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    posted a message on Curse of Naxxramas

    I just wish that since we are so much closer to release that we will be able to see the rest of the cards. It's taking so long and I'm anxious and ready for this!

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    posted a message on Ridiculously BAD cards in packs - Am I the only one!?

    I have opened at least 100 packs and have only opened three legendaries, two being Deathwing, and one being Jaraxxus. So lately I've been patient and keeping every card I have except for when I have extras, and dust them. It's great to have Legendaries, but it's better to have the cards to put them into a deck. I don't want to dust my collection and make a Legendary just to find out that I shouldn't have dusted particular cards. So I ended up enchanting a Leeroy and have put him to great use. My next will probably be Thalnos. Best of luck guys!

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    This minion is useable in almost every deck, and can sometimes force some unfavorable trades. I use this fella in just about every deck I use right now.

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    This is quite possibly my favorite class specific minion, I love how he looks in gold


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    I love playing warrior, and this is my favorite warrior specific card/weapon. I am proud of finally getting my warrior to level 50 and finally have this weapon in gold.

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    posted a message on Your favorite card in the game.

    It's a three way tie for me, between faerie dragon, harvest golem (whom I lovingly call Spud), and Mortal Strike. 

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