysera is mandatory ? No, if u watch the games were going to upload, u can notice Ysera was not that crazy so maybe there are some cards to try like Chrommagus or anything who cant be BGH.

Replacement for geddon ? There are no one who has his effect, u can go a second revenge or another whirlwind but he's a win condition against many midrange deck.
Since many comment ask a replacement for him, we have to devellop a little bit, geddon is an aoe + a big body, he's going to win u a bunch of midrange match up : paladin control/zoo and sometimes even hunter, if u want to replace him : u need a card who can help u wipe the board, so a second brawl can be a good thing, if after u played the deck, u feel u dont need a second big board wipe, u can add a whirlwind or test a second revenge but NO replacement can be as flexible as Baron Geddon and he's very important in the victory plan.

Why warrior control use Alextrasza ?

For the beginners who dont know why we have to run Alextrasza, it need some little explanations. Every deck has his win conditions and Alex is often a part of our win condition.

There a sequence of play who can just win u the game if ur opponent doesn't have heal/taunt and it happens a tons of time.

Alextrasza opponent : Deathbite hit - Opponent at Eleven - Finish him with Grommash

Alexstrasza is also important because unless u play a far greedier version on mirror match up, ur never going to win a warrior control without alex , u need her for the 15 damage done  on to the face and to not lose at fatigue if u have a similar deck than ur opponent.

If we add that sh'es crazy in defensive play, u got a cards who's a must have in warrior control.

The BIG Dudes : why one and not another

Actually, you can play Néfarian, Chrommagus, Emperor Thaurissan and Ragnaros in control Warrior and it's not a crazy thing, they are 3 very goods cards and one average (Néfarian)

But why chose Ysera instead of them ?

If u see the target who can be bgh in the decklist, u notice everyone has his effects play at the time he enter in game, geddon have his aoe, grommash charge, dr boum has his boombots and alextrasza do damage or heal you, in summary, they got value at the the moment they are played.

The difference with Rag, is that he's effect is very random (and he's also shitty vs zoo but can be pretty good vs hunt  when freezing trap is up).

Warrior control is a deck who's play from behind almost everytime and u want to have value in every cards when u played them, Rag is the only one of them who the value can be none and eat a big game hunter directly without improving ur board position/ hands.

Néfarian has the same problem, if u play him turn 9 and he give u shit cards, he's gonna be useless and can be a play who loss u the game.

Emperor Thaurissan is a hard choice because he's amazing and had a great amount of power.
If u play warrior control many times, ur going to notice that sometimes ur hand going to empty very fast because u have to deal with the opponent board every turn, so u get to turn 6 with 2/3 cards in hand and in this situation, emperor thaurissan got almost no value.

Add to the fact he is pretty bad against aggro deck and aggro deck rules the world, this is why we don't run him. He's still amazing vs control so in tournament, find a little spot for him :p

Chrommagus is the best compromise u can make, it's a big body, untargetable by bgh, and is a game winner if he's not handle, he deserve some test and i think he can greatly fit to the deck.

