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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 7.07 - Submission Topic

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 7.07 - Discussion Topic

    Hamm is in fact now basically a much better Deathwing.

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    posted a message on The real problem of CubeLock [Yes. another cubelock thread]
    Quote from Trimutius >>
     It is Warlock we are talking about not Paladin, not Druid and not even Shaman... Warlock has Life Tap which makes any healing very premium in the class...
     Life Tap has long lost its dominance for quite a few years. It's still good (in aggro more than in control), but it's not that magical thing that keeps warlock viable. We saw what happens when you give warlock only gimmick shit and subpar spells. They cease to exist since everyone can play neutral cards ALONG with good class exclusive cards. That vanilla thinking doesn't apply anymore when you have card generating cards on mass, so "running dry" is barely an issue for even the most hardcore aggro deck. Taping against hyper aggro deck also meant suicide. Only when they realized that warlock's inherent power doesn't cut it anymore and they started to actually print decent cards, was warlock able to overcome it's Un'Goro down. Defile, Dreadlord etc are all cards that are just "good". Not broken, but "good" and that's exactly what warlock needs. Dark Pact at 2 is just like Feeding Time vs Flanking Strike. It makes no sense balance-wise. The argument that Life Tap automatically enforces weaker cards is from a mindset that proofed to not work anymore to balance warlocks. Warlock will never get a good draw engine and that's totally ok, because they have an inherent one. That shouldn't affect anything else. You already trade board impact AND life for hand advantage.
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    posted a message on The real problem of CubeLock [Yes. another cubelock thread]
    Quote from whales >>
     Dude although there are different types of cubelocks they all revolve around one card, Dark Pact. Making it up to 2 mana is a really good nerf and slows down destruction and that is all aritholo is saying
    Holy Light, Healing Touch. Dark Pact at 2 mana would mean you sacrifice a minion to restore 2 health more or to save a single mana and the healing is limited to your hero, so it is inherently less flexible. Both cards are basic cards on top. "Balanced"
    Dark Pact isn't a problem. Lackey and Lackey alone is an issue. It's a dumb design to begin with.
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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 7.07 - Discussion Topic
    Quote from Varron2 >>
     While the concept behind this card is great, as printed, this card is busted in terms of Recruitment, or anything that lets you ignore the 12 armor requirements on the card to summon it. This card plus Oakheart makes it alone pretty busted, but if we wanted to keep the concept alive I'd change the words around to allow this to live as a 7/7 but not as it's base stats, for example:
    It's a lot wordier, and that might be able to be cleaned up, but moving the stats away from the baseline allows this card to be used in it's intended effect, spending 12 armor to get a really good tempo play, rather than abusing the base stats and working around the requirements.
     Why make it so clunky? Just make it: "Battlecry: Remove 12 armor and gain +6/+6." That automatically fails if you have less than 12 armor and stops at 12 if you have more.
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    posted a message on Obsidian Statue nerf?

    It's a 9 mana card (and 9 mana is the pits of hell since you can't do anything with 1 mana, so in most cases it's a 10 mana card but worse). The power level of it is exactly where it should be. It's also almost entirely defensive, so not a huge threat by itself.

    If you want to nerf an OP priest card, look at Drakonid Operative. How that was even printed, is beyond me.

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 7.07 - Discussion Topic
    Quote from Macabessa >>

    Regarding the Warden, it gains both the enhancements as well as the innate effects (taunt, end of, etc) of said card. The enhancements are applied in the order that the silenced minion got them.

    Example. Stonetusk Boar gets Dinosized then its attack reduced to one. When the Warden silences it, it would be a 1/10 minion with charge.

