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    Quote from zynessa >>

    Deleting an intentional mechanic from the game entirely as the first thing you do if it is too powerful is so nonsensical that I'm genuinely impressed some of you are saying it with a straight face. That can be a thing to consider doing if it it continues causing the same problem beyond this expansion and this nerf, but now? Absolutely not. Gnoll was intended to be a pay-off for Maestra from the start, so the correct thing to do is to try and make it work. You don't throw away card design as a kneejerk reaction to an imbalance unless the problems go far beyond power level. Which Gnoll really doesn't. 

     Did you read anything I just posted above?  They released Maestra as a meme card (with zero support) and now they've printed cards which break part of the game.  Why?  Well - it will make people craft Maestra. (i.e. Blizz make money).  Now, I'm not against Blizz making money, but Blizz do have a reputation now for making things busted, making people invest then nerfing the cheap cards.  They've done it multiple times in this game.

    As for your comment suggesting this was all part of some plan, I'm not sure I agree with that.  I know Blizz like us to believe that there's multiple expansions all planned out for the next 2 years, but in reality there have been plenty of shit cards which were clearly shoe-horned in at the last minute (or changed entirely) and cards which have no synergy with the current cards (and only see any potential synergy in wild). Neither of these outcomes supports the "grand plan".

    The nerf strategy they've decided on basically kills gnoll as a card outside of Maestra decks, and that's a shame.  It would be nice if we got some viable theif archetype for rogue (that doesn't involve cards which are obviously busted in their current implementation). 

    p.s. the only thing I hate more than stupid nerfs, is stupid nerfs which take a week to be implemented.  Nothing more frustrating than facing cards Blizz themselves have deemed too powerful

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    To me I think they've hit the wrong card (not from a power perspective but from a "feel" perspective).  You just shouldn't be able to do bonkers early game stuff because you included a card in your deck that you've neither drawn nor played.  It basically breaks the rules* of the game.  I have nothing against the rules being broken (it would be a fairly dull game if it was just minions bumping), but you should have to work to make it happen. 

    I also really hope they stop printing cards that you never want to draw, which have meaningful effects in the game (such as Patches and Maestra).  They've done a few so far, and the only ones I think worked reasonably well are Genn, Baku and Xanesh, as they impose fairly drastic deck building limitations in exchange for a pay-off.

    To answer my own question, cynical me thinks they've nerfed the gnoll to keep the dust refund low!

    *by rules I mean the idea that power level scales in proportion to mana cost.  Early game stuff should have a minimal impact (as it costs little mana) while late game stuff should be more game defining.

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    posted a message on What do you think drives the decisions regarding nerfs

    So.  The nerfs are in and rogue is getting hit (no surprise there).  What's more of a surprise to me is that rather than changing the interaction between Maestra of the Masquerade and Wildpaw Gnoll / Double Agent (which is quite frankly bullshit), they've chosen to nerf Wildpaw Gnoll

    Both of these cards are arguably quite fair (without said interaction) and require a particular deck design to gain maximum value.

    What do you think the motivation is for the path Blizz has chosen?

    I can only think of two possibilities.

    1) Blizz is trying to minimise the amount of dust they refund, and as Maestra is a legend == more dust.

    2) Blizz has internal data and the change to gnoll is the only way possible to keep the deck in check whilst keeping it viable

    For me the problem with the nerf stratgey they've chosen is that Wildpaw Gnoll is now a dead card outside of a Maestra deck, and unlikely to work well even in a thief-rogue-style deck it was intended for.



    2) Blizz genuinely believes





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    I've been playing a burn-freeze shaman from Warshack.  It's taken me from Bronze to legend 3000 with about 5 losses along the way and it seems to do well against most decks particularly rogues who are very plentiful.   (paladin, hunter and druid can be a bit of a struggle if you get a slow start).  I haven't really lost at all, but I don't play that much so keep dropping ranks between games (went from 3200 up to 4200 without playing now I'm back up to 3200 again).

    He has a decent 2 hour, 18 win streak, video of him playing it, which should give a pretty good indication of how it should play out.





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    posted a message on Which was the bigger failure, Mercenaries or Duels?
    Quote from The_Status_X >>


    Allow players to play any Tavern Brawl gamemode they want, at all times. 

