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    The January 11 deadline is when the winning faction will be announced. But we will have until the next expansion releases to grind out the rewards. (Source)

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    You have until the next expansion (let's say roughly 4 months or 120 days) to collect 7200 honor. 7200 honor divided by 120 days equals 60 honor per day.

    There was an article with all the math about this on outof.cards. It's an absolute minimum of 180 games and an absolute maximum of 720 games. A more realistic estimate is 360 matches for an average player. (Here's the link.)

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    You probably have a World of Warcraft subscription. I remember reading an article about it a while back. I believe a 6 month subscription came with a bunch of HS goodies, but can't find the article find now.

    EDIT: Found the article. https://playhearthstone.com/en-us/news/23716425

    For a limited time*, you can get a slew of Hearthstone goodies when you purchase a World of Warcraft 6-Month Subscription from the Blizzard Shop.

    What you Get:

    Once you’ve purchased your subscription, you’ll receive 15 card packs to United in Stormwind, a Tavern Pass, and Battleground Perks. You’ll receive an additional 15 Mercenaries card packs with the release of Mercenaries on October 12.

    As an additional bonus, you’ll also receive 15 card packs from a future Hearthstone expansion along with 15 Mercenaries card packs, a Tavern Pass, and Battleground perks at a future date.

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    Here's a small tip for annoying tasks: You can complete tasks while playing against a friend or your own side account.

    I did that for Sylvanas' 9th task (kill 30 enemies using For the Queen). You can even combine it with Baron Geddon's Living Bomb ability. If you combine Living Bomb with For the Queen, any enemy that dies to Baron Geddon's ability still increases the count on Sylvanas' task.

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    posted a message on 1500 XP Quest Trading - Play A Friend! (#7)

    EDIT: Done

    [In progress...]
    Region: EU
    Trade Only?: Yes, you go first. (Proof can be given in-game.)

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    Yes, unfortunately they're bugged atm. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

    I wouldn't abandon the task though, just keep in mind not to fill your campfire with task 5 visitors.

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    Quote from JamesT >>

    For example, I've cleared all of my tasks and dailies. I now see two slots that say "Tomorrow another Merc will arrive" (or something to that effect). If I upgrade the campfire, will I now get three slots saying "Tomorrow another Merc will arrive"?

    UPDATE #2: It was bugged and should be fixed tonight when the patch releases.
    UPDATE #1: Hmmm. It only gave me two new visitors today. So it either doesn't work or is bugged atm.

    Yes, you will. The pic in attachment shows my fully upgraded campfire.

    The campfire upgrade is more useful the earlier you get it. It would take a while, but if you've completed all your mercenary tasks, those extra slots are obsolete (until they release new mercs). So it's up to you if you want to upgrade it or not.

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    Seems like the folks over at outof.cards datamined a lot of info regarding Mercenaries, like the fact we'll get 2 packs when the mode launches and the amount of XP required to level up mercenaries. But most importanly all of the mercenaries, with details about their stats/abilities/equipment/portraits.

    It's way too much information to post here, so for those that are interested, check these links:


    Probably an unpopular opinion, but I'm looking forward to giving mercenaries a try.

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    Quote from FortyDust >>

    A very small amount of analysis on packs and pre-orders:

    There are 17 legendary mercenaries listed above. If you purchase all three pre-order bundles, you get three fixed legendaries plus 130 packs, which comes to an average of 3 (fixed) + 1 (in the first ten packs) + 6 (one per twenty packs for the next 120 packs) = 10 legendaries. That's more than half (59%) of the legendaries in the game so far, but nowhere near all of them.

    To obtain the rest, you need to open an average of 7 x 20 = 140 additional packs, more than doubling your initial expenditure if you are a super-whale who absolutely must have every mercenary on day one. I'm sure some people will do this, but most will not.

    If you are trying to buy them all with gold only (no cash), you will have to buy more packs to make up for the 3 fixed legendaries, so it will cost you an average of 33K gold.

    Just a small correction; everyone will get 8 mercenaries for free (6 rares, 1 epic and 1 legendary). So that's one legendary less to collect.

    Also here's some extra info from Blizzard about pack contents:

    Source: https://eu.battle.net/support/en/article/32545

    Opening a Mercenaries Pack in Hearthstone adds 5 items from the following 3 types to your Mercenaries collection:

    • Mercenary Card. A Mercenary Card allows you to play a Mercenary in the Mercenaries Mode with its default portrait.
    • Mercenary Portrait. A Mercenary Portrait is a different look for a Mercenary which you can select when playing that Mercenary.
    • Mercenary Coins. Mercenary Coins allow you to craft a Mercenary if you do not own them and upgrade their abilities and equipment. Mercenary Coins are unique per Mercenary –for example, Jaina Coins can only be used with the Jaina Mercenary.

