Medivh - New Mage Hero, Alleria Windrunner - New Hunter Hero, Tavern Brawl

Update 12:06 PM EDT: Added Alleria promotional video. Friends Lists - Now Supporting 200 Friends

The friends list limit on has been increased to 200 earlier today, up from 100. Go make some new friends!

New Heroes - Alleria Windrunner and Medivh

Thanks to the Korean website, as if we couldn't tell already, we now know that Alleria and Medivh are going to be the next two cosmetic heroes which will be purchasable in the store for $9.99 each. This tip comes to us from DCInside (via reddit)

The card back names in the screenshot below translate to Medivh (메디브) and Alleria (알레리아). The image itself is quite low quality, we will have better resolution card backs available once assets are published to the website.


This brings us up to three new known heroes, Magni, Medivh, and Alleria.

Alleria Windrunner - Promo Video & Art

Check out her promotional video below. If you'd like to see her full resolution artwork, click here, or the banner below the video.

Tavern Brawl

Taven Brawl is Hearthstone's newest gamemode which will be introduced in mid-June! It is a weekly event which has a different theme each week which you build a deck around to compete. Head on over to the Tavern Brawl announcement post to learn more.

  • Tavern Brawls launch mid-June.
  • Admission to Tavern Brawls is free.
  • It is a weekly event which has a custom deck building rule for that mode that everyone must adhere to.
    • One week you may need to build your own deck, or you may be given a premade deck.
  • The gamemode unlocks after you have leveled up any hero to level 20.
  • There will be a couple of days delay after a brawl ends before a new one begins.


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