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    posted a message on [LEGEND] Gunnolf's Wild Kalecgos OTK Giants Mage (ft. Vargoth)

    You're very welcome. I'm super happy it's proving useful to you. :)

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    Well bomb warriors are rare in wild. Despite that you probably aren't going to win with the Exodia win condition since bomb warrior wrecks anything and everything that aims to deck out.

    Your best bet would be just to play it as regular demonlock.

    Also doesn't help that multiple bombs invalidate the Highlander effect.

    Every deck has a bad match-up. Fortunately this one 's is rare :D.

    Appreciate the reference.

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    Heya, sorry for the late reply. Been pretty busy lately.

    In general, diluting their rezzpool is rarely something I emply. I typically don't combo seeds and plague because of scream. Nowadays because most big priests don't run horror, I tend to just use plague to delay the damage.

    Your win condition against Big Priest is armor stacking and the combo. The deck can only get better again when they print something to substitute biology project thus giving you more of an initiative and taking the davantge away from your opponent :).

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    posted a message on why punish players for getting max value from quests?

    Being a F2P player myself, I understand the frustration of losing even a single quest due to no fault of your own.

    Now I always cut myself off at 2 quests and always keep 1 slot open, sometimes even 2 close to events.

    Blizzard will just not give us additional features outside of new cards. Until they do, well they aren't getting an extra penny from me.

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    posted a message on How impressive is getting 500 wins with all classes?
    Quote from Warnerve75 >>

    what do I get for almost 23k wins.......pretty much nothing, oh yeah my 9 toons were gold in year one.

     It'll pay off in a decade when they decide to add platinum and diamond portraits for more wins ^^

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    I guess that we are playing different formats.

    Wild has a lot of versatility and plenty of players get to Legend every season by playing off-meta or non-meta decks. The claim that the format is not well balanced from a climbing to Legend perspective is not accurate in the slightest.

    With regard to the most played decks such as Big Priest, Even Shaman etc. well of course you'll see a higher representation of them on ladder. They require minimal thinking in order to achieve an over 50% winrate that will allow you to climb.

    Should Big Priest and Darkness hour warlock eventually be nerfed to reduce the highroll element? Sure eventually it would be nice but even if they are, people will just flock to the next easy mode deck.

    It happened before from Pirate Warrior to Razandiun Priest to Nagalock to AK77 Druid. There will always be a series of decks that are easier to play and have a high winrate resulting in the larger part of the ladder playing them since innovation is not a part of the game for some people.

    While it definitely requires fixing, Wild is not quite the dumping ground people make it out to be.

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    posted a message on Which murlocs/cards to include in wild shamloc?

    As far as core cards go, I'd say the following:

    Old Murk-Eye
    Rockpool Hunter
    Coldlight Seer
    Murloc Warleader
    Gentle Megasaur
    Everyfin is Awesome
    Murloc Tidecaller
    Sir Finley Mrrgglton
    Underbelly Angler

    That's 16 cards, giving you another 14 slots to play around with. Obviously you want some more murlocs but the thread is about core cards. You can mix and match with the rest and include the tech you need for the requisite metagame.

    I've tested the quest a lot and have had mixed results. In general, most match-ups losing out on turn 1 is a liability. However, other times the added gas was just what was needed to clinch the game. If you do decide to run it, expect to mulligan it away against a lot of decks.


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    posted a message on Hearthstone Reddit Reaches 1 Million Subs - Blizzard Runs A Giveaway

    Technically they didn't have to do anything but I have to agree, pretty pathetic way of celebrating 1mil subs.

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    posted a message on Hearthstone Reddit Reaches 1 Million Subs - Blizzard Runs A Giveaway

    Congratulations on the 1 million subs.

    In terms of participating though, I think I'll pass. Sure they're free if you win but the prizes are just meh.

    Best of luck to the rest of you though that choose to participate. ^^

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    posted a message on Lackey Rouge wrecking Wild decks

    First of all good job on testing and actually having fun.

    With that said, it would be better if you played a few more games against better archetypes. Kingsbane if of course Tier 1 but it struggles against decks that go wide. Similarly, pirate warrior is good but not all that great as it once was.

    Some archetypes you might want to test against are burn mage & even shaman.

    Other than that well done. Nice to see people experimenting with wild. ^^

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