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    RNG GOD = ME!



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    Great card. Absolutely balanced... But I had a small problem with the Majordomo Executus nerf...

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    For my surprise he was actually really cool about it, and we had a good chat (and laugh). :)

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    posted a message on Hearthstone Price Changes Coming to Europe for PC, Mac, and Android

    Thank god that they are not adjusting the iOS prices... oh wait, the iOS prices are like this since 2015... :/

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    Ok, I guess Malchezaar is kind of good then... :D

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    posted a message on The Menagerie Wing Has Released!

    I am kind of disappointed. This wing was painfully easy and surprisingly boring. :/

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    posted a message on C'thun interaction with Entomb
    Quote from Ejell >>

    Just got in a mirror of c'thun priests.

    When you entomb the opponent's C'thun, it goes in your deck as your C'thun, taking all buffs previously set up !!

    I'm 100% sure cause my opponent gave his C'thun taunt, and did it for 20, then i entombed it.
    We continued buffing ours, his gone to 25, mine to 30, i played mine, got him entombed.

    When he drew my C'thun it was a 25/25 taunt, so I think "C'thun buffs" doesn't actually buff the card, but add counters on your side.


    This sound accurate. So if I Entomb the enemy C'Thun it will get same stats as my own C'Thun, and If the enemy continue to play cards that buff C'thun it will buff the players "aura" not the C'thun that I have stolen? If then he Entomb it back, it will also reverse to his own stats?

    Has somebody observed what happens if you Mind Control the enemy C'Thun? I assume that it will have similar effect, except the stats change. So if I mind control a 12/12 C'Thun it will remind 12/12 and if I play buff cards they will buff him more, but if the enemy plays buff cards, they will apply to his aura not the mind controlled C'Thun?

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    The first Old Gods card that I decided to craft! 10/10 will craft again!



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