    Mercenary Cards, Portraits, and Coins can be of three different rarities: Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

    There are rules in place to make sure your Mercenaries Pack opening experience is exciting.

    Rarity of Mercenaries and Mercenary Card Drop Rates

    One item per pack will always be a Mercenary Card and adhere to the rarity guidelines below, and this will always be a Mercenary that you don’t own until you own all Mercenary Cards of that rarity. Once you own all the Mercenary cards of a rarity, you will obtain Mercenary Portraits of that rarity, instead.

    The other 4 items can be a Mercenary Card, Coins, or Portraits, from which you may obtain Mercenary Portraits of Mercenaries that you own before owning all Mercenary Cards of the rarity.

    • Rare Mercenary Cards: Each Mercenaries Pack contains at least one Rare or better Mercenary Card.
    • Epic Mercenary Cards: On average, one Epic Mercenary Card can be obtained every five Mercenaries Packs.
    • Legendary Mercenary Cards: One Legendary Mercenary Card is guaranteed within the first 10 packs. Subsequent Legendary Mercenary Cards can be obtained in 20 Mercenaries Packs on average.

    Mercenary Coins Drop Rates

    A pack can contain one or more drops of Mercenary Coins of any Mercenary, and each drop will be in between 35 and 45 coins.

    • Rare Coins: Rare Coins can drop 12 times in 10 Mercenaries Packs on average
    • Epic Coins: Epic Coins can drop 10 times in 10 Mercenaries Packs on average
    • Legendary Coins: Legendary Coins can drop 8 times in 10 Mercenaries Packs on average

    Mercenary Portraits Drop Rates

    All Mercenaries have 3 Golden Mercenary Portraits. All Legendary Mercenaries also have a Diamond Mercenary Portrait.

    Whenever you obtain a Mercenary Portrait from a pack, the Portrait you receive will be based on the following baseline percentages:

    • For Legendary Mercenaries: 30% chance to get each of the 3 Golden Portraits and 10% chance to get the Diamond Portrait
    • For Rare and Epic Mercenaries: 33.3% chance to get each of the 3 Golden Portraits

    When you obtain a Mercenary Portrait, the drop rate for the remaining Mercenary Portraits is dynamically recalculated, with new proportions based on your individual collection of Portraits for that Mercenary.

    You will not obtain the same Mercenary Portrait until you own all the Mercenary Portraits for that Mercenary. Once you own all the Portraits for a Mercenary, you can obtain a second copy of a Mercenary Portrait, which will automatically be converted into Coins of that Mercenary: 50 coins for Rare, 75 coins for Epic, and 100 coins for Legendary Mercenaries.

    Occasionally, you may obtain a Mercenary Portrait prior to obtaining its Mercenary Card. When that happens, you will be able to play that Mercenary with the Mercenary Portrait, and you could get the Mercenary Card from packs.

    So, assuming you have an average pack opening, 20 packs should get you something like:
    - 24 rare coin drops x 40= 960 rare coins
    - 20 epic coin drops x 40 = 800 epic coins
    - 16 legendary coin drops x 40 = 640 legendary coins
    - 20 mercenaries of which 1 legendary, 4 epics and 15 rares.
    - 20 other drops (portraits?)

    If we can further assume you get an even spread of coins among all mercenaries you'd end up with:
    - 960 / 18 = 53,33 coins per rare mercenary
    - 800 / 17 = 47,06 coins per epic mercenary
    - 640 / 17 = 37,65 coins per legendary mercenary

    We don't know much about crafting/upgrading costs, but the showcase showed some values:
    - Band of Enlightenment I to II costs 150 coins (Equipment for Cornelius Roame)
    - Death Coil I to II costs 50 coins (Ability for The Lich King)
    - Mourneblade II to III costs 100 coins (Equipment for Sylvanas Windrunner)

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    posted a message on You guys know that, you don't have to buy it?

    Just curious, I know we can obtain the preorder mercenaries for free as well, but does anyone know if they can be obtained for free in those specific "colors" (golden Sylvanas, Diamond Diablo/Lich King)? I assume the answer is no, similar to how the diamond cards from the tavern pass are uncraftable.

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    posted a message on Prepare for Mercenaries—Coming October 12!

    For those that care, I made a list of all the mercenaries that we saw so far. There's 52 total of which 18 are rare, 17 are epic and 17 are legendary.

