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    First game I played was mirror and he got the most insane hand ever and killed my by T5.

    2nd game against Questline shaman and I drew every single fire spell into almost all frost spells and lost hard. :'(

    edit: Okay, so by now they often know not to attack with single low health minions into frost secret and to delay playing minions and that stuff to delay your quest progress. I switched a Ice Barrier and an Apexis Blast for an Oasis Ally and a Rigged Fair Game amongst other things and now I'm doing great.

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    posted a message on New Druid Legendary Card Revealed - Sheldras Moontree

    I remember sometimes it was both and the first one a second time.

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    I can't connect Blizz b/c Youtube says that my Acc. is a brand Acc., wtf? I tried signing out and back in, but that didn't help.

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    What is that Black Knight for?

    Edit: Ah, it's for sunfury'd minions like Handlocks giants.

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    Wait, it's just 1 Jade Idol? Oooh, maybe a good idea. :)

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    That weapon is not the problem at all.

    The problems are the unreliable combo that even if it works can be countered by 1000 things, the weak cards like Blessing of Wisdom, lack of combo with for example 6 cards that reduce all enemy minion health to (also lack of synergy overall), but only 2 AoE-cards and the downright Antis-Synergy with Redemption and the weak tokens.

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    Me Legend at wild, but Bronze 10 at Standard.

    I play this; 1st game against warlock.

    T4 I Wargoth; Wargoth lives.

    T5 I Duel! I get Tirion and Decoy. He gets Alex and Malygos. I die. :(

    Game 2 against Aggro Hunter. No good hand. Quick stomp.

    Game 3 against OTK Boar Hunter. I fail to play around Crushing wall. He doesn't have it. Phew. 1-2

    Game 4 Rogue. He Fliks my Air Raid minions and returns his Flick. I never even got to bring out one big minion.

    Worst deck I've ever created from Hearthpwn.

    "But it's not for winning, it's for having fun." Then play a Marc Mc'Kenzi Deck, this is a not-deck, it's garbage.

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