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Top 100 Legend Big Rogue!

  • Last updated Feb 22, 2019 (Level Up Nerf)
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  • 18 Minions
  • 10 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Deathrattle Rogue
  • Crafting Cost: 7120
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 2/14/2019 (Level Up Nerf)
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Most of this will be a copypasta of the guide I wrote in r/CompetitiveHS

Hello~! I'm BlackHinder, a long-time player of Hearthstone who usually settles on Rank 5, but somehow found a way to Top 100 Legend of NA last night. From its success, I thought that I could share to you guys my creation of Big Rogue, an archetype that utilizes deathrattles to build a board of big minions. I created this deck in inspirations from DaneHS's showcase of Big Rogue in the Wild format.

Here is the Rank Proof: https://imgur.com/a/tLULi1A

The deck is centered around cheating out big deathrattles with Kobold Illusionists. Feels good to hit Silver Vanguard off of Kobold Illusionist on Turn 4 with the Necrium Blade set-up the turn before. Mech Whelps are also a good hit. If your hand is polluted with 8 drops, making Illusionists bad, you can plan to cube the 1/1 version. Otherwise, stay alive! This deck can make some big swingy turns if you have faith in RNGesus.

Card Choices:

2x Cavern Shinyfinder: Important because you want to set up Necrium Blade before Turn 4.

2x Blightnozzle Crawler: Helps fill up the 4 mana slot in case you miss drawing the Kobold Illusionist.

2x Carnivorous Cube and Necrium Vial: Enables some insane board setup potential.

1x Zilliax: Godly in the aggro matchup when magnetized with the 7/7 from Mechanical Whelp

2x Charged Devilsaur: Good for an immediate 7 damage when pulled from Silver Vanguard, and it has a lot of burst potential with Carnivorous Cube.

2x Deranged Doctor: 8 heal is relevant in some matchups. In the least, it's another big dude on the board.

Cards That Didn't Make The Cut But Still Ok: These are possible replacements if you are missing certain cards.

Spiritsinger Umbra and Sonya Shadowmancer: Fun, potentially synergistic cards to include but overall made the deck inconsistent. Great when they work well though! Possible cut is 1 Blightnozzle Crawler and Necrium Vial

Lab Recruiter: Could be used to shuffle more 8-drops into your deck to make more use of Silver Vanguard's deathrattle. Also improves your topdeck late in the game. A possible cut is one of the 8-drops or Necrium Vial.

General Mulligan:

Always keep Cavern Shinyfinder and Kobold Illusionist.

Keep Blightnozzle Crawler against board-centric decks.

Keep Necrium Blade if you have one of the 4-drops but not Cavern Shinyfinder.

Keep a good *Kobold Illusionist-*target if you have Kobold Illusionist.

Keep Zilliax and Backstab against Aggro.

Class-Specific Mulligan:

Paladin: Disregard the general mulligan, mulligan aggressively for Fan of Knives and Zilliax.

Warrior: Keep Carnivorous Cube and Mechanical Whelp.


Warrior: Even. You can set up constant threats and hope they run out of removals. Don't overextend to SupercolliderBrawl, and Reckless Flurry. Plan to Carnivorous Cube a Mechanical Whelp to double layer the deathrattles, making the board difficult to remove.

Shaman: Heavily Favored. You got enough defensive tools and they don't have enough Hex.

Rogue: Even against Odd Rogue, it's dependent on how many defensive tools and heal you can manage to draw while setting up big minions. Unfavored against Deathrattle, try to set up a better board before they do or get a lot of value from Blightnozzle Crawler. Not enough data for Malygos Rogue but with the one-game sample size, I won even after a Vanish because I was able to consistently put pressure. Not enough data for the mirror since this deck is a unicorn.

Paladin: Unfavored against Odd and Secret, Fan of Knives is your best friend. Zilliax is your savior in this matchup. Odd Paladin's only answer to a Zilliax on the 7/7 mech is Sunkeeper Tarim, so after that point, you are likely to win. Favored against Even and Exodia, their boards are easily dealt with and you can consistently set up a good board around Equality+Consecration.

Hunter: Slightly Favored. Blightnozzle Crawler can consistently clear minions and they don't have enough answers against big minions (except for Spider Bomb if they are lucky to get enough value from it), and Zilliax can heal you out of range. Sometimes you don't find the heal to play around Huffer or Kill Command though :(

Druid: Heavily Favored. They have a rough time dealing with huge minions. Just make sure you don't have a small minion lying around on board to play around Spreading Plague. You only lose if they delay long enough with Spreading Plague to pull off some crazy combo.

Warlock: Favored against everything but Cubelock, clear minions with Blightnozzle Crawler or set up a big minion early against the slower archetypes. Against Cubelock, I only have a small sample size of 3, of which I've won one game with a beatdown from a board full of Blightnozzle Crawlers.

Mage: Favored. Aggro Odd Mage does not have spot removal and usually you heal enough to not be killed by the constant hero power and spells. Set up a board that messes up Ragnaros's ability. Against slower archetypes, build a board that can't be dealt with by Dragonfire.

Priest: Slightly Favored against everything but Wall. Build up as much pressure before the eventual Psychic Scream while playing around Mass Hysteria. Look for opportunities to put more damage to the face with Charged Devilsaur. You win when they run out of stalling tools. Unfavored against Wall, keep on the pressure and hopefully, their wall will break before they find their Divine Spirit combo.

General Tips:

Most games you want to curve out with:

Turn 1Coin, Cavern Shinyfinder if second Cavern Shinyfinder is in hand.

Turn 2Cavern Shinyfinder

Turn 3Necrium Blade and hit anything

Turn 4Kobold Illusionist or Blightnozzle Crawler. Possibly hit with Necrium Blade to trigger deathrattle.

If you are expecting bad hits from Kobold Illusionist, you can keep the Necrium Blade equipped and save it for a guaranteed hit on a good deathrattle. 

Final Words:

There will be games when the star aligns with Kobold Illusionist and Silver Vanguard, followed by Necrium Vial to build a board of 8-drops. There are also opportunities where you build a winning board with Carnivorous Cube + Necrium Vial. However, you may also draw your 8-drops before the Silver Vanguard, or you get consistently bad pulls with Kobold Illusionists. RNG is an obvious factor in this deck, so be sure to know your odds before committing to a play. What makes this deck enjoyable is the high-roll nature of this deck. I wish you all good luck!

Also, I'd like to give an honorable mention to Dekkster for recently showcasing my deck on his Twitch stream. I also have a stream channel but it's very small and new, so I appreciate him giving the deck more exposure! ^-^

I've had people who were interested in watching me play the deck. If you're interested, I will try my best to meet expectations by streaming every night at 9pm EST at twitch.tv/blackhinder

Showcase Videos:

For all the awesome Youtubers out there playing the deck! I also made a video about a few highlights during my climb, most of which are from other streamers' perspectives.

BlackHinder (me): btw this was my first vid. I'm also ordering a new mic to make more vids in the future :3


Tommy Wave:


Dekkster Gaming: