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    posted a message on Patch 20.4.2 - Stealer of Souls Removal - Battlegrounds Balance Changes

    If expediency was really the issue, then they would have said they would ban it until they nerf it, rather than what they actually said, which is they'll ban it until it rotates or if they need to nerf it in standard

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    posted a message on Patch 20.4.2 - Stealer of Souls Removal - Battlegrounds Balance Changes

    The Complexity is warranted as it only removes the problematic part of the card while keeping the spirit of the card and the viability for swing turns from its effect. Banning it completely removes the possibility of making a deck centered around its pretty unique ability 

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    posted a message on Patch 20.4.2 - Stealer of Souls Removal - Battlegrounds Balance Changes

    such a shame that they banned it instead of nerfing it in a way that wouldn't affect standard much. Nerfing can always bring more diversity than banning, and while stealer of souls needed change, i think this was the wrong thing to do.

    nerfing it to only affect the first 3 cards drawn each turn would have removed the oppressive aspect of the card (being used with plot twist) while still allowing a deck to possibly be viable 

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    posted a message on Wild is dead, combos, insane mechanics & card draw
    Quote from BigDeal >>
    Quote from eskimodavid >>

    The new warlock card stealer of Souls is the only thing breaking wild, otherwise it's fine. Definitely some underpowered classes though. Mage/warlock/pally are the kings

     The only thing?  Hardly.  Lets review:

    1. Thoughtless aggro decks have unlimited and cheap buffs.  Did you clear the board?  Doesnt matter.  Reload full board next turn plus buffs.  Did you clear it again?  Nice job - sorry...reload again.  Full board and buffs again.  Its fucking endless.  Aggro has NO counter.  Taunts dont work, clears dont work, nothing does.  Oh and paladin gets to have divine shield on their guys too the entire game.  Real nice job, Blizz.
    2. Pirate Warrior is another perfect deck for the eh-ham "intellectuals" to abuse.  So many heavily under-costed cards that are extremely hard to remove that just wreck everything.  Its so stupid. 
    3. Warlock and that Dark Glare thing - another beauty.  Draw 10 cards per turn, redo hero power, take damage, huge minions come out, draw more, I dont even know WTF is happening during their turn.  Its a good time to go mow the lawn.
    4. Secret Mage - yeah, its beatable but they MUST draw sort of bad and you MUST draw great.  Otherwise, its obscene how much value and tempo they gain with free 5/5 minions and the secret synergy.

    Now, here is the deal:  Those decks would be OK IF the game gave us a legit, reasonable way to counter them. But they dont.  Any counters that do exist are horrible cards, too expensive, dont really help or they totally cripple your other match-ups.  Thats what ruins Wild mode.  Its fine to have some crazy decks but give us a real way to screw them up.  These are things to fix wild:

    • Make minion buffs cost more mana.  Like way more.
    • No more zero cost cards. None.  1 is a the minimum except for Shadow step.
    • Get rid of paladins "divine shield for the whole game" BS.  Thats total crap. Make it for one turn only if not just delete it all.
    • Give us a real secret counter that truly hurts.  Eater of Secrets blows.  Flare gets stopped by Counterspell & Yogg.  Just no way to counter them and playing around them is a bad strategy and rarely works.

    Wild needs some work, for sure.  Im sick of games being decided after the first few turns or the matchup screen.   There is NO skill involved in any of this either.  Its 100% matchup and then pure early draw based.  That decides every game from D5 on down.

     I don't think things costing 0 is bad to have, the problem is when you have cards that have no upper limit on how much mana you can discount, like Sorcerer's Apprentice, Stealer of Souls, or Incanter's Flow. Cards that only discount a set amount of mana, even if they discount something to 0 aren't a problem, like Imprisoned Satyr, Shadowstep, G'huun the Blood God. Now these kinds of cards can be broken too, like Kabal Lackey, but that's true of any effect.

    To fix wild, i think there needs to be a goal in mind, you hear Iskar criticize people calling for nerfs with 'well then the next deck will break the meta'. So i think the goal should be to make a wild meta where all the recurring archetypes (like zoo, handlock, beast hunter, dragon priest, control warrior etc) are tier 3 (winrate within one standard deviation of 50%) or better. That way if your favorite archetype isn't viable in standard, you can go and play it in wild. This would require some buffs as well as nerfs, but i'll focus on nerfs.

    Sorcerer's Apprentice, Stealer of Souls, and Incanter's Flow should be nerfed to the first 4 spells per turn, first 3 cards drawn, and first 6 spells in your deck respectively.

