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    posted a message on Dalaran Heist is a bummer
    Quote from DarkArchon21 >>

    If you guys can remember back far enough when Blizzard announced they would be switching to full expansion releases instead of rotating between expansion and adventure they originally stated that the adventure (single player content) would be INCLUDED with the expansions.

    Now they are hacking off adventure content so they can once again be charging for expansion and adventure modes. Except this time the adventures don't even introduce new cards. This is straight up and intentional double dipping screwing customers. The original content release format would have 3 new releases per year rotating between adventure/expansion, now that number is increased to 6 times customers are charged.

    It's fitting that they call this a Heist because that's exactly what this is.

     First, you aren't a customer if you aren't buying anything, so no customer is being screwed.

    If you truly believe it's not worth the price, you should not buy it. If you buy something you believe is not worth it, you are screwing yourself.

    There is nothing sleazy about Blizzard taking money from those of us who think it is worth the price.

    There is something very sleazy about people who don't think they should have to pay for their entertainment.

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    Quote from AbusingKel >>

    Making changes (nerfs, bug fixes, etc.) is time consuming for the developers, as well. So let's all rejoice and fork over $1 USD each for the next patch. 

    Again, the heist is not really new content. I don't see how a few changes to the existing model warrant a price tag. 

     If it weren't new and fresh and interesting, I don't think you'd want to play it so badly. The price would be meaningless because you would not want it. So you don't get to say "it's not really new content."

    Also, your perception of the amount of effort that went into this product is WAY off base. It took a lot of people a lot of time to design these cards and treasures and hero powers and the overall framework (which is, in fact, significantly different from previous Dungeon Runs), and then to test it all for bugs and balance. And let's not forget the voice actors and artists, as well as the people doing administrative work. The man-hours spent are not irrelevant, and it's childish of you to act like the company didn't have to expend any resources to make the adventure happen.

    Getting angry at a company for charging money for their product is literally insane. As in, your world view is so far removed from reasonable that you need to have your head examined. I'm not even kidding. The fact that they gave free samples of other, different products in the past is beside the point.

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    posted a message on Man I am getting down.

    Ranked is, by definition, competitive. If you are not able to spend money, you cannot expect to compete with people who have been building their collections for several years, not to mention you lack experience with this type of game.

    Play Casual, complete quests, earn gold. Do Tavern Brawls to earn packs. DO NOT DUST YOUR CARDS TO BUILD FLAVOR-OF-THE-MONTH DECKS.

    Your win rate in Casual will eventually settle at 50 percent, thanks to the MMR. That's a lot less painful than slamming your face against Rogue after Rogue on the ladder. By the time your skills are solid enough to compete, you'll have enough cards to make a deck that can survive in Ranked.

    Just be patient and don't expect to become a world champion overnight.

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    posted a message on Dalaran heist bartender wierd interaction.

    That's probably for the best. Things can already get pretty crazy -- it would be really bonkers if the bartender buffs stacked.

    (I loved my +2/+2 Rat Pack!)

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    Quote from RavenSunHP >>

    A Nerf Patch is not warranted.

    Just statistically likely, but nothing more than that.

     What, in your opinion, does it take before a nerf is warranted?

    Was the Undertaker nerf warranted? Because the state of the game now is even more unbalanced than it was when that happened. (Now we have over 33 percent Rogues, versus 25 percent Hunters during the first month of GvG.)

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    posted a message on The Great RoS Nerf Bingo!
    Quote from Skiprichards >>
    Quote from MaximGorkij >>

    Technically, Shield Slam could be:

     Way too sloppy of a description.  Minions toughness?  Target minion or random minion?  This is why blizzard keeps it simple as much as they can.  They don't want a complicated game.    

     Or, to approach the criticism in a constructive way, we could just help him re-word his change:

    Spend Armor equal to target minion's Health. Deal that much damage to the minion.

    Worded this way, it's still blocked by Divine Shield, but one side effect is that you can't cast it on something that has more Health than your Armor. That's probably OK, since Shield Slam is rarely cast on a minion unless you are trying to kill it completely.

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    posted a message on Do you guys also find the meta insanely boring?
    Quote from TallAr92 >>

    I just play this game on a toilet at work. Ranked is boring as always because you usually see 2-3 classes in a span of 1 hour.

     You sit on the toilet for an hour at work?

    Don't they send someone to see if you're OK?

