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    Quote from Atramentar >>

    I don't know why they keep printing manacheating stuff, it has been problematic in the past and it will still be problematic in the future, it just feels awful to play against.

    ....because it enables people who can't play the game to beat players they would normally have no chance against, and Timmy needs to win some games to have fun or he won't buy ay packs....see previous decks such as Big Priest and Jade Druid  (yes, spawning 12/12, 13/13, and a 14/14 for 3 mana was mana cheating in my book). A true mana cheating deck takes what little skill there is/was in hearthstone and throws it to the dogs.

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    posted a message on I Am Disappointed in the Hearthpwn Community
    Quote from Biomass >>

    You're disappointed because you're able to enjoy the game in a casual way. As an addict (regularly Legend with a complete collection up to Outland), this game has ruined extensive periods of my life and I see it as the devil made video game. I absolutely don't see how such a rigged money-making machine can generate anything but a very toxic community and bring the worst in a lot of people (see all the reports of aggro players sending friends requests after being defeated, only to insult their adversary's entire family).

    So good for you, but I'm happy to see HS's numbers crumble and I can't wait for this shit to disappear entirely, then go back to playing Breath of the Wild (an actual video game).

     Dude, just stop. It IS a choice when you sit down and fire up hearthstone...you know you'd rather be playing Breath of The Wild (and until you've finished it, who wouldn't?) so just do it. after you beat hte compulsion a couple of times you'll realise that it was less of an addiction and more just laziness - hearthstone is not crack.

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    posted a message on Blizz should calm down with the mana cheating cards.

    Maybe they should just bite the bullet and accept that if they want to keep printing more and more powerful shit to sell packs (and they do) they should just bump the health pools. It's simply not the same game it was when 30hp was made the baseline.

    High rolls lead to unanswerable boards in the first two turns and resource management went out the window with all the random ass card generation. Aggro is given insane card draw, and the swing potential of the late game decks with all the mana cheating is crazy now ...every aspect of the game has been pushed to the limits it seems to me. Maybe more health really is the answer?

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    Team 5 are the devs, and I kinda see them as OG Blizzard, and they're fucking great.

    We should absolutely celebrate what theyv've created, and continue to create...hell look at Battelgorunds, they did exactly what Blizzard is known for PERFECTLY - they take a new idea from the industry that is currently blowing up, refine it and polish it, and produce perfection, or atleast the closest the industry as a whole has managed for the genre in question. It's genius and they are the best at it, even now it seems.

    Activision, the sales teams, the shareholder reps and suits - Kotick's minions..... these are not the same people as the devs. The devs are usually just gamers and think like us. I'm fairly sure it breaks them a little when they say things like "we'd like to see the game be cheaper" then a month later Activision sees the sales numbers for the new expansion and immediately pushes for this battlepass BS, not considering other outside factors, its all profit profit profit to them. The numbers are either going up, stagnating, or down , and fuck all else matters to them.

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    posted a message on So wanna talk bout the new "leaked" Battlepass for HS ?

     Pay-walling an uncraftable legendary...err yeah that sounds right up Blizzard's alley. Great.

    They can try it if they like, the back-lash on reddit (and here too I guess lol) would be massive, and probably justified. They don't need to be borrowing crap ideas from fortnite.

    IMO fuck anything in the games industry to do with "Passes" - pre-order passes...DLC 'premium' passes...now fucking Battlepasses...wtf is this shit? Can we please stop encouraging the suits to squeeze and bleed us dry. This shite is rotting the game industry from the inside and its nothing to do with devs, just suits pushing for more and more profit all the time with zero connection to the players or the artform and it's itegrity.

    Fuck those guys and fuck the publishers and shareholders.

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    posted a message on Secret Passage is the best designed card in the last expansions
    Quote from user-100394506 >>
    Quote from lv426a11 >>

    There's nothing skilled about it.  The only decision you need to make is - does my hand have anything useful that I want to cast?

    Yes - don't cast; No - cast.  It really is that simple.

    It's very simply an undercosted draw card with a quirk.  I'm not saying it's stupidly OP or needs a nerf, just that it's not as clever as you think it is.  It does make tracking look a bit pish tho...



     How many skilled cards you know in Hearthstone? Every card is cast or not cast, this is not the point. 

    I personally remember Defile as skilled card (without mentioning Lord Godfrey that was so strong and easy to proc)

    After DefileSecret Passage is probably the most skilled card that we saw in Hearthstone. The right use can make you win or have you hand stuck and lose. But Secret Passage can also be used to push face and to be aggro when your hand is empty and, in this case, I agree with you that is not a skilled card. But when it is used to make a better turn, the right decision when it should be used is very skill based. 

     Frothing Berserker is the most skill based card we've seen IMO.

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    posted a message on Scholomance Meta strongest opening? - What the hell

    Don't worry guys, it's on their radar. Next expansion they are printing a 3 mana 3/5 taunt, spawn a 1/1 with taunt!!!! Remember Sludge Belcher, it almost as good with 2 mana lower cost....INSANE!

    Seriously though, fuck low curve deck  and aggro deck highrolls. There is no player influence here. Do Blizzard even realise how busted this shit is compared to what we should be seeing turn 1 through 4? Maybe they should start printing high roll low mana board clears to potentially answer this BS...like better  Lightning Storm, or AE in the style of Imp-losion ...

