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    I can't connect Blizz b/c Youtube says that my Acc. is a brand Acc., wtf? I tried signing out and back in, but that didn't help.

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    Me Legend at wild, but Bronze 10 at Standard.

    I play this; 1st game against warlock.

    T4 I Wargoth; Wargoth lives.

    T5 I Duel! I get Tirion and Decoy. He gets Alex and Malygos. I die. :(

    Game 2 against Aggro Hunter. No good hand. Quick stomp.

    Game 3 against OTK Boar Hunter. I fail to play around Crushing wall. He doesn't have it. Phew. 1-2

    Game 4 Rogue. He Fliks my Air Raid minions and returns his Flick. I never even got to bring out one big minion.

    Worst deck I've ever created from Hearthpwn.

    "But it's not for winning, it's for having fun." Then play a Marc Mc'Kenzi Deck, this is a not-deck, it's garbage.

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