     Trap Room feels uncreative since that's just his hero power as effect. It's also very weak at that cost. Should be cheaper and maybe without attack (it's a room after all).
    Inara is also very weak. You might gain an extra turn, but she has to die for it. Unless your opponent has an 8+ attack minion, you are stuck. She can also be silenced, stolen (Let me steal your mind) or evolved into (in which case it's broken). You also can't do very much with an extra turn without ANY mana, unless you have an established board. I'd probably scrap this idea in its current form.
    Warden is the best card, although that effect has been done a couple of times in some variation. It can also run into problems with the way it's worded. I feel it should also cost 6 mana with nerfed stats, since it doesn't have many targets if you think about it.

    Updated it according to suggestions:
    What would make more sense:
    Turn 1. You play it.
    Turn 2.
    Turn 3. It becomes active (can't attack).
    Turn 1. You play it.
    Turn 2. It becomes active at the end of your turn.
    Turn 3. Can attack with it (if it's still on the board).
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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 7.07 - Discussion Topic
    Quote from Dr_Scaphandre >>

    Well this will be fun. Though we're kinda limited on ideas.

    A.F. Kay: So I wanted to take her minion reduction theme, though I think the previous idea of rewarding you for being AFK is cooler so I don't know if I'll use this one.

    Candlebeard: I wanted to make a pirate themed N'zoth, for I love pirates.

    Pathmaker Hamm: The maddest bomber of them all.

    AFK: That's 7 mana for "win the game with your Malygos combo" (maly + faceless + faceless+ prince) or charge or anything else. The effect is also permanent, so you can use your next turn. It's really broken the way she currently is. Maybe reduce the minions by 2 mana. I'd like her the best outside of these 3.
    Candlebeard: Pirates have low body and only 2 charge minions. Also requires 6 pirates to have died. Also will only summon 6 minions instead of 7 if it would be a spell. This is not nearly as potent as Anyfin. For 10 mana it's really weak.
    Pathmaker: I mean it's basically Yogg, but 3 turns earlier and guaranteed to cause mayhem. Not a fan of this, since it's too rng.

    Here's what I've got so far:

    Gnosh's ability interprets his Swallow Whole ability in a balanced way. Whenever he attacks a minion with lower Attack than he has, he takes no damage (flavor-wise, he swallows it whole). Bink the Burglar is supposed to represent how he's not a very good burglar, and as the first boss, he's easily killed. He can steal a Coin from your opponent (note that this doesn't go into your hand, it just disappears), but they get it back by killing him. Fungalmancer Flurgl's ability is a pretty direct interpretation of his Fungal Infection hero power. He summons an easily killable mushroom at the end of your turn. If it stays on the board, it buffs all your minions at the start of your turn. This can snowball if you manage to keep these up, although that would probably be a tall order considering Hogger isn't that good. 

