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    posted a message on I'd really like some anti-armor tech.
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    This is a thing I've been thinking about recently. Armor is one of the harder things in the game to play around. The only way to actually remove it is damage, while other things like minions, health, and weapons have Speed Test Scrabble Word Finder Solitaire  alternative methods of removal or transformation. Add in that some classes historically become oppressive when they can generate too much armor, like Druid or Warrior at points in time, and it makes sense for the mechanic to have a some sort of counter play added.


    I agree a counterplay would be nice, for example in K&C where the warrior had to spend his armor for AoE, that imo was balanced.

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    posted a message on Ossirian Tear is somewhat OP
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    My main problem with Ossirian Tear is its zero mana cost, making it much stronger compared to [[Heart of Vir'naal]] providing a nearly identical effect: double or even triple battlecries.

    crossword solver sip calculator  My suggestion would be to change its mana cost to at least 1 (not 2, to leverage the need of having cheap minions/spells for the early game), or to lower the Shaman ability cost to the same 1 mana, allowing for a potential Turn 10 OTK into Shudderwock


    Inb4 qq git gud

      I would say we should wait the week through to see how the meta settles .

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