Khadgar Available in South Korea

Khadgar Available in South Korea

For South Koreans who missed out on the original Apple App Store promotion for our friendly Mage hero, you've got another opportunity! In a promotion to support Firefighters in South Korea, Blizzard has made over 11,000 Khadgar heroes available in exchange for a small purchase. Proceeds go to help the firefighters, so it's a great cause!

We recently saw Khadgar available through Heroes of the Storm in China during a short promotional period. With two promotions in such a short period of time, could we see another one open up that is more accessible before the end of the year?

Obtaining Khadgar

This promotion is only available to players in South Korea.

  • View the official Korean blog post for this promotion for full details.
  • The purchase page is available on
  • You are only able to create an account if you have a South Korean ID.

It is possible, though not confirmed, that these codes can be redeemed in any region. If that's the case, you'd be able to pick one up off a site like Ebay or through a South Korean friend. Your mileage may vary though so don't hold me accountable if you take the risk and it doesn't work.

Do You Own Khadgar?

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Khadgar - Hero Music

Khadgar - Emotes & Effects

Khadgar - Quick In-Game Preview


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