Popular Decks of the Week, Mekkatorque's Workshop: Zul'Gurub Wrap-Up + Cardback

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Popular Decks of the Week

Drumroll please for this past week's popular decks...

 Majordomo Grinder Mage SirFunchalot 9480
 Japanese Priest TaikiM13 7600
 Hybrid Hunter zDropZ 1040
 Grim Patron Warrior Senfglas 700
 Mayweather Warrior PrancingPonyHS 9500
 New hunter lknightl2007 920
 Midrange Shaman SteefHS 5040
 Cheap Tempo Aggro Daty37 3900
 Demonology Warlock Demonolo 3620
 Face Hunter yell9x 2640

Mekkatorque's Workshop: Zul'Gurub Wrap-Up

Noxious and TheChiv are back with another episode of Mekkatorque's Workshop! On this episode, Nox and Chiv wrapped-up the Zul'Gurub adventure they created. They discussed all the cards they created for adventure rewards, and showed off a cool adventure card back (see below).

Zul'Gurub Card Back

This is not a card back which is being introduced into the game, it is a companion asset to this week's Mekkatorque's Workshop.



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