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C'thun Hunter (33-20 Diamond WR)

  • Last updated Jun 12, 2021 (Wailing Caverns Set)
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  • 14 Minions
  • 16 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Spell Hunter
  • Crafting Cost: 17000
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 6/8/2021 (Wailing Caverns Set)
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Hey Y’all, my name is Entity and welcome to my first deck guide ever. Throughout forged in the barrens, I have fallen in love with hunters current play style, but I absolutely hate having to sacrifice the fun for simple aggro decks, and that's where C'thun Hunter was born. This deck is as reliable as it is nutty, and somehow I currently have a 33-20 record in diamond. Cards like Malygos, Kazakus and Resizing pouch means that you will always have strong threats to play, Kolkar and your spells allow you to clear the board, and lock and load helps to fill in your gap turns. At the end of the day, this deck is built so that you ALWAYS have something to play, and that's why this is the most fun I have EVER had with hearthstone. Not to mention its troll as hell too.


EDIT- added zixor, moonfang, and 2 scavengers ingenuity. Moonfang and teachers pet are interchangeable. +1x death's head cultist, 1+ ooze. +Ace Hunter Kreen -Wandmakers, scorpids, and a few spells. 

Turns out spell hunter is super fun, but having a more taunt and board centric deck is working better in the meta. Shaman is one of this decks hardest matchups, since hunter doesn't really have healing or armor, so ooze is crucial nowadays. 

Game strategy:

First things first, this is not an aggro deck, but instead a cheesy way to generate an insane amount of cards, and create huge swing turns with kolkar. Rinse and repeat until the opponent is dead, or your draw c'thun. Wait as long as you can afford to before playing one of these insane turns, otherwise you might run out of cards too early, or not create enough value to win a close game. Also, if you get the coin, save it for a pop off turn and it will draw a card, summon a 1/1 with rush, and gain 1 mana. 

One last thing, I will say that this deck is surprisingly difficult to play efficiently. Most control decks have insanely powerful cards like twisting nether or brawl to control the game state. With this deck, however, you will likely need to play 5+ cards on a single turn to really swing the board like you want to. With the addition of serpentbloom, this suddenly becomes very accessible to do, but there is a wider margin for error. Try to constantly be thinking 5 turns ahead, and make your game plans around core cards like kokar, maly, and resizing pouch. 


Early game: 

Avoid playing kolkar at all costs, but rely on your early game minions like wandmaker and mankrik to develop some threats. Demon companion is the only card I’ll ever play on turn 1. 

Mid game: This deck can do everything between drawing an insane amount of cards, developing a huge board, or generating strong threats with kazakus. Mid game is the time where you have to make a decision on what you need to do to win that particular matchup. Typically, this involves me making huge boards against druid, aggro hunter, paladin, mage and shaman. If I'm against warrior or priest, I instead put the focus on getting my c'thun ready to go.

Late game: Every late game looks so damn different with this deck, and that's 90% due to lock and load. This deck has answers and solutions for everything, so if the game draws out just play with what you got, and rely on your c'thun popping off to secure the win. 

Key Cards:

Resizing pouch -

This card is never played, but absolutely amazing thanks to the recent mini set. Using pouch on 1 mana guarantees you to receive serpentbloom, which equals a 0 mana clear if you have a kolkar. If you also have lock and load, this card becomes 1 mana, summon a 1/1 with rush, a 1/1 with poisonous and rush, and add 2 hunter cards to your hand, or in other words, batshit crazy. The best alternative to this play is using pouch on 10 mana, where you can discover a game winning card like Ysera, onyxia, alex, or even n'zoth (my favorite). In your pool, you typically have a death's head cultist, malygos, a beast, and maybe a demon. It's not insane compared to n'zoth decks, but even if you just pull a 4 12 dragon, this card can still win games. Lastly, It's fine to play this card on 7,6, or 5 mana,but using it on 10 or 1 mana is highly preferable. 


Absolutely bonkers. I think this is one of the dragons that is so amazing, but never found its place in a pre-existing deck. However, this fits in SO well, that it might as well have been made just so that lock and load hunter can get off the ground. 

Kolkar pack runner - 

This card is so good I considered calling this deck kolkar hunter. It is not uncommon for you to play a single kolkar and a single lock and load, clear 3+ minions and draw 5+ cards. This is your most reliable source of board clear, so remember to be patient with your pop off turns. If you ever play this before turn 4 I will come over to your house and uninstall the game for you. 

