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    posted a message on Best BRAWL week yet! [Video]

    Heya guys, 5-0 with rogue so far, I think it's equally good with mage, but a lot funnier !

    I made video about 5 turn kill (technically 3 turn kill :D)

    I'd love to play lorewalker cho but dang I don't have it yet.
    I'm trying to grow my channel so if you could, please like and subscribe. My last brawl video got 85k views and was in troldens funny plays, of course this isn't as good but I still found it enjoyable, at least when I played it myself!

    Giving feedback is appreciated a lot! What do you think? 

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    I think it is kinda important card for control warrior and even more important for dragon control. I guess Ragnaros could work, or onyxia even. Another azure drake maybe. Biggest problem with dragon warrior is the cost which is very high. Just try to save dust for alex.






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    posted a message on Tavern Brawl LIVE! Youtube video inside.


    It's live in EU Now, I wanted to make quick short video about it in case it's not available for you yet in your region.
    I'm playing 2 games as nefarion, can also make Ragnaros video if requested.

    What do you think? I personally think this was fun update but I don't think I'll be playing a lot of it without real rewards, maybe vs friends or something.

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    Best deck ever! I'm 18-4 so far with it, and I think if I played even a little better I'd be 20-2. (From rank 17 or 16 to 10 now)

    I even feel a bit embarrassed sometimes when I win with this deck, it's that good!

    What to mulligan most of the time: (Ofcourse matchup matters but little idea) [List is in somewhat order also]

    - Backstab (1x max)
    - Iron sensei (1x max)
    - Clockwork gnome (2x is okay)
    - Mechwarper (2x is okay)
    - Poison (1x max)
    - annoy'o'Tron (If you got iron sensei or mechwarper or you play vs paladin for example)
    - Eviscerate can also be useful often.

    This works for me, hope it works for you aswell!
    (I hear this deck gets a lot less winratio after 10 rank but I haven't tested it by myself there yet)

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