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    posted a message on The massive Ignite issue in Standard

    Ignite ain't that op . But they removed Sorcerers Apprentice and mages just coin out Incanters Flow , which turns out to be better. 

    SA at least you had to wait , keep it in your hand and wait till a combo turn . Infinite Fireballs and even freeze mage was more interactive. 

    Incanters flow should go to 4 mana .

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    posted a message on Aggro Quest Warrior

    You said agro and you decided to put cargo guard . Pirate warrior always had limited dmg output , Whatley>Taelan.

    I tried something similar before the expansion rolled in like a truck and x2Hatchet is just bad . If you play a quest on 1 , hatchet will most likely be stuck in the hand till turn 4-7 and it's a terrible topdeck. Since you even have Southsea Captain(which i wonder how many stats have you gained through it gameplay-wise) and quest and a bunch of stuff that comeout when you write pirates in the collection manager search , you should run Imprisoned Gan'arg . 

    Some weird deck choices for your try to be a PIRATE will make you curve out worse than usual . While you play try thinking out what do you wanna change or play to counter the current meta and see which cards get stuck in your hand for too long or are just unplayable in the current state of the game. 

    P.S. The control pirate version seems better. Turn 1 quest into a single minion Turn2 isn't that slow , but other decks surely have a better early game than your version . Regardless of that , happy pirating.


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    posted a message on Super simple wild fix - No nerfs required

    They actually just did that. Blizzard waiting for people to share 302148123 solutions . But it killed wild 'till this fix happened.

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    posted a message on Shaman is STILL the underdog

    I started this month playing Shayman only , because it was on the lowest win % everywhere. 

    After the mini-set things are cooling down with the class. So i will try give you some pointers to why shaman is not amusing . This class hasn't had a stable basic list for a while , so lemme' break down with my casual 5 years of experience for you maties. 

    Hero powering is useless. Totems just don't help. 

    Clunky draws. SOME cards are just strong enough on their own , nothing feels good to just mash together as a card combo. Cards also cost too much and about 90% of my turns are one card + hero power . Breaking the elemental/spell chain is bad , so always think ahead and don't rely on the top deck.

    Instructor Fireheart is queen . Autoinclude. Magnificent. But not a 3 drop . Doomhammer + Rockbiter is still strong. Maybe overload 2 is too much on that weapon . Elementals do have strong effects , but the one hero that shaman really deserved is the cagematch custodian . Dungeoneer doesn't even need to build around , all around good card. 

    If every match you go turn2 custodian into turn3 dungeoneer , you will be favored of every midrangy-controlly match-up and as long as you don't lose the board too much , you should do fine.

    People just don't like deckbuilding and many peole just don't do it. So most get lazy .. and play the same facehunter deck or pally-libram deck. What can you do? Be smart and counter them . And if you think something is bad , don't play it. Ignore it. We can at least act like grownups in this children card game . Wish you all love , fun and good luck . 

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    posted a message on #1 Legend EU Jade Shaman

    People PLS ,  so used to agro shaman , that they see only 2 x Spirit Claws  and  are getting  mad ? WTF  , whats wrong with the community these days , he reached #1 legend .. Maybe there is some insight in playing something different .. The saddest thing is , even after this decklist or the Nzoth versions got out ,  that more and more people just play pirates into control .. 

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    posted a message on New Mage Card - Kabal Lackey

    Don't you guys think this card will help Kirin Tor get play .. There can be more secrets if you rely on card draw ( something mages don't have a problem with ) you might use Kirin Tor and Kabal Lackey together.

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    posted a message on Answers to Anyfin Can Happen

    I actually haven't had any problems with the murloc version of paladin . It has the same problems with every other murloc deck . Draw depenent , piece of shit . If they don't have a good starting hand , they have a hard time keeping a board versus almost everything in turn 4-5-6-7 . U might kill them then , even if u don't have the strongest board. Beltchers do a nice job keeping the murlocs out of your face. Classes that deal one damage can kill the little guys, spell reliant classes can kill the "big" murlocs .  Weapon classes can smash the Warleader. Most classes have clears on or even before turn 6. But you can't defeat opponents with a GOD draw if you don't have an okey starting hand . Good luck guys , smash them . 

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