Popular Constructed Decks of the Week, Maximizing Gold Acquisition, Americas Hearthstone Champion

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Popular Constructed Decks of the Week

There were many popular decks this week, but only the very top are show below.

Deck Author Cost
 Cutpurse Aggro Rogue Mazbaz 1600
  OTK Dragon Priest Dwayna22 6960
 Secret Paladin JackkerTV 4140
 Aggro Druid Comeback_khv 4300
 Weird Mage (Control) minntzu 5280
 Kibler's Fireworks Mage Kibler 6120
 Silence Druid! sigmasrb 4640

Maximizing Gold Acquisition with Noxious

Noxious has uploaded a video discussing acquiring gold in Hearthstone and what you should be doing with that gold to get the most out of it. The spreadsheet Noxious mentions in the video is available here.

Americas Hearthstone Champion

Congratulations to Purple, the champion of this week's BlizzCon Americas Tournament. Purple, Hotform, Nias, and JAB will all be going to BlizzCon to compete in the 2015 Hearthstone World Championships alongside 12 other players from the other regional championships.

The VoDs of all the games from this weekend are available on Twitch. Click the banners below to watch!



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