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    posted a message on Card Nerfs Aug 26th - Including Wild

    All fine but Extra Arms. Back to the dumpster it goes.

    Boom will still see play as control warrior is still strong.
    Pocket Galaxy is back in the dumpster
    Conjurers is still playable just not as fast, which is fine.
    Barnes might actually get cut now. (I doubt but its possible).

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    posted a message on Pharaoh's Blessing/Immortal Prelate Not Working Correctly

    Immortal Prelate copies the buffs on the minion at death, if it dies without Divine Shield it wont come back with it

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    posted a message on Paladin = The god of meta

    member when someone one said paladin wasnt going to see any play this expansion, missing lens + tip the scales was such a bungle.

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    posted a message on Aggro is dead...and its a bad thing. Change my mind...

    a midrange meta is something that I havent seen in years and Im glad its here.

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    posted a message on So why exactly is Blizzard working on another Dungeon Run adventure again rather than trying something new?

    it's mostly content gating, the single experience is prolly done already.

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    posted a message on Ultimate Highlander Control Warrior by Salazar

    im not sure if cutting consistent control warrior cards for the benefit of running zephrys is worth, but its worth a shot

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    posted a message on The toxic nature of Hearthstone

    competitive games will always have shit talking elements, the only difference is that trash-talking element that has been apart of anything competitive forever is now considered a bad thing by some.

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    posted a message on There Will be Nerfs
    Quote from TMRobinson >>

    These are just a few hard nerfs and soft nerfs i've thought of that i think could help change the meta drastically and also force new archetypes to become viable in the meta. I know i listed a lot for warrior and it still wouldn't kill it's control archetype but would instead help shift it in a new direction which is the whole point of a new expansion

    change mountain giant to reduce the cost of this minion based on the cards in your hand (cannot be reduced below 5)

    luna's pocket galaxy: all minions in your deck that cost less than 7 now cost 1

    inner fire/divine spirit: hall of fame these bitches, they have been a win condition for priest since the creation of the game. or more realistically change inner fire to 2 mana and divine spirit to 4. honestly i don't see these cards getting nerfed because they just created a quest and legendary minion that have perfect synergy with these cards which is mind blowing. i think the quest should be the bread and butter of the combo priest deck and not two basic and classic cards. i'm fine with dying to some buffed up topsy turvy combo just no more divine spirit inner fire please.

    Dr. Boom/Warrior: i've read a lot of people's thoughts on this one. either dropping the blast shield to 3 or 4 armor or removing it completely is enough for me.

    Tomb Warden: remove mech tag (doesn't even make sense almost all of the titan creations are not mech they are stone/earth constructs)

    eternium rover: 2 health from 3 health or make it cost 2 mana

    brawl: 6 mana, should give opponents more time to build a threatening board so even when the warrior clears they are low hp (hopefully)

    shield block: 3 armor instead of 5 and still draw a card or make it 4 mana

    omega devastator: remove mech tag

    Omega assembly: make it cost 2-3 mana

     none of these will happen

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    posted a message on How good is Reno mage?

    its pretty good, can create some really strong board states since Calling just carries the class

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    posted a message on KRIPP The Scales Paladin

    yes cuz bloodlust

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    posted a message on how to get the best out of hack/quest warrior

    if you are going to go that deep into bombs its better to do the bomb control builds with dr boom HC instead of the quest.

    Usually the wrenchcalibur bombs dont matter in the rush down builds, and you are just using them because they are a "good enough" weapon to activate your quest.

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    posted a message on SAVIORS of ROPE BURNERS...


    maybe dont play control warrior

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    posted a message on Taunt Warrior
    Quote from BA5 >>

    Tbh, i find this deck isn't having enough taunts to justify Armagedillo.

    I just play a more standard list with Frightened Flunkys, Restless Mummys, Tomb Wardenss and one Plague of Wrath. I also think SN1P-SN4P is out of place in this list, so i am not running him either.

     but what he didnt know was it did have enough taunt minions to justify Armagedillo and simple value of getting it on 2 cards once was strong enough in most matches

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    posted a message on New expansion - same old Warrior problem!

    boom will get nerfed in a month

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    posted a message on New Epic Paladin Spell - Tip the Scales

    missing the prismatic lens combo is as big of a blunder on the community as getting crystal core wrong

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