All The Pre-Order Hearthstone Bonuses From BlizzCon 2018 - So Many Card Backs!

All The Pre-Order Hearthstone Bonuses From BlizzCon 2018

There were a few different bonuses Hearthstone fans can obtain thanks to things at BlizzCon. We've got them all in one easy place for clarity's sake.

  • Note that the Rastakhan and Warcraft III card backs are not yet available in-game due to the client needing a patch.
  • The client should be patched this week with both missing card backs.
  • Also it is worth mentioning that Destiny 2 is free for everyone with a Bnet account. Must claim it by Nov 18th through Bnet Gifts.

BlizzCon 2018 Virtual Ticket

Not really a pre-order but the Virtual Ticket can still be purchased if you're interested in:

  • 10 Hearthstone Packs (2 each of WW, KFT, K&C, UNG, Classic)
  • The Blizzard 2018 Card Back
  • Items in all of Blizzard's other titles. See here.

Virtual Tickets can be purchased for at least a couple weeks after the event, so you've still to some time to decide if you want the card back.

Rastakhan's Rumble Pre-Order

This is the big one! Like The Boomsday Project, we've got two pre-orders available for this expansion though they've done it a bit differently. Instead of having the second pre-order being expensive, there is now a low-end option which allows you to pick up the card back and some packs.

Challenger's Bundle [Store]

  • "Ready to Rumble" Card Back
  • 17 Card Packs
  • Available for $19.99 USD

Rastakhan's Rumble Bundle [Store]

  • New Alternate Shaman Hero: King Rastakhan
  • "Ready to Rumble" Card Back
  • 50 Card Packs
  • Available for $49.99 USD

Warcraft III: Reforged Pre-Order

Whaaat? Not only is this game coming out again super amazing (incredibly biased, yup) but if you get the "deluxe" edition for an extra $10 (base is $29.99 USD), you get goodies in some of Blizzard's other games. For Hearthstone, we're getting a card back.

You can pick up the pre-order over on the shop.
There's also a bonus bundle that gives you a Virtual Ticket with the deluxe edition for a slight discount.


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