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    posted a message on Perks gone?
    Quote from Zukuu >>
    Quote from DasWampir >>

    I knew the perks were going to expire, but it's messed up that they bumped the price back up. 

    Wasn't the whole point that they lowered it because they realized it was ridiculously high?

    Maybe Battlegrounds is so popular that they figured they could get away with it. 

    No? They lowered it because you get less bang for your back at the half-way point till it expires. It'll have a lowered price at the half-way point this time around as well.

     ..yet they were still charging 1250 gold a few days ago...I wonder if you got a warning that it would almost immediately expire if you tried to buy it then. Why not tie the price directly to the remaining time on the ticket? Small indie company?

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    posted a message on Abusive players

    I have never done this, but have recieved it a few times, and every single time its made me laugh. I don't see why people get so upset - it's just 'trash-talking'.

    When I played football we'd be at each other all the time on the pitch and that was in RL. It was just part of trying to get an edge, it didn't stop us shaking hands before and after the game and even hugging it out.

    Some people need to grow a goddam spine when it comes to internet communication.


    Now all that said, if you can't control your babyrage over an online cardgame you are a super weak individual, rather than adding someone just to insult them, just take a break.

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    posted a message on Battlegrounds would be more fun with a chat room
    Quote from P4dge >>

     That's such a strawman of the actual argument that I don't think it's even worth addressing but I'll bite a bit. It isn't educational to have someone add you, send you a load of expletives whilst saying they are going to rape a member of your family and then blocking you so you can't even respond. Educational is a strange word to use to be honest. 


     They do that because of nature of the communication between players in this game. Those toxic people are made worse, by the method of communcation they have left, which is duping people into friend acceptance, then quickly getting their insults in before being blocked. It makes toxic players even worse than they would toherwise be, adding another layer of percieved competition. If they could just chat freely, in an open room between 8 players, maybe only for the first few rounds do oyu really think they would be so toxic?


    Absolutely online chat in games is educational. Emotionally educational and culturally educational (especially when the platform is global). Online friendships can't form if we can't communicate... for the sake of a giant safe space safety-bubble.


    Those who want to block the chat automatically should be free to do so, but not giving the rest of us with spines the ability to communicate, especially in a mode like Battlegrounds...it's sad. That is no straw-man.

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    posted a message on Battlegrounds would be more fun with a chat room
    Quote from thebitterfig >>
    Quote from Psy_Kik >>

    Imagine telling people they can't open their mouths in real life because there is a high chance they will say something offensive to somebody somewhere. The loss of chat in online games is a tragedy.

     Hey yeah, I always want to be bombarded with racism and sexism and homophobia while I play videogames for fun and to relieve stress.

    F*** chat rooms.  The tragedy is that too many gamers are utter trash people.  Once they're no longer s**t for brains jack***es, then we'll talk.  Chat functions in games weren't ruined by political correctness, they were ruined by folks deciding to be a**holes.

     That is some people for you. You have to learn to deal with it. Or complain about to it the likes of Blizzard so we lose chat in all our games, which is what has happened.

    I hate the phrase snowflake...but this as a rare time when I feel it's appropriate - we have lost chat functions in online games (which used to be an absolute standard) because of snowflakes. Not racists, not homophobes, bigots, not salty gamers with no f-bomb control, not kids who are too young to know any better, or offended feminists, hard right or left polticos, chinese censors....but perpetually whining Snowflakes with thin skin.

    Exposure to these types is educational. Chatting with anyone is educational, especially if they are from other parts of the world. Over the course of my life I learned a lot from online chat in games one way or another. For the next generation, it will be gone, for fear of being offensive.

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    posted a message on Blizzard's current design philosophy

    No, I'd rather they were agressive with nerfs, as this playerbase has proven that if not they will gravitate towards the most unethical, easy-to-play, play-itself busted shit available, and Blizzard can't stop itself from sleepwalking into it nearly everytime we have a new expansion, trying toi help Timmy's feel powerful. Thankfully this expansion looks like we're moving away from cards like Ysera Unleashed, to more complex cards.

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    posted a message on Galakrond shaman is still amazing, why is nobody playing it?
    Quote from SummerWalker >>
    Quote from parzival2345 >>

    Classic case of random player gets stomped by mediocre deck and decides its broken. 

    Jambre (gala evolve) shaman is a very recent development and is pretty okay, but certainly not OP and as far as I am aware has only been played by a select few people in high legend. 

     Its not really about skill level in Hearthstone usually whoever is playing the better deck wins unless the matchup is statistically close.

     I'm not so sure, I just don't beleive the saturation of players making optimal plays every turn is that heavy. I don't think you even reach that point until you hit mid-legend.

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    posted a message on Battlegrounds would be more fun with a chat room

    Imagine telling people they can't open their mouths in real life because there is a high chance they will say something offensive to somebody somewhere. The loss of chat in online games is a tragedy.

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    posted a message on where is the new game mode?
    Quote from AntonydusWurm >>

    i bet it's not gonna be out before the solo stuff, so maybe november

    hopefully it's better than clowngrounds

     This game would be a great deal closer to death right now without battlegrounds. Arena got worse over the years and contrsucted is a discover/random card generation clown fiesta.

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