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    posted a message on <INSANE> Wild Dragon Highlander Control Hunter

    why wouldn't you include dk rexxar? a versatile card that is extremely valuable especially in control matchup and can provide infinite value for fatigue game? 

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    The cards are already added to the account when you received the packs. The pack opening is purely visual. The bug is that you end up opening two packs but only see one set. The second pack is already accounted for in the collection manager.

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    posted a message on Get all 3 Login cardbacks (iOS/Android/PC) on PC , no emulator , no additional download
    Quote from Perky_Nips >>

    I have done all this but when I load up hs it just loads to the hs door shutter screen and doesn't load the game. 

     saw someone on reddit with similar situation , usually that happen because you have a wrong word in the file like if you're using a non existing device to emulate.  change it and it should work normally.  btw if you delete the config file you should be able to log in normally again.

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    posted a message on Get all 3 Login cardbacks (iOS/Android/PC) on PC , no emulator , no additional download
    Quote from Majere >>

    This post deserves 1000 likes. Free packs and cardbacks for about 10 mins work. Awesome!


     i didn't discover it, and i think the redditor saw a  comment from here https://www.hearthpwn.com/news/6659-rise-of-shadows-patch-full-notes-free-card-backs#c176 , comment number 176 but yeah this saves a ton of work/data especially for people with limited data plan. 


    Quote from b1ak1ce >>

     Is changing the config file safe from a ToS perspective?

    Im not really keen on potentially getting my 5+ year account defoo'ed over a cardback

     like what people have commented in that reddit post , no one have been banned so far for all the spoofing they done . i don't think they would risk losing some player over this , they would lose a lot of goodwill for something trivial. i think they just wouldn't encourage it like the decktracker stuff , not encouraging/endorsing it but they also not banning it.

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    posted a message on Get all 3 Login cardbacks (iOS/Android/PC) on PC , no emulator , no additional download
    Quote from screechorz >>

    I play strictly on mobile. No hack to get the PC Card back. Thread fail.

     if you read the title , i mention on PC  

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    posted a message on Get all 3 Login cardbacks (iOS/Android/PC) on PC , no emulator , no additional download


     just saw the original comment on the hearthpwn announcement page, maybe they got it from there originally , sorry if i could delete the post , i would.

    agmen92 on reddit found a way to trick the game into thinking you're playing from the respective device




    all you need to do is 

    So as most of you know there are 3 Cardbacks obtainable by logging into the game via an Iphone, Android and PC with the newest Patch.


    If you don't however own an Iphone/ Android and want those cardbacks too without using an Emulator, you can simply do the following:


    Go to the folder where HS is installed. (For me it was "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Hearthstone")

    There you will find a file called "client.config", open it up and add


    emulateOnDevice = 1
    DeviceName = "Android Phone"




    emulateOnDevice = 1
    DeviceName = "iPhone"


    depending on what cardback you are looking for.

    If "client.config" doesn't exists, simply create a new .txt file with the lines above and save it as "client.config". To show extensions open Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization. Now, click on Folder Options or File Explorer Option, as it is now called > View tab. In this tab, under Advanced Settings, you will see the option Hide extensions for known file types. Uncheck this option and click on Apply and OK. Now remove the ".txt" extension from the file.  



    Also if you never played a ranked match on those devices you can still get 1 classic pack each by playing(conceding works too) one match for "Android Phone", "iPhone", "iPad" and "Android Tablet"

     don't forget to make sure the wording is correct or you will get stuck on the loading screen, if it happen try to change it, it's case sensitive so "iPhone" is correct but "IPhone" is not , after that don't forget the delete the line or config file to revert to the original condition.


    try this at your own risk, but we should be fine.


    currently one of the reddit mod is trying to contact blizzard CM , so we will get to know if this is okay or not.  i just hope the CM is a good and thorough with checking the rules, because in the past i saw one CM said pity timer doesn't exist. 


    no "immediate concern" from the cm or the dev yet, so this should be like hdt , ok but they won't say "ok" openly.



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    posted a message on [21-4 WR] Metacrusher Big Deathrattle Rogue insanely fun!

    this deck looks so fun , but i'm missing two necrium vial, they are very expensive to craft too. 

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    blizzard tos doesn't allow account tranfer , usually they will terminate the account.

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    isn't this illegal though and break blizzard tos? you're offering to transfer an account so you can get artificial review on the thing you linked...

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    posted a message on 1500 XP Quest Trading - Play A Friend! (#7)


    Region: NA

    Trade only: Yes, you first.


    edit: done 

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    posted a message on Upcoming Hearthstone Balance Changes - Giggling Inventor, Mana Wyrm, Aviana

    for giggling ,f they increased it to even cost, it may find some uses for the even warlock or even shaman out there which is pretty strong already, 7 mana prevents it from being combo in quest rogue by using brewmaster on it on the same turn, then using the shadow copy of brewmaster to bounce the 1st brewmaster.


    agreed with hall of faming the wyrm though, or if they nerf it at least make it into 1/2 1 drop, so it can still be cleared out.


    for aviana , as much as i hate the amount of good tools they give druid that can be used in lots of different type of druid deck be it midrange token, i settled in for this one and just hope for the best, blizzard clearly doesn't really care about wild , it took them  a long time for things like ak47 druid or naga warlock to reign free until people complain about it.

    i still agree that psychmelon is way too good for it's cost just like some of the other druid card, but with aviana now nerf , they may be having a hard time comboing since they either need to get a thaurissan , which is a major arrow neon sign that point out hey i got key card in hand, which the opponent then can hope to use the bran and dirty rat combo or whatever combo disruption they have to ruin it, loatheb also can ruin their plan if they use innervate, and having innervate will clutter their hand , melon not able to draw aviana and kun at the same time, maybe the midrange or control deck can finally have a better chance of buying sometime.

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    posted a message on Odd Warrior: Azalina or Zilliax

    how do you stole off the rogue, do you wait for them to go into fatigue? usually they have big weapon that outdamage the armor gain each turn and going to fatigue is hard when you're waiting to have  a copy of kingbane in hand instead of equipping them :(

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    don't have two copies of sea giant , any suggestion for replacement?

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    posted a message on 100% Winmrrlgggl!!!!

    people marked it as negative because op tried to promote his deck on another user deck  that successfully made it to the frontpage, there are tons of deck that are average or bad in the past tavern brawl, and it's pretty rare for people to get the deck downvoted just because they think a deck is bad. OP tried to bite more than he can chew and it backfire http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/1020106-machine-gun-ice-lance?comment=23

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    you believe in the heart of the card, that's how. 

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