    Secret mage needs either its burn or its tempo nerfed, but i'll go with tempo. Nerf Kabal Crystal Runner and Kabal Lackey to costs (1) less for each secret played, and the next secret costs (2) less respectively. Also buff Eater of Secrets to have rush, so that it's an actual tempo swing when it works


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    posted a message on Blood Magic is This Week's Tavern Brawl
    Quote from muflon >>

    This brawl was THE BEST back when 3 wins gave 10 gold! Easy 30wins/day while watching a movie in the background.

     i much prefer game economies to be generous but not exploitable, the current system isn't that much more generous though

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    posted a message on At least Standard is better now
    Quote from xanzan1 >>

    I would be surprised if Shaman doesn't get a nerf. Rockbiter weapon has a 71.2% played winrate.  They've nerfed cards at a lower played winrate than that.

     It has such a high play winrate because you play it to close out the game, not because it's broken

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    posted a message on balancing wild with the smallest nerfs possible
    Quote from Entropy7 >>

    Wild format is an ever burning tire fire. Just accept it!

     why on earth would we do that?

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    posted a message on 20+ Needed Nerfs!!!
    Quote from AndrewUberninja >>

    I’ve Complied 20 nerds that scoops help fix wild. These nerds are designed to deal with the free form combo takeover and hyper aggro takeover.These nerds also target the previously oppressive decks to keep them in check. The main reason these cards were picked was oppressiveness and limiting card design space. 

    Darkglare: make it 3 mana 2/4 with card text “the first time your hero takes damage on your turn refresh 2 mana crystals.”

    Voracious Reader: make it draw 1 less

    Raza the Chained: make reduce cost to 1 instead of 0

    Foxy Fraud: make it a 3 mana 3/3

    Conviction: make it 4 mana 

    Incanter’s Flow: make it 4 mana at least

    Sorcerers Apprentice: add “but not less than 1” to card text

    Radiant Elemental: make it a 3 mana 3/4

    Stealer of Souls (yes, I know this one will be needed soon): change the card text to “the first card you draw each turn cost health instead of mana”

    Celestial Alignment: make it 10 mana

    Mage Secrets: make them all 4 mana

    Resurrect: make it 4 mana

    Mechwarper: add “but not less than 1” to the card text

    Prismatic Lens: make it 5 mana

    Voidcaller: make it a 5 mana 4/5

    Starving Buzzard: make it 3 mana

    The Caverns Below: make the requirement 5 minions again.

    Divine Favor: make it 4 mana

    Skull of Gul’dan: make it 7 mana

    Illidari Inquisitor: make it 10 mana

    Oh My Yogg! : change the card text to: “ after your opponent plays a spell that cost 3 or more, they instead cast a random spell of the same cost.”

    What do you guys think of these nerfs? Are they fair? Are there anymore you would add?

     Some of these are fine, some are absurd. Like +3 mana on Conviction? if there was a card that could still be viable after quadrupling its mana, you'd at least expect it to be in every deck that can have it (which it doesn't). mage secrets are not the problem, you'd never play them on their own, the problem is secret synergy cards like Kabal Lackey and Kabal Crystal Runner

    for Resurrect, i think they need to change how the mechanic works. i know this sounds farfetched, but i think there should be a keyword resurrect (x) which will revive a minion that costs x or less (prioritizing summoning the highest cost option), so if you had resurrect (5) and you had a 3 cost minion and a 5 cost minion die that game, you would 100% of the time revive the 5 cost minion. that way revive mechanics aren't balanced by randomness anymore

    Illidari Inquisitor is totally fine, honestly i think all lategame cards should be at this power level

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    posted a message on balancing wild with the smallest nerfs possible
    Quote from Tyk3 >>

    What’s that? Wild is unbalanced? Not seen a thread mention it for at least 20 minutes. 

     How dare people *checks notes* want a format to be balanced

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    posted a message on balancing wild with the smallest nerfs possible
    Quote from Fyrfytr998 >>

    The problem with nerfing combo decks is that it always helps the players that love control. Combo decks keep slow control decks in check. So I'm always skeptical of players calling for the nerfing of combo decks, because these requests are usually self serving to their interests as a player.

    Rock, Paper, Scissors = Control, Aggro, Combo. 

    I play a lot of combo Warlock. And while Stealer of Souls has turned up the heat by going off on turn 5/6. It's by no means as stable as the turn 9  variant I play. There have been quite a few games with Stealer that just leave you high and dry, because you drew out the deck wrong. Or was shut down by animation.

    Personally I wish they had never made Stealer of Souls. Now I have to watch out for tech hate if the win rate climbs. Although I did my daily and weekly's this morning with little fanfare running the old build. Except for that one game Blizzard gave to a noob player. ;(

     helping control decks doesn't seem like a bad idea when all the best decks are aggro (to counter combo) and combo.