    That means 305 packs on average to obtain all mercenaries? 610 packs for the worst case scenario?
    (This is a rough calculation. It takes into account that we'll receive 8 mercenaries of which six will be rare, one will be epic and one will be legendary, but it doesn't take into account that we can craft mercenaries.)

    Casters (19 total - 8x rare, 5x epic, 6x legendary)
    - Alexstrasza
    - Anduin Wrynn
    - Antonidas
    - Blink Fox
    - Brightwing
    - Bru'kan
    - Gul'dan
    - Jaina Proudmoore
    - Lady Anacondra
    - Malfurion Stormrage
    - Millhouse Manastorm
    - Morgl the Oracle
    - Natalie Seline
    - Prophet Velen
    - Ragnaros
    - Shadow Hunter Vol'jin
    - Tamsin Roame
    - Varden Dawngrasp
    - Xyrella

    Fighters (17 total - 7x rare, 5x epic, 5x legendary)
    - Baron Geddon
    - Blademaster Samuro
    - Diablo
    - Illidan Stormrage
    - King Krush
    - Kurtus Ashfallen
    - Old Murk-Eye
    - Rathorian
    - Rexxar
    - Rokara
    - Saurfang
    - Scabbs Cutterbutter
    - Sylvanas Windrunner
    - Tavish Stormpike
    - Tyrande
    - Valeera Sanguinar
    - Warmaster Voone

    Protectors (16 total - 3x rare, 7x epic, 6x legendary)
    - Cairne Bloodhoof
    - Cariel Roame
    - Cornelius Roame
    - Garrosh Hellscream
    - Grommash Hellscream
    - Gruul
    - Guff Runetotem
    - King Mukla
    - Lord Jaraxxus
    - Mannoroth
    - Mutanus
    - The Lich King
    - Thrall
    - Tirion Fordring
    - Uther
    - Varian Wrynn

    Here's some screenshots for those that want. Just for the stats and art, because I'm too lazy to take screenshots of all the abilities or equipment they showed. There were some stat differences during the showcase, so no point paying it to much attention.





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    posted a message on 1500 XP Quest Trading - Play A Friend! (#7)

    EDIT: Done

    [In progress...]
    Region: EU
    Trade Only?: Yes, you go first. (Proof can be given in-game.)

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    posted a message on Mysteries of the Phoenix - Warrior and Rogue Puzzles Solved! - Instructions and Example Decks!

    The 3rd (Druid) and 4th (Hunter) puzzles got solved as well a while ago. They can be found on outof.cards (among others).
    I took the time to rewrite the explanation I found there for the 4th puzzle, since it was a bit unclear (translated). Rewrote it with proper English names and sharing it here as well.

    STAGE 1

    [Master Swordsmith] 9 Gold >>> 3x Elixir of Vigor
    [Armor Vendor] 1 Gold >>> 1x Iron Dagger
    [Darkshire Alchemist] 3x Elixir of Vigor >>> 3x Linen Bandage
    [Balloon Merchant] 2x Linen Bandage >>> 1x Jade Locket
    [Silver Hand Knight] 1x Jade Locket >>> 11 Gold

    [Master Swordsmith] 9 Gold >>> 3x Elixir of Vigor
    [Armor Vendor] 2 Gold >>> 2x Iron Dagger
    [Darkshire Alchemist] 3x Elixir of Vigor >>> 3x Linen Bandage
    [Violet Apprentice] 3x Linen Bandage >>> 13 Gold

    [Master Swordsmith] 12x Gold >>> 4x Elixir of Vigor
    [Darkshire Alchemist] 4x Elixir of Vigor >>> 4x Linen Bandage
    [Barrens Blacksmith] 5x Linen Bandage >>> 1x Cute Doll
    [Bloodsail Corsair] 1x Cute Doll >>> 18 Gold
    [Darnassus Aspirant] 3x Iron Dagger >>> 6 Gold

    [Armor Vendor] 25 Gold >>> 25x Iron Dagger
    [Drakkari Enchanter] 21x Iron Dagger >>> 3x Loyal Pet Whistle
    [Defender of Argus] 3x Loyal Pet Whistle >>> 22 Gold

    [Armor Vendor] 22 Gold >>> 22x Iron Dagger
    [Darkshire Alchemist] 24x Iron Dagger >>> 2x Gnomish Shield
    [Windspeaker] 2x Gnomish Shield >>> 25 Gold

    [Drakkari Enchanter] 24 Gold >>> 12x Stormwind Cheddar
    [Bloodsail Corsair] 10x Stormwind Cheddar >>> 25 Gold