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    posted a message on Funny Dalaran Heist Bugs
    Quote from Boltbase >>

    Once again, wondrous wisdomball pops up and says he's going to reduce the cost of my meteor. Great! Problem this time is I have the treasure to halve cards costs as you can see in the second image, and meteor ironically costs MORE than 3, which means it most have discounted from the original cost and not applied the treasure.

     When he did something similar to me, I noticed he said he had CHANGED the cost of a spell for me, not necessarily made it cheaper. I think it just assigns a random mana cost, because it made mine more expensive than the spell's normal cost.

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    posted a message on God I Love the New Solo Adventure
    Quote from fuuka08 >>

    i love this adventure too

     That's hilarious!

    It does feel like the possibilities for crazy combos have intensified, and I love it.

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    posted a message on New Legendary Card - Barista Lynchen

    If there's another copy of Lynchen on the board, it will get copied.

    If Shudderwock copies Lynchen's battlecry while Lynchen is on the board, Lynchen will get copied (and Shudderwock will not).

    When Hearthstone says "each other minion," it means literally "each minion present that is not this exact minion," even if that other minion is a copy of the one you're reading.

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    posted a message on Rogue Killer. One of the strongest Sleeper decks in the Meta

    I played against this when I was messing around with Zayle for fun -- I think I was the Silence Priest that time around.

    I thought the deck was kind of weird, but now that I know what it's for, it makes more sense.

    The Shaman beat me, by the way, but it was close, and I made a couple of huge mistakes using a deck I was not quite familiar with. So I'm not totally convinced token Shaman will be very consistent against anything that isn't Rogue.

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    posted a message on (POLL) Your Current Gold Strategy ...

    I paid cash for the Heist, my Standard collection is fine, and I don't like Arena, so it really has nothing to do with temptation. There's just nothing for me to spend it on until the summer set.

    I thought about using it for Heist, but that's just such a bad deal compared to the cash option. Plus, I think Blizz did a good job and deserves to get paid.

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    posted a message on What to craft after 1,5 year break from Hearthstone?
    Quote from Savron >>

    If you're willing to spend some money/gold, get the new adventure to receive and play with Zayle, Shadow Cloak for some time. Then decide what to craft after you get to know some of the decks/cards and of course after the nerfs.

     This is actually excellent advice.

    But also, Zilliax. It's in pretty much every deck.

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    posted a message on Dalaran Heist is a bummer
    Quote from agon_EU >>

    The content is still an improvement from last "dungeon runs" but that's not the point of the discussion. AbusingKel said all the things that I wanted to say.

    Regarding all the people saying "if you don't want it don't buy it" etc. etc. What you say is true but what I'm complaining about is that Blizzard's business model makes no sense at all. They are trying to sell something that was free before and I haven't seen anyone point this out, so I thought I'd share my opinion. As more and more people are essentially agreeing with me I think Blizzard really missed and opportunity with the Dalaran Heist and I hope they won't keep on doing this in future expansions. 

    Adding a bartender and some hero powers is not new content, it's lazy design. Putting a price tag on this sad thing is even worse. 

     "Trying to sell something that was free before" is one of the most effective business models in existence, and one of the most common. Most consumers actually appreciate it.

    Do you sneer at the old lady in the supermarket who is handing out free samples? Do you yell at the car salesman for not giving you the car for free after a test drive? How can anyone honestly find this practice upsetting?

    "They are trying to sell something that was free before" is completely false, though. This product has never existed before. Similar products have existed in the past, and they were free. That doesn't mean Blizzard is obligated to give away all PvE content for free until the end of time.

    This is a new product, and people at Blizzard put a lot of effort into it. Calling it "lazy design" is a massive, immature insult. They improved on a formula people had responded positively to in the past. That's not lazy; that's progress. And it's immature as hell for you to call it lazy while in the same breath complaining that you don't have it for free. If it's such a bed product, why do you seem to want it so much?

    You think they "missed an opportunity" to get nothing from the development time and money they put into this? Really? Are you talking about an opportunity to attract more freeloaders to the game? That is the exact opposite of what Hearthstone needs.

    On the contrary, this sets better expectation for new players -- you get a piece of the game for free, but if you want the full experience, you need to pay up. Just like regular Hearthstone.

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    posted a message on Dalaran Heist: Is heroic too easy?

    I like that the difficulty of Heroic ramps up somewhat gradually. It's nice to have a variety of challenge levels between beginner and uber-extreme.

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