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    posted a message on Win by turn 5-6 with Murloc Shaman!

    Murloc for the win. I am now Gold. :P


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    posted a message on Face Hunter

    Very bargain deck :P

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    posted a message on Reward Track Update Coming Soon

    Thanks Blizzard, but I have played much less these days. I only got about 30% of the cards as a f2p, and played very casually now.

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    posted a message on The RNG mechanism isn't really Random?

    May be the RNG is intended to be dramatic :P~

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    posted a message on Zoo4Life *PLAT*

    Super budget and works ! :P~

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    posted a message on Galakrond Control [Plat 60% winrate]

    Budget and works ! :P~

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    posted a message on So wanna talk bout the new "leaked" Battlepass for HS ?

    It feels like this battle pass type of reward system is becoming popular in many mobile games. So we can assume this is a successful reward model for the dev and game corp. It looks interesting and I did some arguments on what these means :P~~~

    -- In general, a battle pass system gives you a sense of growth, which increase player attachment; the old gold currency system is similar but this accumulation more biased in getting gold. IMO the battle pass system is more modern in terms of statistical considerations.

    -- In terms of time efficiency, we cannot say much at this moment, since we are not sure how the exp is accumulated (If I have missed any info please correct me).

    But at least we can guesstimate, dev tends to be conservative and worsen long time players of their efficiency in getting reward, and then attract new players by making them a very easy time. i.e., we will see more people, all playing longer time.

    -- In terms of rewards value, there are two things to note. First, we see a new reward-value decay. i.e. You earn more slowly when you are more experienced. I believe this rewards causal + new players better, making them more attracted to the game; for those who are already VERY attached, this makes them play more for a similar rewards. Both of these aim at hosting the most number of players along the whole battle pass duration. This system can adapt to a fuller spectrum of players, and the old gold-quest model cannot fit this well.

    Second, giving more specific rewards instead of a free-converting currency is a better model for the dev. In this way, the dev will know better what you DONT have, and possibly plan better marketing in turning F2P to P2P, by making proper discount or package combinations at the right moment.

    IMO this is how the dev get away from being "hated", since both ends of the player spectrum are WILLING to stay longer in the game.

    -- To speculate on future development, we would expect a great increase on products differentiation. This also means a great increase in the number of rewardable events.

    This happens because the freely-convertible currency is diminished in function, and strongly targeted reward can be more easily planned and given out. We will see much more legendary card spreads, some niche deck packages, more paid-player functions, rare artistic rewards, in-game community and guilds, location based events, etc (we can see some hints from the dev schedules in YoD). I would also foresee some paid-currency to be invented so that the dev can better market their products.

    Since all these are mere speculations, I better stop here. :P~~~

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    posted a message on Call to Aid

    Treant totem is a totem. So is it also a Treant ??

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    posted a message on Scholomance Academy - Card Set Review Round Up

    Many thanks for the collection ~~~

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    posted a message on Scholomance Academy - Card Set Review Round Up

    My internet finally comes back alive !! :P~~~

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