Tracking More Than 500 Wins? Coming Soon to a Hearthstone Near You

Tracking More Than 500 Wins? Coming Soon to a Hearthstone Near You

Over the years, community members have been asking if we could have Hearthstone track more than 500 wins per hero. It turns out that this will finally be coming to the game, with the limit being increased to unlimited. TRACK ALL THE WINS!

Quote from Ben Brode

Why do you not allow players to track ranked wins past 500?

Makes it less powerful of a motivator if we add more rewards at 1k. But we decided not to do that, so we are going to add this soon.

There is no cap. Seems like my tweet may have been misinterpreted. (Source)

Adding a reward for doing a thing creates 'extrinsic motivation' do it. If I offered you X for doing Y, and you want X, you might consider doing Y.

If we offer you more rewards for reaching 1000 ranked wins, but you already have 1000 ranked wins, we aren't motivating you do anything. Our options were to cap you at 500, then unleash new rewards at 1k, giving 500 wins of progress towards a new reward, or just letting you count up from 500 now, and not adding rewards at 1k. We decided to go with latter.

I want to point out that I think adding more cosmetic rewards is generally cool. I just don't think 1000 ranked wins is a better place to put them than say, level 70, or in Ranked Chest rewards. (Source)


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