Reminder: Arena Runs Automatically Ending for Taverns of Time - Free Arena Ticket Chance!

Reminder: Arena Runs Automatically Ending for Taverns of Time - Free Arena Ticket Chance!

It is that time again, another Arena event where Blizzard will be retiring all unfinished arena runs to level the playing field so everyone can start off the same. There will be 28 new arena only cards added to the drafting pool for the duration of the event, you can read about them here - Arena Exclusive Cards 2.0 (The Taverns of Time).

What Does This Mean For You? 

You have two options.

  1. Do not finish your current arena run.
  2. Finish your current run, but start a new one.

Why is that? Well, you will get full rewards for the number of wins your unfinished arena run had at the moment of the reset + a free arena ticket which means you will get free arena rewards equal to the number of wins of your run.

Free stuff!

The ideal scenario is you play out your last run before the start/end of the event and leave it at X-2 (X wins and 2 losses), that way you maximize the amount of rewards you will get. But obviously playing out arena run takes time, so that is on everyone's best judgement to determine whether the time invested is worth it for them or not, but ...

... even leaving the arena run at 0-0 (0 wins 0 losses) and literally retiring your next run from the Free Arena Ticket at 0-0 will net you at least 2 WW packs + some minor amount of gold/dust (~20) for the price of only 150g, which means, that if you were planning on buying even just two WW packs, this is worth doing for you, even if you absolutely hate arena and don't want to play a single game!

Alright, that is it, folks! Don't forget to start your arena runs in time! Can't wait, this should be a fun event :)

PS: the Arena ticket in question here is another extra arena ticket you will get if you do this, not the one that everyone will get for the event!

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