Little advice

  • Acolyte of pain is almost every times ur key to win a game, u need value from him, in control match up, u can't play him on an empty board if he has not draw, if ur opponent is smart, he's going to silence him and believe me, a war control with no cards is a dead war control
  • It's kind of a shitty advice but i keep doing sometimes some micro missplay, u go a lot of games everyday and u play like an automat and this lead to play who can loss u the game versus aggro, Dont lose armor with the sequence of play when u got an armorsmith on the board, think twice before the trade
  • Uve got to spot when a game is lost and the only way to win it is by an grommash all in, this can be in various position, i dont count the games that i stole with the sequence : Deathbite or Fiery axe to the face, grommash topdeck + deathrattle or taskmaster, this is an important point because if u use ure last win ressource into a board who's is way to far to recover
  • In control games, use ur life as a ressource, sometimes u see a rag, u got an execute and it's simple but u can kill him with the weapon and ur minion, u got to spot when it's good to use execute/shield slam and when it's good to use ur life, this decision is the one who's gonna win u control matchup and mirror warrior
  • When a mage got a mad scientist, if u kill him with a taskmaster and the secret is mirror entity, the secret proc and ur taskmaster is surely the best target to mirror entity
  • Againt zoo, If u hit imp gang boss with a revenge or whirlwind, it's gonna pop a 1/1, if u hit with ur weapon + deathrattle, it kill the gang boss and the 1/1
  • For beginners players : Never forget how deathrattle is proc : first thing in play trigger first, it's an important point for ur deathbite
  • Shield slam ur own sylvanas can be a sexy play sometimes "oh yeah, i kill my own minion and stole ur big one, u never see this come", smile of the devil  but trust me, it's can also be an awful plays in control matchup many times who lost u ressources for nothing, u lost a sylvanas + a shield slam so it's already 2/1 for ur opponent, ok there are the stolen minion so we can tell this is a tie of value : 2-2 , the trick is u don't win with tie value and sylvanas is the minion who can give u the most value in ure deck, do this play just when ure in very need of the ennemy minion (ysera ,rag sometimes,everything who can win u the game if not handle) , if it's just to stole a 8/8 , shield slam the 8/8 instead sylvanas


Mulligan is not hard in warrior control, in almost every match up, u want the sames card (acolyte,weapon,armorsmith, and sometimes other stuff)

In top of priority

VS Aggro : Weapons, armorsmith,taskmaster,acolyte
VS midrange : Weapons, acolyte, armorsmith
VS Control : Weapons,acolyte

This is the great lines of mulligan priority but in every match up,u got some other cards who are welcomes in the beginning hand