    [Armor Vendor] 26 Gold >>> 26x Iron Dagger
    [Drakkari Enchanter] 28x Iron Dagger >>> 4x Loyal Pet Whistle
    [Armor Vendor] 4x Loyal Pet Whistle >>> 2x Sapphire Wand
    [Shady Dealer] 2x Sapphire Wand >>> 1x Gilneas Dagger
    [Darnassus Aspirant] 1x Gilnean Dagger >>> 70 Gold

    -- End of stage 1. Inventory should be: 70 Gold + 2x Stormwind Cheddar


    STAGE 2

    [Shady Dealer] 50 Gold >>> 2x Arcane Scroll
    [Darkshire Alchemist] 11 Gold >>> 1x Captivating Pipes
    [Barrens Blacksmith] 8 Gold >>> 4x Hand Axe
    [Armor Vendor] 1 Gold >>> 1x Iron Dagger
    [Defender of Argus] 2x Arcane Scroll >>> 70 Gold

    [Darkshire Alchemist] 66 Gold >>> 6x Captivating Pipes
    [Darnassus Aspirant] 4x Captivating Pipes >>> 50 Gold

    [Darkshire Alchemist] 44 Gold >>> 4x Captivating Pipes
    [Master Swordsmith] 6x Captivating Pipes >>> 2x Ruby Crown
    [Master Swordsmith] 9 Gold >>> 3x Elixir of Vigor
    [Armor Vendor] 1 Gold >>> 1x Iron Dagger
    [Silver Hand Knight] 2x Ruby Crown >>> 72 Gold

    [Barrens Blacksmith] 72 Gold >>> 36x Hand Axe
    [Master Swordsmith] 40x Hand Axe >>> 10x Goblin Fishing Pole
    [Dalaran Mage] 2x Goblin Fishing Pole >>> 18 Gold

    [Barrens Blacksmith] 18 Gold >>> 9x Hand Axe
    [Master Swordsmith] 8x Hand Axe >>> 2x Goblin Fishing Pole
    [Bloodsail Corsair] 10x Goblin Fishing Pole >>> 120 Gold

    -- End of stage 2. Inventory should be: 120 Gold + 2x Stormwind Cheddar + 2x Iron Dagger + 3x Elixir of Vigor + 1x Captivating Pipes + 1x Hand Axe


    STAGE 3

    [Armor Vendor] 120 Gold >>> 120x Iron Dagger
    [Darkshire Alchemist] 120x Iron Dagger >>> 10x Gnomish Shield
    [Defender of Argus] 7x Gnomish Shield >>> 60 Gold

    [Armor Vendor] 60 Gold >>> 60x Iron Dagger
    [Darkshire Alchemist] 60x Iron Dagger >>> 5x Gnomish Shield
    [Drakkari Enchanter] 8x Gnomish Shield >>> 2x Tiger Amulet
    [Silver Hand Knight] 2x Tiger Amulet >>> 114 Gold

    [Balloon Merchant] 114 Gold >>> 57x Healing Potion
    [Armor Vendor] 56x Healing Potion >>> 14x Golden Goblet
    [Windspeaker] 7x Golden Goblet >>> 65 Gold

    [Master Swordsmith] 63 Gold >>> 21x Elixir of Vigor
    [Balloon Merchant] 2x Gold >>> 1x Healing Potion
    [Shady Dealer] 20x Elixir of Vigor >>> 1x Angry Crystal
    [Dalaran Mage] 1x Angry Crystal >>> 60 Gold

    [Balloon Merchant] 60 Gold >>> 30x Healing Potion
    [Armor Vendor] 32x Healing Potion >>> 8x Golden Goblet
    [Darkshire Alchemist] 15x Golden Goblet >>> 5x Alliance Mace
    [Darnassus Aspirant] 5x Alliance Mace >>> 125 Gold

    [Master Swordsmith] 123x Gold >>> 41x Elixir of Vigor
    [Darkshire Alchemist] 45x Elixir of Vigor >>> 45x Linen Bandage
    [Barrens Blacksmith] 45x Linen Bandage >>> 9x Cute Doll
    [Violet Apprentice] 9x Cute Doll >>> 166 Gold

    -- End of stage 3. Inventory should be: 168 Gold + 2x Stormwind Cheddar + 1x Captivating Pipes + 1x Hand Axe + 2x Iron Dagger


    STAGE 4

    [Balloon Merchant] 168 Gold >>> 84x Healing Potion
    [Armor Vendor] 84x Healing Potion >>> 21x Golden Goblet
    [Darkshire Alchemist] 21x Golden Goblet >>> 7x Alliance Mace
    [Master Swordsmith] 7x Alliance Mace >>> 7x Everburning Candle
    [Windspeaker] 7x Everburning Candle >>> 180 Gold

