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  • Last updated Mar 14, 2015 (Undertaker Nerf)
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  • 17 Minions
  • 9 Spells
  • 4 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 10800
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 3/7/2015 (Undertaker Nerf)
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Hallo everyone. I'm one of the 2 milliards legendary players in this game. Always playd warrior mostly. And its 2 seasons I'm studying only how to make it work, trying all variations of warrior existing, but not the ones that make warrior too passive (bomb lobber variations). So, I've copied the idea of doomsayer by a very popular deck of MortSC2 in this website, but changed all the rest of the deck, and its working incredibly nicely! I'm publishing it only cause too many people is asking me the list on ladder. This deck, differently by other warrior decks, has several possible keys to win. They are: (1) doomsayer, Vs aggro and especially mec mage (2) keltuzad behind taunt or just keltuzad making reborn a nice legendary or even making reborn just a armorsmith vs hunter (3) Ysera, she's enought to make u win so many matches. And thanks to doomsayer, that make the deck more solid and safer, it will be possible to play sera turn 9 without risking too much as it is normally vs midrange or aggro decks.


DoomsayerI think this tech made warrior super strong again, after a period during it was not so much playable. Mec mage was 50% or less win rate before this tech, now its 70%. Doomsayer makes mirror entity something u really want they play, instead of the nightmare it used to be. It's even nice VS hunter, putting it turn 2 when he coined juggler, so doom will kill the juggler and the hunter won't play anything turn 2, giving u now turn, and so one card drawn. In other match ups is super nice too, cause if u will clear everything turn 6 with weapons or spells but u have nothing on board to put, in same turn u cleared u will put doomsayer, so they won't put anything on board in turn after and in turn 7 u will be able to put boom with them having nothing on board. This plays make u win.



This is one of the keys of the success of this deck. This guy is underrated and often is played as a combo card in combo-deathtrattle decks, even if its good even in more normal decks like this. This guy makes u win almost always if played behind a belcher, but its nice even to make reborn just a big game hunter plus a armorsmith vs mec mage and others. It's body and its effect make him scarry EVEN IF PLAYD ALONE, especially cause if u play it and it survive, playing a belcher turn after will be a probable GG. This card makes win rate much higher than without it. It makes your board incredible. Not replaceable.

Ysera Ysera is not playd by 90% of warriors cause they are too much busy to clear the board and kill minions to put a 9 mana minion that don't have a immediate effect (as alextraza), so they prefer geddon or ragnaros. But we are not so busy as em, cause we have doomsayer, that bring us safe in higher turns and keltuzad that will make our opponent be they busy ones. So we can play Ysera. U will remember how nice is having a 17 attack groomash, or a 5 dmg AOE, or 4 mana 4/7 drakes. They will play savannah? u will bring em back to the hunter thanks to Ysera...This is another possible key for the win, even if less often than doom and kel.


MortSC2, the guy who had the idea of doomsayer, removed Armorsmiths and putted 2 shieldmaidens. I prefer much more to play 2 armorsmiths. They make the chances of having something in early game much higher. If u won't have your axe to kill mecwarper or your opponent put on board a leper gnome, armorsmith will be just nice (Vs mecwarper buffed by cruel taskmaster). And there is more: how will u remove the divine shield to annoyotron? do u really want to use 2 hit of fiery war axe to kill 1 annoyotron? u don't want it! So, turn 2 u will play armorsmith, turn 3 she will remove the divine shield and u will play the axe to finish annoyotron. It could look stupid, but annoy o tron can be the cause of your loosing only for this reason if behind it they will put chuggachugga or just some 4 attack minion that u can't kill with spell. Hidding armor smith behind a belcher, or putting her on board before attacking with boom and boombots will give u at least 3/4 armor and will constrict the opponent to waste one attack for her, so it doesn't give much less armor than shield maiden and sometimes armor smith is able to give u infinite armor, differently by shield maiden. Another reason why we can't have shield maidens is that we have already 6 minions that cost 6 mana or more. If u will have more, your risk of having a beginning hand full of late game (and so loosing) will be higher, and this is not ok. we don't need shield maidens because thanks to armorsmith and doom sayer, we can have a better late game (all nice legendaries with a specific and important function) without going too low with hp and wasting slots for late game with a 5/5 body. I don't dislike shield maiden, but I think this deck really doesn't require it.

13/03: meta is changing, I'm facing much less mirror entities-mec mages, and more paladins and handocks, firsts are orrible matchup and seconds just bad for all warriors, I will post soon some changes to adapt the deck to this new situation.

14/03: mec mages are much less than before, palas are more and more frequent, shamans and handlocks, that didn exist anymore, are coming back! They are ALL counters of warrior. SO we have 2 options: (1) CHANGE CLASS (could be a nice option) (2) KEEPING WITH WARRIOR. This deck is very reactive, it doesn't have piloted shredders as many warriors have. I want keep this deck still reactive, but wanted to add some tech cards VS this matchups (especially paladins). I think removing one doomsayer is ok, it will still be able to fuck one mirror entity, that is enought, or to make good plays i explained before in the presentations. I ADDED THE SECOND BRAWL cause its just NICE vs PALAS, SHAMANS and HANDLOCKS. U just need 2 of em VS palas and shamans and demonlocks, and can be important to have more chances to have it in hand in the right moment vs handlocks. More than this, none plays around second brawl so sometimes u will make strategy to increase the value of the second one. Its ok even VS mec mages and priests. Obviously this deck is TERRIBLE in mirror, so vs other warriors. But its still nice vs druids, more than 50% win rate, VS mec mages and vs hunters. Second brawl make this deck the best win rate u can obtain VS palas and shamans by a warrior, i think. Still, with all this palas, change class can be a good option. Good luck laddering boys!