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    posted a message on What beats Flamewaker Mage?
    Quote from SlydE >>

    Quest druid and almost everything else. They lack board presence AND burst...

     Burst is exactly why this deck is dangerous.

    So, anything with good healing or armor should do OK, as long as you maintain decent pressure.

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    posted a message on Blizzard Adjusts and Explains Decision on Blitzchung Affair - With Blitzchung's Reaction

    He explicitly admitted that their initial decision was rash:

    We’ve had a chance to pause, to listen to our community, and to reflect on what we could have done better. In hindsight, our process wasn’t adequate, and we reacted too quickly.

    I agree that the opening feels a bit like "Sorry, not sorry," but if you know anything about PR, you fully expected this. The first rule is never admit you were completely wrong -- unless there's a book deal in it.

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    posted a message on N'Zoth and Rag back to standard
    Quote from FKMAGE >>

    putting all these cards back into standard is cool in theory but in reality, 99% of games are going to be big priest now and take forever. Theres not even any good counter to big priest now

     Guess you don't play Shaman.

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    posted a message on Will WoW ever be free to play?

    Well good news -- it's already free to play as long as you make enough gold in-game to buy a token each month.

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    posted a message on Community Reactions to Blizzard's Blitzchung Decision

    He hasn't "walked away." He has withdrawn from casting Grandmasters. He still plays, he still streams, and he still produces content. He is still posting YouTube videos and making money from Hearthstone videos that already existed.

    It's entirely possible that casting Grandmasters would have been a financial loss for him, given that it took a big chunk out of his streaming schedule.

    I applaud his speaking out, but let's not pretend it's some kind of grand sacrifice.

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    posted a message on Community Reactions to Blizzard's Blitzchung Decision

    It's called objective journalism. I know the concept may be unfamiliar to kids these days, but in remaining neutral, Hearthpwn is acting with integrity and wisdom.

    In reporting the plain facts of the matter without bias, they make space for their readers to make their own informed decisions.

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    posted a message on How to be luckier in Arena?
    Quote from ConCuThanKy1292 >>

    Thank you for your detailed answer. I am disappointed that many opponents have insane draws late game while I sit there and "enjoy" being destroyed by bad draws. How can this be improved?

     If this happens consistently, it means you are not drafting correctly.

    You absolutely cannot simply take the card with the highest Arena tier rating every time. You have to consider your curve, early vs late game, card draw/generation, removal, and deck synergies. People with so-called "lucky draws" have done this, improving their chances of getting something useful at every stage of the game.

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    posted a message on Quest Druid Nourish Discussion

    If you're not running Phaoris, you might as well make do with Acolyte of Pain. Draw is more important than ramp if you're using Nomi.

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    posted a message on Custom Hero Powers

    Maybe "Draw 2 cards, then discard a random card"?

    It seems like Paladin and Shaman have the ground pretty well covered where summons are concerned. If you create something that's very far outside that power level, it's going to get too swingy. Maybe something like Serpent Ward, except it deals 1 damage to a random enemy? Having 2 Health is an improvement over the 1/1 summons of Paladin and Shaman, but that's offset by the random aim.

    As for the gun, if there is any chance at all that the power will do exactly nothing but waste my 2 mana, there's no way I will ever push that button unless I have absolutely nothing else to do.

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    posted a message on Why they had the need to bring Secret Paladin back?

    The deck I made is pretty good. I have not seen the specific list you guys must be talking about.

    Which is the real point here -- they didn't bring back "the Secret Paladin deck." They brought back two cards. The rest of the original deck relied on the very curve-friendly (and OP) early game Paladin was blessed with at the time. We don't have that now.

    It's actually been pretty fun getting it to work. I recommend it as a deckbuilding exercise if you aren't satisfied with whatever version is going around.

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    posted a message on Golden cards and returning Wild cards event
    Quote from CorNetto >>

    Hey guys! Sorry to bother you with this question. But I've updated the game and I can't find any of the returned wild cards in my collection, has anyone got any clue where I can find them?

     Did you search for a specific card? Type "Ragnaros" into the Search bar. As long as all other filters are off, it should show up.

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    posted a message on Hallows End Portraits not showing in Arena

    The new portraits are only available to players who have accumulated 1,000 Ranked or Arena wins in that class.

    It's not a freebie for the holiday event. It's a new permanent cosmetic reward you must unlock.

    Ohhh, like the Arena event last year, sorry.

    I was not aware they were doing that again. Costumes are not mentioned in the patch notes or the announcement, so maybe they aren't doing it.

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    posted a message on How to be luckier in Arena?

    "In Hearthstone, some players do in fact get better outcomes from random effects more often than others, but it is because they have played toward those outcomes, not because of luck."

    Are you saying 'luck' doesn't exist like thinking some people are luckier than others or are you actually trying to say that chance doesn't exist and totally random events like which cards you get from say Babbling Book is manipulated using voodoo magic by more skillful players? If it's the latter I recommend psychiatric help.

     Obviously, random events occur. This is more about the perception some people have of consistently getting worse outcomes than those around them.

    I'm saying there's no magical force called "luck" that some people have more of than others.

    If you are consistently "unluckier" than you perceive other players to be, it's because they have skills that you lack in terms of "playing to their outs."

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    posted a message on Can we have a moment of silence for new Hearthstone players from hereon in

    Because of the Wild cards? New players get them too.

    Why would it be any harder now than it always is when you don't have a big collection?

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    posted a message on Will the meta change to longer games/slower decks?
    Quote from AntonydusWurm >>

    it will change in the amount of waiting times for a match. have fun playing the game with a whole bunch less players from here on out

     I have noticed no difference in queue times whatsoever.

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