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    posted a message on Patch 18.0 - Scholomance Academy, Game Improvements, Battleground Changes & Legendary Quest Chain

    Played the hero twice and won both (at 8.2K). You have to survive early, but once people start dying you get strong very fast. If you get to pick a golden minion you also get the discover once you play it.

    I'm sure I was on the good side of luck, but it did not feel that bad. I guess it will produce a lot of 1st and 8th places.

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    posted a message on HearthPwn's Battlegrounds Hero Tier List

    It would be interesting to see the same list, but using only players over a certain MMR. Say 5500, 6000 or so.

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    posted a message on Blizzard is Considering Options for Druid - More Information this Week

    Not exactly. You get the full dust value for the cards that get nerfed. For any cards that you crafted that do not get nerfed, but are not viable anymore you're out of luck.

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    posted a message on Ben Brode on Ranked System Weakness, Tournament Mode, Community Conversations

    Why not try to solve the ranked grind and give a feeling of a tournament at the same time.

    On the ladder give the option of a Bo5 (or Bo7) conquest mode. Lock in decks and bans at the start. It does not need to be separate from the regular ladder as I'm sure many people like the current system as well.

    Then just win/lose stars based on the result and give 1 extra star to the winner. 1-3 lose 2 stars. 3-2 gain 2 stars. No winstreaks.

    Compared to the current system up to rank 5 you gain some stars from winning matches and lose some from not counting win streaks. I would guess it may take a little longer to reach rank 5, but not by much. From rank 5 to Legend it will be slightly easier as you get the bonus star from winning matches, but you have to play a wider variety of decks. In Legend you can just use the current algorithm per game with a small bonus for the match win.


    Of course I would still like a real tournament mode also, but playing ladder like this would be a major improvement for me.


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    posted a message on Hearthstone Players Over Age 40?

    Just turned 43. Played games all my life and plan to keep doing that.

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    posted a message on [LEGEND+GUIDE] Midrange Karazhan Shaman

    Very nice deck. 15-7 so far.

    For my mulligan against priest I like to keep Hex. There seems to be a lot of resurrect priest now. They really don't like their first dead creature to be a 0/1 taunt.

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