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83% WR Highlander Hunter

  • Last updated Aug 29, 2019 (Saviors of Uldum)
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  • 16 Minions
  • 11 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Reno Hunter
  • Crafting Cost: 14200
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 8/25/2019 (Saviors of Uldum)
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First time legend from this amazing deck! 

This is by no means my creation, credit to the amazing players that built it. 

Side note: Deck went 20-4 from R3-Legend. Not a HUGE sample size, but I imagine at that

rank it's a decent start. 

(Also, thanks to the rogue that conceded when i was on R1. Not the final boss game, but I 

definitely appreciate it!)






Mulligan guide per class:

A good idea with the deck is to remember what hunter is great at, damage! Even though we have a lot of replacement cards and cantrips, you have to distinguish when to go face and when to trade for board control. It's something that will be different for many classes, so you have to more or less get a feel for it and get some reps (Still working on that myself). 

Also, Zephrys can be kept in almost any situation. T2 Zeph into wild growth or companion is amazing. Just watch out for decks with big boards as you may want to keep for nether.


Druid feels favored when running into tokens and 50/50 when playing against quest, it usually comes down to how good either player draws and decision making. Against tokens you're going to want to grind them out of advantage and fight for board (my experience) and quest is going to be an aggressive slant while killing key minions as they can easily clear and get a better board post quest.

Tokens: Explosive trap, springpaw, secret keeper, desert spear (This card is amazing) animal companion and any minion that has a good body.

Quest: Aggressive mulligan. All 1 drops, zephrys, really anything that can solidify a good board in the means of starfal+surger(surger will usually be good enough to kill 2 of your good minions.


Quest shaman can be hard to beat, especially post nerfs. Expect to see more. I always mulligan for quest shaman. Just try to fight board when you know it's favorable and hit face as much as possible as lifedrinker can put them back in the game. You won't really out advantage them. 

Mulligan for: 1 drops (explosive is okay here, but not that integral in the face of explorer.) scoundrel, animal companion, zephrys, desert spear and masked contender if you have a secret.


The mirror comes down to draws and player experience in my opinion. Usually it will the mirror, so grinding advantage as well as good timed Zephrys can be key. 

Mulligan for: Secretkeeper, general advantage cards, desert spear and hyena alpha. (Dinotamer brann is amazing post freezing trap but i'm not content on keeping it.)


Now the nerfs have hit, expect less zoo-ish and more of the wall priest. (my opinion)

Mulligan for: Zephrys, deadly shot, subject 9, sandbinder, secretkeeper, masked contender.


I still think CTRL warrior is going to be an amazing deck. Boom to 9 isn't enough to push it out of favor. If you face aggro warrior, mulligan like quest shaman. CW can still out value you easily, so be ready for a longer game.

Mulligan against CW: General value cards, while still trying to be aggressive. 1 drops are good, but remember theirs as well. Draw as much as you can and smack face, remember you have 2 more turns until boom hits.


Post nerf mage may not see as much play. Maybe only cyclone mage/big spell will be meta? Time will tell. 

Mulligan: Deadly shot, aggressive starts with 1 drops, subject 9 is good, animal companion and hyena.


Rogue will probably see more play now. Tempo rogue is the same type of mulligan as quest shaman for me at least. Fight for board, watch your health total. Go face when you can.

Quest rogue mulligan: Advantage matchup for sure. Try to face as much as you can. In that idea, it's almost CW Warrior mulligan, but you have more lead way with sticking minions until quest is done.


Expect murloc a lot. General mulligan is fighting for board.1 drops (explosive is okay here.) scoundrel, animal companion, zephrys, desert spear and masked contender if you have a secret. Ursatron and the like are also good as they have bodies and get advantage. Keep zeph for board clear against nomi if possible, unless you can obviously kill them.

Quest pally is an advantage matchup, both fighting for board while they stay alive for egg generation. General value cards, while still trying to be aggressive. 1 drops are good. Draw when you can and smack face.


Expect zoo usually. This is almost the same as the other board control fights. 

Mulligan: 1 drops (explosive is okay here, but they have more health with the new 3 drop 4/5) scoundrel, animal companion, zephrys, desert spear and masked contender if you have a secret.

You won't face much quest, even though I love that deck.

And that's it! My opinions of course, but i think it works well. Let me know if it works for you and feedback is always appreciated!

Video of the deck in action: 



(Just getting started, if you have anything you want to see let me know!)