Lock and Load- 

This is probably the most matchup dependent card there is. If you are facing control, I would never recommend using lock and load unless you can generate 4 or more cards. Vs more aggro decks, it may even be worth it to play this card just to gain an extra 1/1 from kolkar. Use your noggin, trust your instincts, and you will have a lot of fun. Also, this card allows you to keep the games fresh, letting you play some cheesy secret synergy one game, and a deathrattle or beast build on the other. 


While this card is insanely strong, you can cut it for a rinlings rifle or a piercing shot. Against control, be sure to pick a 10 drop unless you feel like you can smorc. Also, getting a lifesteal or spell damage golem can easily be game winners. Having a 5 drop spell damage +2 can give you a completely new win condition, or possibly even an otk. Try not to pick 1 drops unless you absolutely need to dump your hand.


At first C'thun seemed like a terrible option to me, but after being bullied 3 games in a row by control warrior, I added it in. Without a doubt, this is the fastest, most reliable deck there is to actually play your completed c'thun (besides celestial druid but that doesn’t count). Also, the spell pieces feel surprisingly good, adding extra burst, a good statted taunt, and most importantly a board clear. Drawing your remaining pieces with malygos feels amazing too. I’ve had games where I play maly, spend the next 2 turns playing 3 pieces and a talean, then playing my c'thun the very next turn. It's insane and troll all at the same time. Without this card, you will lose EVERY game against control warrior, so therefore this is a 100% core card. 


It makes me so sad to not have yogg in this deck, but in reality you just can't afford to place him in here. Drawing your malygos is so important that talean drawing yogg is too much of a dealbreaker. You could theoretically add him if the meta gets slow enough, but I do not recommend it. 


Probably the second best card in the deck, right behind kolkar. I would use this either to look for a kolkar, or try to find a play during the midgame where you have limited options. 

Tame Beast-

This is one of those cards you will be tempted to play early, but I urge you to wait until 10 mana. Having a 2 mana 6/6 with rush is too good, oftentimes these monsters will provide you that extra damage you need to finish off a game. 


Mulligan guide:

Your main priority here is trying to find a kolkar, or at the very least some cheap minions to play like wandmaker or demon companion. If you are facing a slower deck, you can afford to keep kazakus, talean, or Malygos. Always mulligan arcane shot.

Matchup guide:


Easy and breezy as long as you are running c'thun. Be sure to save a resizing pouch for Kresh, so you can poison a 1/1, and kill Kresh without triggering his armor gain. 


Probably one of the hardest matchups due to Tickatus. Your late game strat won't work out here, so you will have to be as aggro as possible and hope you kill them quickly. 


Easy easy easy. You have too many threats for them to deal with them all. If you are in a pinch, try to search for a kazakus with lifesteal. Mages, as with rogues. Hunter, and shaman, all have strong burst that is difficult for you to deal with, but if you recognize this at the start of the game, you will have plenty of opportunities to come up with ways around this issue. 


See above. Win condi is using kolkar to build insane boards. 


Generally easy, but their doomhammer is very scary against a class with no heal and few taunts. Be cautious of dunk tank, and try to discover taunts or heals whenever possible


So free. This is a matchup where you have to feel slightly bad for paladin. Their soyjack deck is no match for Chad C'thun Hunter. 

(Face) Hunter-

Same as shaman. As with any hunter v hunter matchup, your win condi is maintaining board control, so if you can get a decent kolkar on turn 3 or 4, just do it. 


I haven't played a ton of these guys on ladder, but typically they run out of board clears relatively early. Play for long, effective games and you will win frequently. 

Demon Hunter- 

The most common deck of theirs right now is the deathrattle build, which cant match your board control with Kolkar. Very easy matchup. 



So now we reach the wildcard. Typically, you should be able to win against druid, but you never know if they are going to celestial on turn 4 or double arbor up to win the game. If it's a token druid, you HAVE to be as greedy as possible with your kolkars, or his board will keep getting better and better. If it's celestial, try to find a 10 mana kazakus golem to seal the deal. 

That's all folks! Thanks for reading, and I hope you have as much fun with this deck as I have. Post any comments or questions you have and I'll do my best to respond to each one :)