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    They need to balance out the naga asap - it's exactly like it was when Quillboar and elementals launched - they are stupidly OP and there is little point pursuing any other kind of build if you are going for first place in the lobby. That gets real boring real fast, and honestly, does the new content no justice...just wears it out way sooner than it should. The only people it's good for are the casuals who do like one BG run a week.

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    posted a message on how many merc packs do you have?
    Quote from BrindlePoint >>

    What's the point of not opening the packs?

     Why waste time clicking stuff that you'll never touch? I'd rather player Slay the Spire or Darkest Dungeon, or about 10 different other similar indie games than mercs. Stupid mobile cow-clicker of a mode.

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    Modern hearthsone is all about huge power spikes and outright win conditions...shit loads of them. They are nearly all busted and uncounterable. Quest hunter allows hunter to keep up in the traditional hunter way, with lots of face and chip damage. It feels super unfair because it is, but it's designed to counter balance a lot of other super unfair shit.

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    posted a message on Kazakusan nerf unhealthy for Hearthstone

    Hated the card from it's introduction, and the devs comparision to Deathstalker Rexxar just made me laugh,  that card was a great design - where as this card was just a lazy copy/paste from duels. A mode where the treasure cards are inherently broken in order to provide power spikes.

    I am glad it's been nerfed. I hope that we will see it less. I fear we will actually see it more as the likes of Paladin and Warrior incorporate it.

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    posted a message on Is there a algorithm that changes the classes you face depending what you play?

    HSReplay tracks every single game played by it's users. Well over a thousand games minute.

    At no stage have they been able to track any kind of pattern in the match-ups and if there were any it would be quite obvious given how many games they record.

    People continually post of this forum about being matched up badly when changing decks, seeing fixed RNG working against them, seeing card draws being either too lucky or unlucky to be believable...

    But it's all based on annecdotes  at worst, or a short run of tracked games in their personal log at best - neither of which amounts to dick all.

    Of course activision Blizzard have IP on all sorts of algorithm, they are heavily in the loot box box business, across nearly all their games. That doesn't mean some of the more nefarious ones are in use in hearthstone - and the second they were people would see.... I mean, err, people that are not so susceptable to conspiracy and paranoia would see...the rest of you see it already when it isn't even there - there isn't much helping you, you've been told so many times now.

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    posted a message on After playing for so many years; this one thing makes me quit over and over again.
    Quote from 3nnu1 >>

    I love it, the shills don't even come in and tell you that your imagining things anymore. Everyone knows the matchmaking is rigged. Now you just need to realize your draw order, discover choices and any other 'variable' in the game is also rigged. 

     What would be the point? People have been telling you you are paranoid, and full of nonsense for years now -  yet zero impression or progress is made. Conspiracy nuts are conspiracy nuts, it's almost impossible to get them to see reason, and they cling hard to their theories for the sake of their ego. I don't know if you can call me a shill, I haven't spent money on the game in ages and don't play much constructed except for quests. I have no real love for Activison-Blizzard.

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    I tried it, I wanted to like it - but the truth is Darkest Dungeon, or Slay the Spire is more fun to play. I don't know how they didn't look at Darkest Dungeon and think, "Hey, our game needs more depth, the hero cards need more personality...traits, our game needs more atmosphere, we need more actual loot and equipment, the gameplay needs more variation, choice and strategy, etc. We need more to this mode than the standard gacha number goes higher hook."

    It might be worth supporting mercs to add in this way to the mode, but I get the feeling they're just going to churn out new cards ,new enemeries, new bosses..like the foundation to the mode isn't bare bones and soulless.

    Can't win em all - they knocked it out the park with Battlegrounds, but Duels is a clown-fiesta, while mercs has all the depth of a puddle.

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    posted a message on 22.4.3 Patch Notes - Standard & Battlegrounds Balance Changes, Bug Fixes

    Not really loving these tiny adjustments to BGs - They just come across as boring. I want to see Blizzard doing more little buddy adjustments, regardless of whether it's for balance or not. And in the the case of the Elise change that really is more boring - all maps always cost 1...bleh...more powerful maybe, more boring...certainly.

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    It's not the hearthstone I fell in love with at all - which allowed me to play mid-ranmge decks, where I adapted my playstyle to what the opponent was doing, and fought for the board.

    I see no sign of this gameplay ever coming back. The win conditions in the game right now are the furthest thing from balanced. They are impossible to adapt to or survive, and they come down early (relatively). Kazakusan is just a further extension of the same shit, with an added element of randomness to just really rub the salt in - Duels was unpopular IMO precisely becasue it was annoying to be on the recieving end of broken shit - now we get that in constructed?

    Battlegrounds continues to prop the game up, as it has now for long time.

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    posted a message on Real Sore Losers Is A Wild Thing?

    This is why BGs has rapidly become are far better feeling game to play - and even if it's not quicker, it feels a lot quicker, engages the player better, and makes them feel like they have more agency and control. This is why numbers of both wild and standard players is in decline, and Battlegrounds is increasing.

    I said it ages ago - if Blizzard want to save hearthstone constructed for the longer term, they need to deal with the rope. The game needs to be faster, period. The options for wasting your opponents time need to be reduced.

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    posted a message on 22.2.1 Patch Notes - Tarecgosa Balance Change in BGs - Duels Balance Changes

    Not convinced the nerf to Tarecgosa will change much - you don't start rolling for combos with her till tavern 4 usually anwyay. The interactions with the game mechanics are very cool, and I wouldn't want to see them gone from the game, but at the same time the card is super busted. Could easily be a tier 6 power.

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    posted a message on Buddies ruined bgs for players who hate midrange strategies

    I like the shake up to the meta, I always do, and am a big fan of large scale changes - but I do seem to take 30dmg out of no where more regularly once again.

    It's been like this in the past, and it was very frustrating. Certain buddies are just crazy  - like, you've barely got a build together and you face a Malygos who is in 7th place and losing every round but he got his buddy that turn and ... BAM take 27. That shit isn't cool when it happens too often...it's fine as a rare event.

    Need more time to make a final judgement.

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    posted a message on Why did they weird it up?

    I am in favour of the changes (and usually any changes) to BGs - it is a mode that needs consatnt content refreshes IMO, or it gets stale.

    If anything I feel like the lack of new minions with this new update is the problem - I have all the tribes as it stands worked out and have played every possible interpretation of them several times over.

    Some of the buddies are OP - they'll be balanced - it is what it is. But I want more minions in the pool that I haven't seen or played with with new and interesting effects...Most of the buddies just double up on stuff we've already seen - I don't find them as exciting as I thought they might be.

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    posted a message on A History of Official Meta Snapshots - Every Expansion Since Old Gods - With Pie Charts!

    Zoo Warlock and Control Warriors with Old Gods that didn't cheese out the game by duping their deck.


    Yep you've got to go back to WotoG to find the best meta displayed in the data.


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    posted a message on Which was the bigger failure, Mercenaries or Duels?

    I spent more time on Mercs (maybe 10hrs total) before abandoning it forever.

    Duels is the better mode though...still terrible... but better - it's a clownfiesta. If you like clownfiestas I guess I can see why you'd like it. It should have been a lot better than it was - Dungeon Runs were a good time. But in a head-to-head mode the power levels possible remove all sense of player agency. This is something Blizzard needs to re-learn - it is why battlegrounds is popular and remains so, and constructed is getting less popular - flashy broken shit removes player agency.

    If you liked Mercs, just buy Darkest Dungeon and don't look back - it costs like 5$ has great atmosphere, depth, difficulty, art....soul. Mercs has zero soul and the depth of a puddle. It's mobile shit-show cow-clicker.

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