    If they did this you would never be able to match against anyone other than friends who agree to play the same mode.  Based on the feedback on this website, brawls are extremely unpopular, so opening up the mode to more than one type of brawl at a time would almost certainly fail.

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    I've just used a slight varaition of this deck to power to legend this month and I reckon I must have only lost 4 or 5 games on route.  I only have 1 Overdraft so I swapped one to a Landslide which really helped against hunters and their small wide boards.  that said I think 2 is probably better as Overdraft was often the final card pushing lethal.

    This deck has so many outs that steal games you should otherwise have lost.  I lost count of the number of games when you're facing lethal next turn but manage to stall, get the right pieces together and do some huge (15+) burst damage from hand.  I also managed to OTK a priest though that required 2 discovered Imprisoned Phoenix and some Diligent Notetaker shenanigans.

    Difficult match-ups were paladin (if they get the hero down and you have a slow start), yogg type druid and hunter.  All were winable with a quick enough start though (and Wildpaw Cavern on turn 1 is nearly always game winning as it provides immense value and locks down weapon based decks.  I didnt face many warlocks but the ones I did meet were easily dealt with using the burst damage.

    An excellent deck imo.


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    For me, the main issue with the deck is that having a card in the deck you don't play (and never want to draw) makes such a big difference to how the early game plays out Maestra of the Masquerade.  1 or 0 mana gnolls on turn 2/3 and garaunteed 2 x 3/3's for 3 mana can't have been what was intended when they printed these cards, as there's nothing remotely balanced about them in their current state.  Even in the late game they still provide massive tempo swings particulalry off the (imo) busted card Secret Passage.  If they functioned without interacting with Maestra of the Masquerade then I think they would be fine and she would be dropped from the list (even though messing with your opponents mulligan does impact the game to some extent).  I do really wish Blizz would stop printing cards you never want to draw or play (Genn, Baku, Patches etc.) - it's a card game - you're meant to draw and play cards...

    The only other issue with the deck that I have is the fact that Edwin, Defias Kingpin can be massively buffed in hand and the fact that he's a pirate and Mr. Smite exists.  This gives the deck insane burst damage on top of very strong early tempo, and now that rogues also have a tempo board clear Shadowcrafter Scabbs as well, the deck doesn't have too many weaknesses imo.   I kinda feel he's very undercosted based on the power of the battlecry but on the flip side the hero power doesn't scale super well into the late game a lot of the time (but does facilitate the burst damage from hand).

     edit: I also think trading a class card should break the disguise because, well, it breaks the disguise....


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    posted a message on Tips getting out of silver with Libram Paladin.

    A reasonable alternative to Barov would be Equality or Libram of Justice.  They don't synergise quite as well with the brooms and probably aren't as good overall, but are otherwise (functionally) similar (and much cheaper in dust!).  Just remember the libram will over-write the immovable object if you've played it.

    On a more general note I think the best strategy for Libram Palladin is to know your opponents deck and play around things which ruin your buffs.  (e.g. devolving missiles from mage, shaman (and rogue!), scabs from rogue, silence from priest etc.). 

    You need to build a board and make it stick and know when to make a big minion vs. a spread of buffs. 

    I'm currently playing a freeze shaman type deck and it's fair to say once the freezes get going it's Samuro and Barov who bring the game back to the paladin.  That said, if I cant discover any devolve type effects (which I don't run) I really struggle to clear the large shielded taunts efficiently and the burst damage over the top isn't as effective once Lightforged Cariel is in play, so this seems like a potentialy viable strategy against this style of deck.

    Some paladins still run Trogg and this might be a better 1 drop than righteous defender.  I don't know what the current top tier list is for libram paladin, but the decks I'm facing don't appear to run that.

    I think Mutanus is a great flavour card and I love playing him but he's often really difficulty to get value from in practice.  If you have a Murgle Murgurgle I would stick him in instead.  Alternatively you could stick in Mr. Smite for some potential burst damage.  Either way, I think Mutanus is too niche for Libram Paladin.

    Just my thoughts - good luck

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    posted a message on Legend First Time

    I too made legend today for the first time (In standard with a deathrattle priest deck).  Just ignore the haters and enjoy your moment (and free legendary!).


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    posted a message on can hero power mage beat c'thun druid?

    Most versions of the deck I've seen already include Shivering Sorceress and include fewer "random" targeting spells for the Magister to repeat so they're garaunteed to target enemy minions or be other spells you want (usually 8 in total - wildfire, mask, overflow and ice barrier).