    Gnosh feels underwhelming. At 6 mana you are beyond the straight-up removal point, so he is actually just a shitty divine-shield minion if he attacks <=3 attack minions. That's too specific, only active when you attack and the stats are very weak to make it worthwhile. I like the effect, but it should be on a 2, 3 or 4 mana minion. Otherwise, it could straight up be "destroy" any minions with less attack, instead of taking no damage. Kinda has more flavor, because he just devours them. Probably needs an increase of attack (5 feels better) a reduction in mana (5 again) on top of the effect change. I'd like this the best.
    Bink Is a vanilla 3/2 for 2 mana 99% of the time, unless you go first, have him in hand and your opponent still has the coin he does basically nothing. I don't see the value.
    Should be "a" instead of "an". Kinda reads a bit clunky, but I generally like the effect. Although it can snowball very easily and hard and he can be cheated out with Finya and other murloc shenanigans like Seadevil Stinger. I'd probably make the Fungus give +1/+1 to another friendly minion, but make them better or trigger on the same turn as Flurgrl or change it to battlecry: summon 2 Fungi.
    Quote from TomBTomB>>
     All of them are interesting, but none of them feel to me like they are quite there yet.
    The Brimstone warden comes online on turn 5 in the best case scenario (or do you also count opponents turns?). A doomsayer or Tar creeper is a lot stronger in my opinion. I think you could make it go dormant for 2 turns only (perhaps as a 3/5). The dormant state can be an advantage if you follow this up with boardclear, because it won't be affected. On the other hand, topdecking it on turn 8 feels kinda bad...
    The Brandlemar in most cases will be a 3/6 taunt plus a bear trap for 4 mana, as your opponent will kill it before activating the bear trap and there can only be one bear trap at a time. They will only attack your face first if they can kill you regardless of one or two bear traps.  This seems a bit on the strong side, compared to other defensive minions around the same mana cost. Another way of looking at it is that it is a 2 mana 3/6 attached to a secret with an added potential upside. I like the flavor a lot though, so I would just change the stats. 
    Kraxx feels a bit weird to me because of the deathrattle part. Why is it there, what specific cards are you thinking of here? Also, couldn't you silence and then destroy them instead for less card text? As it is, it feels a bit like a Baron Geddon without the repeated effect.
    My vote would be for the Brandlemar. 
    Kraxx just "stomps" on small (aka low health) minions so hard under his foot, that they don't even get a deathrattle. Silence is a problem if you attack a buffed minion (like with equality). It would kinda be weird.
    As for your card:
    I like it a lot, but I somehow feel this is abusable since you can get EXACTLY what you want. Most high costing minions have a more or less a unique cost since you only play a few. You could always get Hardronox, Tirion, Ragnaros or any other key card. It's essentially "draw exactly the minion you want and play it" for 1 mana AND you get a 1/1 on top. That kinda feels off. I feel he should cost 3 or 4 mana to limit its potential. You can raise the stats obviously. I'd keep them mirrored.
    Quote from LarryMoments>>

    Wow this is going to be veeeeery interesting! I got 3 ideas right here, I tried to stick with the flavour, but not sure how insane some of these are.

    Tad is a Recruit on steroids minion, which you can use in three ways. Summoning your essential Murlocs. Summoning your big beasties or act like a Dirty Rat for both players. Tad can be used in many ways, but not as a win condition, as your opponent might pull out an Ultrasaur against that Bog Creeper!

    Blackseed transforms literally everything (Not including the thing he evolves) into something random but probably better, quite unpredictable, but easier to pull out if there are things you want to keep, just as how you Unstable Evolution until you find a minion you want, it also acts for your opponent, and is a double double-edged sword, as it can give weak or OP thingies.

    Seriona is like the most straightforward one, its a Pint-Size Potion on a stick, you can use this to trade effectively, or use things like Shadow Word: Pain or Shadow Word: Horror,even Cabal Shadow Priest or cards like Shadow Madness or Potion of Madness! And no, I didn't copied, just a coincidence since I made it just as I saw the rules. 

    Tad feels to RNG, even if he'd only do it once. Imagine how you could build a deck around him (can even be searched with the druid spell and finya). You could get the biggest minions while your opponent gets a Voidwalker and Flame Imp. That's an instant loss on turn 4. It's Barnes in worse. Big no-no.
    Blackseed seems interesting. Very unique statline and a more or less fun rng effect that isn't instantly game-winning. Your opponent plays into him first tho, so he'll probably get the better benefit. Still, he has an appeal I can't deny.
    Seriona is kinda boring. Can't say much about her. She seems balanced (although minion-only decks are kinda screwed tbh). I'd rather go with Blackseed.
    Quote from Vilegloom >>

    Nice theme! Here's what I've come up with so far:

    Frostfur: Support for a Control-ish Freeze Shaman.

    Fungalmaster Flurgl: A little but of random fun. They evolve into minions that cost (2) more since you then lose all synergy. If it seems too powerful I can always change it to just (1).

    Elder Jari: A nice tool for Control Druid. At first, I wanted it to Double your current Armor, but that seemed too typical. So, I changed it to a spell-synergy control Druid minion.