    Also interesting that you mentioned tech hate since people putting that in their deck indicates there's  too many combo decks in the meta

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    posted a message on balancing wild with the smallest nerfs possible
    Quote from MrSunsett >>

    I really hate nerfing cards, especially ones like stealer of souls that are rather unique. Right now the mechathun variant is pretty meh because of animation times and inconsistencies with draw and messing it up. It also loses to hyper aggro, I think if stealer of souls was to be a problem it would be because of the dump your whole hand variant.

     yeah, the dump your hand variant is better, but losing to hyper aggro doesn't matter when it comes to it needing to be nerfed because it beats literally everything else and a meta that's only Stealer of Souls Warlock and hyper aggro is not healthy

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    posted a message on balancing wild with the smallest nerfs possible
    Quote from Screwjank >>

    Sorcerer's Apprentice nerf idea is a little too complicated. I honestly think it would just be best off if they made it so they couldn't cost less than 1 mana. As for Stealer of Souls, I think a mechanical change is the only thing necessary. If you are Overloaded 10 Mana, you can't play anything that costs Mana. Simple as that. Why should you be able be able to play cards that cost Health when you don't actually pay the price? However, I totally agree with your changes to Secret Mage. I also think Cloud Prince should only be able to target minions. That deck cheats out way too many cards and damage points, and it's been that way for as long as I can remember. 

     I think there are more complex cards than my suggestion for Sorcerer's Apprentice, but either way, that kind of nerf would be fine as well. For Stealer of Souls, making it not work with immune would only reduce the amount of strategies available for deckbuilding. Having more strategies and synergies is what makes card games interesting, so, while it would fix the problem of playing your entire deck for free, my solution would also do that, while keeping those kinds of strategies as a possibility

    Nerfing Cloud Prince i think is reasonable, but i wanted to suggest the fewest and smallest nerfs possible as a suggested first step. After they implement the nerfs, if secret mage was still a dominant deck, i think nerfing that as well would be prudent.

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    posted a message on balancing wild with the smallest nerfs possible
    Quote from IDProG123 >>

    Most OTKs take a lot of time, so the best but most little nerf for them is to reduce the time limit.

    Turn 1 should only take 15 seconds. Turn 2 20 seconds. Turn 3 25 seconds. And so on until turn 10+ at 60 seconds.

    That should nerf all of the OTK decks. As a big bonus, it also solves roping problems.

    The ONLY problem with this IMO is that people will be more likely to try skip animation hack, but I don't think most people will bother with it.

     Card games, and games in general should never have strategies restricted purely because of UI, this is a terrible idea 

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    posted a message on balancing wild with the smallest nerfs possible

    Wild has been a mess for quite a while, and it only got more messy with the addition of Stealer of Souls. While blizzard could easily nerf these decks to unplayability (just make all problematic cards have 'your charge minions have +1 attack'), i think it would be better if the decks were less powerful but still viable.

    So, first off, what should wild look like, what would be the ideal? I think the ideal wild would be where all the recurring archetypes are at least tier 3 (within one standard deviation below 50% winrate). Those archetypes being big demon DH, deathrattle DH, token druid, ramp druid, aggro hunter, midrange beast hunter, secret mage, combo mage, midrange paladin, healadin, control priest, rez priest, tempo rogue, combo rogue, murloc shaman, elemental shaman, zoo warlock, handlock, pirate warrior, and control warrior. Of course, this is quite a daunting task of balancing, but again, this is the ideal to work towards, not the realistic expectation. The reason why i think this would be ideal is because these tend to be archetypes that people really like, so the idea is that if you're missing playing a certain archetype that isn't viable in standard rn, you could play wild instead.

    So, what are the problem archetypes and how do  we fix them without removing them entirely?

    Currently the best deck in wild according to hs replay is Secret mage with a 70%+ winrate, so i think they should nerf Kabal Lackey to 'the next secret your play this turn costs 2 less, and Kabal Crystal Runner to 5 mana 'cost (1) less for each secret you've played this game'

    another top tier mage deck is APM (Flamewaker) mage with 60%+ winrate, so i think they should nerf Sorcerer's Apprentice to 'the first 4 spells you play each turn cost (1) less'. This should allow them to still have the gigantic swing turns, but probably not a turn 5 otk

    the new hot deck in wild is the Stealer of Souls (combo?) deck with a 65%+ winrate, i think they should make Stealer of Souls only able to activate 3 times per turn so it can still be used with Sense Demons to get Mal'Ganis swing turns, but not as good with Plot Twist

    While Darkglare is only just above a 50% winrate right now, it's mostly because Stealer of Souls is a better version of the same strategy. I think Darkglare should say 'the first 4 times your hero takes damage each turn, refresh a mana crystal'


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    posted a message on Will 2/2 Adventurers get any support?

    Honestly, i hope not, it's not that interesting of a mechanic. And if they were good, then even more games would be decided by rng

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