    They also tend to include Grey Sage Parrot to repeat Mask of C'Thun or Arcane Overflow

    I've toyed with putting a Coldarra Drake into my ping mage, but I always found it was too slow and it never got any realy value, so if I were to start someone this is one I would remove.

    All that said, I think druid is probably a poor match-up for the reasons you mention.  The strategy probably has to be "smorc em down as quick as possible", but sometimes that's not enough. Your best approach would be multiple masks (5 are possible without discover effects), but the stars need to align for that to work.

    If you really wanted to improve your chances (probably at the expense of other match ups)  you could add Deepwater Evoker or Ice Barrier to get your health above 30 (this still only stops one C'thun though) and Mutanus the Devourer to snipe the C'Thun before it's played.  You could also try adding counterspell to hit one of their pieces.  These are all going to rely on the opponent playing sub-optimally though.  Finally - Maw of C'thun needs a minion to target so you might be able to slow em down by not playing minions at a certain point (not really a viable strategy imo but you never know).


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    So - I played Wing Commander Ichman and he drew a Lake Thresher as his first card.  It attacked a 6/6 which was flanked by a 4/4 and a 4/5.  The 4/4 dies but Wing Commander Ichman did not summon another minion.

    Bug or intended?  I'm coming down heavily on a bug for this one.

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    posted a message on 22.0.2 Patch Notes - Balance Changes (BG, Constructed), Arena Update, Bug Fixes & More

    I think they should just have made it similar to Baron Rivendare in that the effect doesn't stack at all for multiple copies.  I don't think pushing it up to three mana makes much difference in the decks that play it, but you never know.  For warlock there are three changes now, all aimed at slowing things down a touch. 

    I assume Blizzards logic in printing this card in the first place was that it is a symetrical effect and therefor fair, but we all know that's not how this game works, and multiplative effects have been problematic before (looking at you Prophet Velen).

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    posted a message on The discounts/activations from "sneaky disguised rogue" are stupid and make otherwise fair cards OP
    Quote from zmauls >>

    - How is a card which in no way polarizes or dominates the meta or really limits further card design a problem?

     OP lost to it when he was one win away from Rank 5 Silver.

     That comment wasn't from the OP (which is me).  I also think you need to look beyond what's current in the meta.  Cards can be OP (objectively) and not be in the current meta (because the overall package is poor).  A card which can decide the game on turn 2 (with coin) is not healthy for any meta. 

    Also - how do you know what will limit future design?  There have been plenty of cards which appeared fine when they were first released then became problematic with subsequent expansions. 

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    Quote from Pherosizm >>
    Quote from YourPersonalGuru >>

    Burgle rogue is finally playable and we have a pseudo meme card with a fun and flashy effect in the deck. I can mention a bunch of decks that I would discuss before this one...

     Yes, this.

    Putting two 3/3s on board on turn 3 is not broken. Playing a 2-mana 5/4 with rush is not broken. Have you seen some of the other ladder decks?

    Don't think I saw any burgle rogues at the world championships either....


    Quote from YourPersonalGuru >>

    My deck tracker says that in my last 50 games, 6% were against rouge (mostly quest btw). I've met a lot of paladin and warrior in d5-d1. How about a Trampling rhino thread? That's also a random good card, but I've actually seen it in more than 5% of my games (including worlds).

     Just because something is more broken doesn't mean this isn't an issue.  How can people objecetively say that 6/6 in stats for 3 mana isn't OP?  Unless we're just going to re-calibrate mana (like they do with hyperinflation currencies), 3 mana should net you a 3/4 (or a 4/4 with a downside).  That just how it's supposed to work.

    As I said - I think they would be fine given they both have conditions to make them work, but given that fullfiling those conditions can be achived by putting a card in your deck that you never want to draw doesn't seem like the most sensible design for a card game.

    Also - a decks win/play rate is not dependant on 1 card.  It takes way more than one card for a deck to be successful. 



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    posted a message on Celestial alignment. WHY?

    I dont think Blizz have any idea how to make a balacned card game any more.  They keep making meme style cards and I don't know why.

    If they don't work in viable decks - whats the point of making them.  If they do work then they're no fun to play against (look at you Elwyn boar)

    Celestial alignment falls squarely into this category


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