  • VS Hunter face : weapons, armorsmith and taskmaster are the most important card, the goal is to stabilize so on the beginning, we dont care about drawing with acolyte until we've stabilized the board
  • VS Warrior control : Warrior control vs Warrior control is one of the trickiest match up and one of the hardest because the two decks is slow and unless there are a big difference in quality draw who lead to one easy victory , ure going to have to think and think hardly about the entire game.The all match up is about value, card advantage and card draw, and the big star of this match up is : Acolyte of pain. 
    With the experience, i can assure u than a warrior control who got his acolyte of pain against a warrior who dont have it in his 15 first cards is clearly favoured.
    Ok cool thing to have an acolyte, but u need to draw at least two cards with him,it's important so dont throw him a turn 3 alone on the board.
    If u watch pro players pro : u can notice the use their brawl quickly in some board who are nt big theat or some board who can be handle with shield slam and execute in hand, the reason is simple, warrior control never have the luxury of overextend so sometimes, in a board with just DR Boum with his boum crew, the good play is brawl.
    Harrison Jones need to be on the deathbite, when u do that, u stop ur opponent to have the deathrattle effect for him and do his combo with acolyte or activate execute.
    The best is harrison on the second deathbite (it happens sometimes quickly but dont count on it,because sometimes the second deathbite comes at the end of the game at a moment u dont want to draw) because if taskmaster is already out, there are almost no activator left for grommash for ur opponent.
    U have to accept to give ur opponent minions for him to shield bash / execute, the trick thing is u have to give him ur baddest minion and create situations where he got to shield bash/ execute them, so just clear the board of the warrior every turn
    If u play a lot of tournament and want to tech ur deck against warrior control, a good card is the black knight, black knight a sludge belcher is a very good tempo play in warrior control and sometimes, this tiny tempo advantage can snowball u a win.
    Also don't forget to check on the advice part about the shield slam/ sylvanas line, a pretty common move in this match up who can be very shitty.
  • VS Hunter midrange : they are pretty annoying and favored against u, the mulligan is the same but u need belcher in the midrange, and shieldmaiden to help u stabilize
  • VS Handlock : the equation is simple : He got 4 giants, 2 drakes, Jaraxxus and 1 or 2 other big threat, u got 2 shield slam, 2 execute, ur weapons, an Harrison, an BGH and a brawl, so u mulligan for ur big removal, and as long as u can handlock everything he throw every turn and get value on ur acolyte to compete with the crazy amount of draw he got, u got a spot tu win a handlock.
  • VS ZOO : pray for ur weapons and event with them, it's going to be a tough one, zoo has now bigs giants minions and i u dont have ur execute/ shield slam at the right time, the game is simply lose
  • VS Mage : Weapons priority and like hunter face, priority is stabilize, the game is always the same, the meca mage throw hes entire hand and when u can deal with his board, he throw u a couple a fireball, it's very important to always count the damage he can directly deal to u and observ his hands every turns, if he'd kept a card since turn 1 to turn 6, it's pretty surely a fireball/frostball so care at every detail
  • VS Mage freeze : Since the last patch, mage freeze "can" win you with some thaurissan alextraza combo if u do not optimize ur armor, every turn, armor up, dont throw armorsmith on board for nothing, and do throw her on board if u got nothing in hand to deal with the doomsayer, sometimes u play armorsmith on board with 3/4 minions and tell u "ok im gonna have armour with blizzard / flamestrike " and frost nova/ doomsayer ruined the plan and can loss u the game.
  • Vs druide : weapons and weirdly,it 's a match up u can win if the druide draw poorly, because if he had god draw, ur dead turn 9 in several scenarios. Keep the board empty and play agressive, dont keep minion on ur hand, druid has problems to deal with big board and if ur lucky enough to build one, this is ur entry in his defense
  • VS Oil rogue : this is a good match up but u need to care too and to know exactly how much damage he can deal to you. U need weapons to deal with him and u have to play agressive so he can use his ressource (eviscerate for example) to ur face or do whatever he want with it, care about big van cleef too
  • VS paladin : Paladin dragon can be handle pretty easily (depends of the version, if it's an apocalypse greedier version, it can be hard) and paladin midrange are a match up when i think ur a little favoured. The key to this match up is Harisson Jones and how u handle the combo muster/quartermaster, fortunately on this deck, u have two ways, brawl / geddon + deathrattle of weapon or revenge. Another key to win this match up is to set up play against the total life of the paladin, the only heal he got is hes lay on hands and it cost 8 so when u can put him pressure on his total life and theat a kill next turn with a combo grommash, its a thing to consider
  • Chaman : There are no chaman on ladder, if it's the mega chaman aggro who want ur death at turn 3, the match is pretty simple, because u got a tons of removal, a tons of heal and a new aggro friend rekt "revenge", if it's chaman midrange, it's hard, very hard, it's a combinaison of value in acolyte, a good brawl or a good geddon who can win u the game

What change should i make ?

U face a lot of mage ? A kezan instead Harisson
U face a lot of druide ? A blacknight can be a good thing (but he's gonna slip in ure hand sometimes)
U face a lot of paladin/hunter/warrior ? Keep ur Harrison, if a card is important, it's harrison jones, he is a game winner, tempo swing + card draw
U face a lot of aggro (zoo/mage) ? Switch harrison for a second brawl, but this changes its gonna hurt ur hunter match up and greatly improve the two other oneU face a lot of druid/chaman/zoolock/mage tempo ? Stop play warrior control :p

We are gonna add some match up explications very soon for every match up and if u have any question, Workout will be glad to reply you in comment.

Like i said on top, we have some gameplay videos with tracker open, sorry for french audio
Somevideo where recorded at rank 2 and were planning to record some other in the week on the legend rank.

If u survive  to the attack of the wall of text and like the description, u can green thumb the deck, it's very important for us, thank u !

U can follow us on facebook, we post a lot of teams decks,/tournament decks / pro decks also.


And if ur a french guy, come to our website, there a lot of fun stuff for u : http://g4meover/hearthstone

(and if ur a top level player, we search one for our futur big team tournament, so u can contact us threw facebook)

Thank u guys and when a warrior control won a zoo/hunt, a cat is saved somewhere on the earth so help us save those poor kitties.

Vs Mage (the video is being uploaded)

Vs paladin  (the video is being uploaded)


VS Handlock

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