    [Master Swordsmith] 180x Gold >>> 60x Elixir of Vigor
    [Darkshire Alchemist] 60x Elixir of Vigor >>> 60x Linen Bandage
    [Barrens Blacksmith] 60x Linen Bandage >>> 12x Cute Doll
    [Balloon Merchant] 12x Cute Doll >>> 4x Draught of Angels
    [Defender of Argus] 4x Draught of Angels >>> 204 Gold

    [Drakkari Enchanter] 204 Gold >>> 102x Stormwind Cheddar
    [Darkshire Alchemist] 104x Stormwind Cheddar >>> 8x Potion of Night
    [Bloodsail Corsair] 8x Potion of Night >>> 240 Gold

    -- End of stage 4. Inventory should be: 240 Gold + 1x Captivating Pipes + 1x Hand Axe + 2x Iron Dagger


    STAGE 5

    [Balloon Merchant] 240 Gold >>> 120x Healing Potion
    [Armor Vendor] 120x Healing Potion >>> 30x Golden Goblet
    [Shady Deamer] 30x Golden Goblet >>> 3x Sphere of Wisdom
    [Dalaran Mage] 3x Sphere of Wisdom >>> 205 Gold

    [Master Swordsmith] 204x Gold >>> 68x Elixir of Vigor
    [Drakkari Enchanter] 63x Elixir of Vigor >>> 7x Shadowy Gem
    [Darnassus Aspirant] 7x Shadowy Gem >>> 166 Gold

    [Master Swordsmith] 165x Gold >>> 55x Elixir of Vigor
    [Balloon Merchant] 2 Gold >>> 1x Healing Potion
    [Shady Dealer] 60x Elixir of Vigor >>> 3x Angry Crystal
    [Violet Apprentice] 3x Angry Crystal >>> 150 Gold

    [Shady Dealer] 150 Gold >>> 6x Arcane Scroll
    [Dalaran Mage] 6x Arcane Scroll >>> 138 Gold

    [Armor Vendor] 138 Gold >>> 138x Iron Dagger
    [Drakkari Enchanter] 140x Iron Dagger >>> 20x Loyal Pet Whistle
    [Armor Vendor] 20x Loyal Pet Whistle >>> 10x Sapphire Wand
    [Silver Hand Knight] 10x Sapphire Wand >>> 125 Gold

    [Darkshire Alchemist] 121 Gold >>> 11x Captivating Pipes
    [Master Swordsmith] 12x Captivating Pipes >>> 4x Ruby Crown
    [Bloodsail Corsair] 4x Ruby Crown >>> 92 Gold

    -- End of stage 5. Inventory should be: 96 Gold + 1x Hand Axe + 1x Healing Potion


    STAGE 6

    [Balloon Merchant] 96 Gold >>> 48x Healing Potion
    [Armor Vendor] 48x Healing Potion >>> 12x Golden Goblet
    [Darkshire Alchemist] 12x Golden Goblet >>> 4x Alliance Mace
    [Windspeaker] 4x Alliance Mace >>> 70 Gold

    [Darkshire Alchemist] 66 Gold >>> 6x Captivating Pipes
    [Silver Hand Knight] 6x Captivating Pipes >>> 42 Gold

    [Master Swordsmith] 45x Gold >>> 15x Elixir of Vigor
    [Darkshire Alchemist] 15x Elixir of Vigor >>> 15x Linen Bandage
    [Barrens Blacksmith] 15x Linen Bandage >>> 3x Cute Doll
    [Balloon Merchant] 3x Cute Doll >>> 1x Draught of Angels
    [Violet Apprentice] 1x Draught of Angels >>> 30 Gold

    [Master Swordsmith] 30x Gold >>> 10x Elixir of Vigor
    [Windspeaker] 10x Elixir of Vigor >>> 15 Gold

    [Barrens Blacksmith] 16 Gold >>> 8x Hand Axe
    [Dalaran Mage] 6x Hand Axe >>> 10 Gold

    [Barrens Blacksmith] 10 Gold >>> 5x Hand Axe
    [Shady Dealer] 8x Hand Axe >>> 4x Very Nice Hat
    [Violet Apprentice] 4x Very Nice Hat >>> 14 Gold

    [Balloon Merchant] 14 Gold >>> 7x Healing Potion
    [Defender of Argus] 8x Healing Potion >>> 10 Gold

    -- End of stage 6. You'll have 10 Gold again and all the minions on your side of the board will have bought everything they wanted. Just press the hero power to end the puzzle.



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    posted a message on Rokara (BOM) already gone from store?

    There never was a Rokara BoM bundle in the store. You can get the Rokara hero portraits from the Tavern Pass.

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