    Despite okayish stats, Frostfur is still too weak since he is a combo only-card. You can make those better by reducing the mana cost. The wording also seems a bit off. I'd probably go with "Your damaging Spells also Freeze."

    Furgl is interesting but has a bit of an identity clash. You can only play him in a Murloc deck, but you disrupt the Murloc synergy by having random minions. Murloc Synergy cards are kinda pointless then. I really like the effect, but it should probably not target Murlocs. I'd probably just make it "Minions" and make it cost a bit less. It's a lot RNG fun like Renounce Darkness, but you can only run one (for a better effect tho). 4 mana 3/4 or something.

    Jarl. No. Ultimate Infestation is a thing and a couple of other spells are available to Druid.

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 7.07 - Discussion Topic
    Quote from Vision136 >>

    Just wondering, how do you make the cards, is there a specific website I need to use, or something else I need to do. First time doing this, so help would be appreciated.

    Section V & VI & VII answer everything you need.
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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 7.07 - Discussion Topic

    Feedback for feedback. Which is best? Tried to get the "spirit" of the boss without just making their hero power an effect.

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    posted a message on Help against Kingsbane Rogue needed
    Quote from Cavoli >>

    I play a lot of Kingsbane deck. Warlocks die. Painfully. I don't know how they can win against that deck unless rogue draws awfully.  
    But other meta decks such as mage, paladin and priest (when gets okay curve) is cancer to play against. Try mage. Just throw everything face. Either rogue will rage quit with good amount of salt or they will die by turn 6.

     I have never lost against Kingsbane deck as control warlock. Granted I did only face them a couple of times. Never taping + Gluttonous Ooze + Gnomeferatu = gg. Granted, if you do mill your counter or key cards you can still lose, but that didn't happen yet.
    As for priest, Why harrison? Gluttonous Ooze or normal Ooze perform much better against a deck that WANTS you to draw.
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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 7.06 - Final Poll

    Cowabunga wouldn't work in the game. You can't target twice in HS. It would need to be a random friendly minion or random enemy minion.

    Barracks is broken with all the synergy Paladin has and it's too flexible compared to Forbidden Ritual, since you can play it before playing other cards.

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    posted a message on new future warlock archetypes?
    Quote from Matrix801 >>

    If history has shown us anything, it is that warlock has no future, at least in the next few expansions.  With all the strong content for warlock, it will be another classes' turn and warlock will be the new shaman.

     But warlock was literally the worst class of any point in the game in Un'Guro. It saw less play and performed worse than Shaman now, or even before they got Tunnel Trog, worse than Hunter at any point, worse than Priest when it was a meme class with Purify. It was THAT bad. Even in Frozen Throne, it was barely playable. KnC is the first expansion warlock can actually compete.
    and @all demanding discard. Just go away. Discard is inherently random shit. Also, a few staples of the big discard push cards rotate out. They would need to print so many discard cards, it would be a huge huge waste. Let's not waste even more slots on that shit. You can see what happened when they did it with Un'Guro (see paragraph above).
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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 7.06 - Discussion Topic
    Quote from Lathy >>
    I think it'll do :) !
    I've decided to go with a card I've had in the competition before. The issue is the cost. Now that each class has gotten a weapon, 1 mana seem to be too good. Is it better to make it 2-mana and change the weapon token to a 2/2? Or what would you suggest?
     "Disarm" 2 mana: Steal weapon, otherwise equip 2/2.
    That's what I'd do.
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    posted a message on Any tips on countering kingsbane mill rogue and cube/renolock?
    Quote from Renoroc >>

    Harrison JonesAcidic Swamp Ooze, or that other epic ooze that smashes weaponry can really ruin their day

     You actually don't want to overdraw vs mill. That's kinda their goal... The epic ooze gives the best bang for your back in this match up. AS warlock you have an easy counter with Gnomferatu, as Hunter I think going more aggressive is key, but seeing you play control... eh.
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