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    Quote from Pherosizm >>
    Quote from ArcyroX >>

    But yes, I wish they change it so that Flare wouldnt get Counterspelled...

     Slightly off-topic, but I agree with this so much. I love mage, but this interaction is so silly.

    It would be weird for them to fix this, though, since the cards are behaving properly, unless they printed an extra line on Flare that said "cannot be countered".

    A tad specific though.

     They could change it to a 0/0 weapon (Called Flare Gun) with a battlecry that destroys all enemy secrets and draws a card.  Counterspell problem solved! (but it would create some odd weapon interactions)



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    Arguably it is a bug, as what happens in-game does not agree with the card text.  They should change the text to something like "summon an 8/8 rattlegore" and on the 8/8 rattlegore it says "summon a 7/7 rattlegore" etc. 

    Not as elegant but at least it's accurate, and you should never just have to "know" how cards behave, particulalry in such a simple example as Rattlegore. 

    The game is full of stuff like this though, so probably best just to add it as a "lesson learned" and move on!


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    posted a message on Blade storm doesn't kill a 30+ health minion

    That's obviously a bug.  I presume it stems from the changes related to infinite Dreadsteed and Defile

    Happy new year to you too!

    p.s. nearly gave you a kiss out of habit!

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    So - I didn't mean that it was game breaking or in some other way harming my very existence - but 'cmon. 

    The whole point of "hover over and see the colour" when you're card opening is the excitment of wondering what card you've got.  The achievement systmen needlessly ruin that (when it worked absolutely fine before)

    It just smells like blizzard pushed the achievement through as quickly as possible without any playtesting at all.

    Everyone seems to accept that stuff is just pish and we should be grateful for the scraps.  I live my life to a higher standard than "it will do for now" and see no reason why Blizzard shouldn't do the same. 

    In many regards the internet has ruined games because the developer knows they can fix it later.  Bring back the glory days of the ZX Spectrum when everything worked as the developer intended.../s...

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    So I just opened my tavern brawk pack.  It contained cenarius.  I knew this before I hovered over any of the cards.  Why?  Because two awards popped up on my screen - Classic legendary collector and Classic Druid Collector.

    Way to go to suck the fun out of pack opening.   At least make the awards appear after the cards are opened....

    Rant over...






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    I said it before about Glide - it's not about whether it's too good, it's about whether it's fun, and whether you can do anything about it.

    There is nothing fun about your opponent removing half your deck, and, other than playing aggro, there is nothing meaningful you can do about it.

    Blizzard has released far too many cards that the solution appears to be "play aggro and kill them before the card matters".  An engaging and thought provoking game design if ever there was one!

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    The one thing people always seem to conflate (imo) is lack of fun (for the opponent) vs. overpowered.  A card can be no fun for the opponent but be rubbish, or it can be overpowered but not necessarily un-fun (faceless corrupter pre-patch springs to mind).

    There's nothing fun for the opponent when you play Tickatus (once or multiple times).  Sure - it might not win you the game (or it may help the opponent depending what it destroys), but the opponent can essentially do nothing about it, and they may lose right there and then depending on the deck they chose to play.  If Tickatus decks consistently do moderately well, you can say goodbye to two whole deck archetypes – control and combo -  as both are essentially auto-win for the Warlock.

    Maybe they felt there needed to be a “counter” to the C’thun decks (which also have potential to fall heavily into the un-fun category imo).  Problem is, there’s already a counter to C’thun decks and they’re called aggro decks.

    The argument can always be made that Tickatus wont see play...too slow...yadda yadda.  People made the same argument for glide as well (which is also a very un-fun card to play against).  While that might be true, it also might not be true.  No one knows - not even Blizzard, because they don't create the meta unless they print stupidly overpowered cards that warp the meta into a “deck - counter deck” situation (which is potentially what Tickatus will do if a viable deck can be found).  If you’re a developer and you’re relying on that really un-fun card that you created not being played because you think you made it a bit rubbish, maybe you should re-think your design strategy.  Just don’t print it and think up something else.

    What I think you can say for certain is that the card is no fun to play against and imo there is no place for a card like this in Hearthstone. 

    A card game should be about decisions – what you put in your deck and how you play what you put in the deck.  Tickatus removes both (one figuratively and one literally) and does so in a way that neither player can really influence.  Not exactly a great combination in a game which already struggle with limited interaction between the players.

    As he currently stands I agree with the suggestion he should also remove the warlocks cards as well.  Maybe that would kill the card, and maybe that’s not a bad thing…

    p.s As an aside I release the notion of fun/un-fun is very subjective, but if we assume that the very least you would like to use the cards you chose to put in your deck I think Tickatus ends up being un-fun.


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    Quote from SlydE >>

    There are 3 mainly different ones with different counters, but none of them are unbeatable.

    Control warrior, pure paladin and clown druid can all cause problems.

    Funnily, the aggro DH decks, which have the best over-all winrate vs other classes are struggeling vs sould and combo DH decks.

     So what you're saying is that the counter to DH is DH - got it!

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    Quote from ThiagoPrinceton >>

    Was that bug against a Mage ? maybe some spell got countered by Counterspell ? or maybe... against a Oh My Yogg! secret VS a  Paladin?

    If yes, maybe this could be it, some bug on the count of the "x " number of spells that were really cast. Well, at least it did not have the yellow glow. that is a true advice that the condition to do the effect was really not ok or ready yet.

     I don't rember who I was playing but that's a good point.

    As for the other comments regarding the freeze on the spinning wheel - that's happened to me a number of times as well when my opponent plays it.  Sometimes if  I restart it reconnects - other times it just boots back up like I wasn't previously playing.

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    PSA - the new yogg is bugged. I just play a game where he showed "Ready" at the bottom (where he counts down the spells) but didn't have the yellow glow.  I played him and nothing happened, so either the spell counter on the card is wrong, or there's something else wrong.

    JUst thought I would let you know


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