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    posted a message on The HearthPwn Tavern Is Closing Its Doors

    The kings is dead (Hearthpwn).! Long live the king (Outof.Cards)

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    posted a message on What would it take to stop Hearthpwn shutting down?

    Is it a monetary problem?                                                                                                                                                                                            I'm sure the community would gladly donate.

    Is it a staff/managing problem?                                                                                                                                                                            Plenty of volunteers would be glad to take the job

    Is it a passion problem?                                                                                                                                                                                                   Just pass the torch on, dont let the flame die out!

    Im so sad this site is closing. Its been so great seeing decks, shitposts, actual posts, competitions... No site will be able to match this. Can the community do anything to save HEARTHPWN? Should we start a change.org petition (Those always help)? A patreon donation threat?

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    posted a message on The HearthPwn Tavern Is Closing Its Doors


    I loved the interface, the community, the decks with their guides, the forum posts... EVERYTHING!

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    posted a message on 1500 XP Quest Trading - Play A Friend! (#7)

    Battletag: S------tC-#----

    Region: EU

    Trade only?: Yes


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    posted a message on 1500 XP Quest Trading - Play A Friend! (#7)

    Battletag: ScarletCo#----
    Region: EU
    Trade Only?: Yes

    Finished with youngenpire

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    posted a message on The Rogue Problem - Prepare for Wall O Text!

    I believe you want to post this here:


    Now that your post has at least one comment leading to the salt threat, the discussion can continue without interruption


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    posted a message on The SCIENTIST


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    posted a message on [poll] EVERYONE GET IN HERE!!

    "7 Mana 4/4" OP plz nerf!

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 9.09 - Submission Topic

    I went all out and put as many mechanics as humanly possible:

    Note: It ain´t a typo, I did mean "Funfgus" Flood

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    posted a message on Tech for Even Shaman/Big Priest?

    Since no one is talking about it, I found the ULTIMATE counter for big priest!




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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 9.03 - Submission Topic

    Good in Freeze mage and exelent in Freeze shaman.

    Works with a couple of neutral cards, namely elementals.

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    posted a message on TRIALS AND ERRORS (Class Creation Competition #5) - Phase I [Submission Topic]

    The Ocean Queen

    The naga, powerful race of the sea send forth their champion!

    Werzala has explored vast oceans, lakes, rivers and bathtubs. Always pursuing knowledge, she has now made the leap unto land and is ready to engage in battle with the best of the tavern.

    Thanks to her research, Werzala has discovered the magical properties of water: Mana manipulation, healing and flowing power! She has also recruited the aid of the murloc tribe and the mystic dragons!

    With her hero power, Werzala may cheat out minions in the early game or have more time to develop in the late game. The fact that it costs 2 mana makes it different to the coin, making it a bit harder to exploit for combos.

    Tap is the new keyword for this class. Instead of playing a spell, minion or weapon into the battlefield, you may instead shuffle it back into your deck to get an effect. The obvious advantage is you have a way of overcoming fatigue, however, keep in mind that you still have to pay mana and on top of that it may make it more difficult to draw cards you really need.

    These 2 cards may give you a feel of how it will work.

    Kael 'thas, Snowstrider: The legendary card for KoFT, good example of the Tap mechanic. You may play or you may pay 5 mana to shuffle it into your deck and destroy all frozen minions. This also ties in with one of the Sea Witches strengths: Freezing.

    Forbidden Elixir: The old gods have been sneaky with this one. An example of the flexible buffs that the Sea Witch possesses. The ability for a tiny buff in the early game or a continuous poisonous in the late game. However, one must keep in mind if they want to keep on drawing a 2 mana "give a minion poisonous.

    Another strength the sea which has is her powerful ways of drawing cards!

    Forseer of waters : This amazing card allows you to mitigate the effect of Tap . Her powerful ability will make sure your hand stays in a healthy size, but her stats are suboptimal,

    Pursue Knowledge: A wowzer of a card. Allows you a nice card draw, only to possibly end up giving you card disadvantage. While having the Tap of cards trigger can be positive, it still is a risky play.

    And finally, the sea wouldn't be complete without the most advanced race in it:


    The tribes this class is supported by is dragons and murlocs, both being used for utility!

    So that's the end of that. Summing it up:

    STRENGTHS: A way of cheating out some cards in the early game, healing, freezing, drawing flexibility and escaping fatigue!

    WEAKNESSES: No burst or direct damage, board clear, big minions, removal or game-changing cards

    I thank you for your time and hope to show you more of her cards!

    EDIT: Fixed my mistake so cards should be visible. Also, I edited the text for better English, I don't think its against the rules but if it is, sry

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    posted a message on Deck-Building Challenge Sharing

    Any archetype in particular? Cotrol, Aggro, Midrange, Mill... ?

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    posted a message on Deck-Building Challenge Sharing

    Hey there fellow players!

    So, the week before a new expansion hits, everything seems kinda stale or boring. The anticipation is too much (I belive there are already threads about this)

    I like to spend the time theory crafting, or just crafting weird decks to see if they work. But I'm running outta ideas.

    That's where you, fellow humans, would give me a hand if you're so kind.

    Please share your deckbuilding challenges to try and kill boredom. Feel free to comment on other challenges or to try some yourself.

    I personally love trying to build an Even-Treant Druid deck. It ain't good, but it sure as hell is fun!

    Thanks to everyone in advance (And I'm sorry if there is already a thread like this, just ignore me and carry on)




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