Top HearthPwn Standard and Wild Decks of the Week for June 4

Top HearthPwn Standard and Wild Decks of the Week for June 4

Whaaat? No, we can't be looking back at the top Standard and Wild decks of the week, not late on a Sunday evening. Your weekly decks, delivered below.

Top Standard Decks

Deck Author Cost
 F2P Hunter Deck  DisguisedToast 1240
 Aggro Beast Druid Xixo 4160
 Elemental Priest TourettoHS 6640
 Secrets Mage danielschwartz22 2700
 Aggro Token Druid LucasJoel 2520
 Controlled Evolution danielschwartz22 5360
 Antonidas Secret Mage Shaun 5100
 ADDICTED TO CRYSTAL dontbemad 5060
 Jade Druid v2 CzechCloud 6840

Top Wild Decks

Deck Author Cost
 Meta-destroying Tempo Rogue mangomonkay 9760
 Renolock kingben20 12200
 Malygod Nightmare NightmareWild 8140
 Control Mage TonyBanger 14360
 Funniest Priest Harhuin 19640
 Freeze Mage TonyBanger 4600
 OTK Maly Ultra Sustain laStocki 6140
 N'Zoth Hunter GelatinousMoose 5740
 Pirate Warrior kvist56 6600
 Pay 2 Win / Ramp ilushame 16920


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