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    IDK what you even do at this point. 

    I think the problem is every class has insane draw, every class that is good has insane mana cheat. So every class can get to their solo player game faster, and then cheat it out.  It is boring even when you are the one popping off!!

    I understand Hearthstone isn't and won't be the same as 5 years ago, and they are printing insane synergies. Go ahead and print insane synergies, but you cant let people draw and mana cheat like this! Every expansion that has mana cheat and draw is a busted expansion.

    And enough of the neutral discover. How about just Scorpid or School Teacher. But no, we have Amalgam, Sketchy Stranger, Nerubian Vizier, Pandaren Importer, Scorpid, Scoundrel, School Teacher. It is not unreasonable to discover 10+ effects in one game. AND THAT'S JUST THE NEUTRAL DISCOVER.

    IDK, how about some class identity, how about classes have strengths and weaknesses, How about aggro, midrange, control, combo all being in the meta at once, game ending combos should not be active on turn 6 that is just stupid. Enough draw, enough mana cheat, enough discover.

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    I think combo decks are GOOD for the meta. HOWEVER, they should never be on line on turn 6. That ruins the fun for everyone. and the only way to beat a turn 6 otk? make yours go off on turn 5. 

    if an effective otk goes off on turn 5 that is really frustrating and bad design. If it goes off with appropriate set up then there is interaction. 

    and btw, "interaction" isnt just messing with someones hand like theotar. Remeber maly rogue and maly druid. those were combo decks that had to survive aggro and midrange, 6 piece combos. Those where the best combos, they felt satisfying to play AND lose against. Now we have shockspitter on turn 5 and 10/10 stealthed minions on turn 4 followed by 9/3 weapons on turn 6. that is stupid

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    Hey there, I just hit legend for the 2nd month in a row using naga priest. i rarely felt my hand was empty, in fact I felt my hand was usually too full. 

    There might be a misunderstanding of the win condition of the deck.  each opponent is slightly different

    ramp druid you gotta blow em out early, once they get their stuff rolling youre toast. 

    agaisnt aggro, implock, enrage warrior and DH, you can out stat them early.  shadow work devour single handedly beats imp lock.  

    spooky mage was toughest for me, theyll freeze you out. almost have to wait and wait until they leave a minion on board, so on your turn it is ready to attack and slam 20 stats on em

    thief rogue, who knows haha don't know what removal/stall theyll get with jackpot and the end of turn random secret generator. be careful of turn 7/8/9 for the hero scabbs bouncing your buffed dudes.

    hope this helps, but not enough gas certainly isnt naga priest's problem, if anything id want to run 25 cards, not 40

    last point, most of the time i am full mulligan looking for serpent wig. shadow word devour for warrior and warlock only

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    Mr. Smite has to go though. That card is so dumb

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    When the 3 expansions that are rotating were in standard.

    Excessive draw, global mana reduction, reneging on the Leroy type burst from hand. Combos were specifically printed to OTK on turn 8 or earlier.

    IDK if power level is the issue. Frozen Throne was awesome even with Raza Priest.  Cause Raza Priest was not online turn 6 like the combo stuff is now.  Hearthstone will be great again with draw that isn't insane, cards need to cost appropriate mana. I think Hearthstone is really close to being great again with these 3 expansions leaving standard. 

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